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The Journey That is Life.

Each of us has mirrors we look into in our lives that shape who we are and how we see ourselves, some of those mirrors build us up, some tear us down.  We can’t control all that we see reflected in our mirror of inner awareness and general of awareness.  The question then is this. How much control do we have in terms of our image of self, positive, without being narcissistic? Quite a bit when properly harnessed.  

There are circumstances that can batter your self esteem, even verbal whiplash from others than can really sucker punch you and make you doubt your worth.  When you are young, especially a child, even a young teen, you may not have anyone to teach you differently, to change the programming and imagery.  You may not even understand how the mirror you are looking into is distorted, not an accurate reflection of the wonderful gifted creation you are and have the potential to be.  That is not arrogance, to have confidence, to know your gifts, understand your gifts, to have those who believe in you beyond what you even see the potential in you to be, to embrace that with gratitude and recognition, in a healthy way, not narcissistic unhealthy way.  For the mirror to be a mirror of positive reflection for any of us, we have to be like the snake that sheds its’ skin.  In our case, we have to shed the skin of the negative view of self, of who we think we are, of who we might have been told we are in any negative way, to see our gifts etc… and if there is anything we can change to be a better person, then it has to be from within that we ourselves truly know has to be changed, not because others say it.  It has to be because we have seen an accurate mirror of who we are, have the potential to be and have confidence, faith to be that person, wonderful talents, gifts, even ego that we have to discipline and all.  We also have to not fear approaching our dreams, people we want to get to know etc…because of a less than positive view we might have of self predicated on past circumstances, and a mirror looked through that perhaps as not truly authentic to who we are.  

This is where contemplation, meditation and “prayer” are a great tool as are books like the Bible with very important archetypes.  For me Jewish theology and philosophy has been very important in understanding things, certain songs have also made me to reflect.  It has been a long road to get to where I can see into the mirror without any distortion put upon by anyone else.  That mirror, that authentic view gets sharper and sharper with time.  I pretty much have an authentic mirror and know I am responsible for my life being what it is or isn’t and I am a gift to this world and I don’t mean that in arrogance, but in gratitude, gratitude that I can share what I do and inspire etc… others.  A beautiful thing.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


I had a dream last night, three dreams, but were interconnected, and were regarding an artist I know.  It was mixed in terms of good and not so good.  As an intuitive and empath, having a strong connection as I do to him, I pick up what is going on with him at regular intervals.  Here is the thing, you might might find yourself reflected in this and in the past I would have found myself reflected in this in some way.  

In the dream he does not look quite himself and he says he wants to talk to me, and that it an improvement, opening up, and he has become more loose and opened up, even in his performances, which is great, awesome, important for an artist.  He then proceeds to moan the fact of what he lacks though he has the looks and the voice.  As much as I care about him, my instinct was to want to smack him silly.    Then I just walked off, and then he was on a couch and put an anesthetic gel to his nose to numb himself, which made me want to smack him silly even more.  Why was I so annoyed etc…?  A few reasons actually.  First of all, you can’t keep doing the same types of things in your life, career and expect different results, which is what he has been doing, and what a lot of us do, then blame everything and everyone else for why our lives are not what we want them to be or how we want to them to be.  With all his talents, all the material he has written, all his ideas that I sense he has scribbled on notepads, he continues do the same kinds of things he has done for years and years, but expecting different results.  That’s not too wise is it?  Secondly, support etc.. was offered to him to make changes from what he has been doing, so he could turn things around and shine his full self and potential to the world, but he was too scared or tied to whatever old school mindset etc… he was tied to to accept it, even in pure sincere friendship.  His physic consciousness connected to my psychic consciousness to moan about how he does not have the life he wants to have, but he keeps doing the same things, won’t make changes, move in different circles etc…, see himself as beyond that, so he can move beyond the box he is in.  It really annoyed me that he was moaning etc… when he had the opportunity and support right in front of him to make changes to his life, when he was in charge of his life, of changing it, finding ways to change it, but not doing so.  If he wants a different life, he can have it, both personal and professional, but he has to do the work to change it, make the moves to change it, embrace the support etc… of those who believe in him to work with him, to change it.  That is true of him, of me, of any of us.

I  find this also true of us as a society, and in general.  We keep looking to institutions, to government, to politicians to change things, to bring jobs, prosperity etc…, to solve the problem of violence.  Not to say that government should not do all it can with low taxes, and in other ways stimulate the growth of business or have smart laws for security, but in general it should be the private sector, the communities, the faith institutions, family that should be titanium solid and strong to make a nation one of solid moral fiber, of entrepreneurship etc…to encourage talent, make sure that talent gets applied well.  It is also up to the individual to discern those talents and make use of them for his or her sustenance and greater good of society.  When we don’t like how our community etc… looks, instead of going to a politician to fix it, how about we go to ourselves, our community, our faith community to work in tandem to change whatever has to be changed? How about instead of BLM crap and division and moaning, bitching etc… everyone work to stop crime, single parent homes, gang activity etc…, and we stimulate business, entrepreneurship and the arts all over this land?  No moaning, groaning, no rioting, no BLM crap, real take charge, empowerment of the community and individuals, not looking anymore to government to solve anything.  Time as communities, individuals and a society, we took charge.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen


What’s Coming This Week?


Inspiration Peace and Love

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What’s coming this week?  Here is the plan, as I have decided to work with spoken word and to look at the bible stories and look at the deeper meanings, concisely, do audio recordings on that, and continue the coaching videos.  Plan this week is to bring you:

  • Two Spoken Word Projects
  • One more in depth vision aspect piece-audio
  • Book of Genesis Deeper Meaning Creation Story

Namaste, Shalom and Amen



Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing


I wanted to lift a toast.  

I wanted to lift a toast to all my fellow bloggers, 

To those of you of you who take the time to make the world a better place,

A place of ideas, of reflection, of smiles, of tears, of joys,

A place of stories, of learning and so much more.

To all of you, to all of us, 

I lift a Toast, a Thank You, a Hoorah, a Hallelujah, an Amen.


Beyond the Vision


The Journey That is Life.


The larger vision has within itself other elements, other aspects, mini visions within, almost like a kaleidoscope.  I hope this is a blessing to you.


Nature is amazing, the way the weather changes, the sheer complexities of DNA, of the eco-system, new planets, stars discovered regularly, stars living, dying all of this.  I think about what it means, what is the Creator telling us by having this complex, yet working in tandem system, this fluid system of nature, yet at the same time with core stable, predictable elements withing that.    

Pretty amazing how important the sun is, and how the Creator made it so when part of the earth is receiving sun and awake, another part of the earth is not and resting.  It is pretty amazing how animals differ in how they care for their young, and the feeding system of the animal kingdom, as some are carnivores, others are not.  Everything in the system has a purpose, though we might not think so, everything in the eco-system has a purpose, a role.  For the planet to sustain, those different elements must somehow integrate and work in tandem, instinctively work in tandem, know by instinct to work in tandem.  Flowers must know how to move, in what direction to receive the sun, it’s pretty cool.  You also have points where the earth gets to overheated, too stressed etc.. and natural disasters occur, climate shifts when humanity is in chaos, as the energy we put into the earth atmosphere will impact.  The climate has been changing since the earth was first created, so nothing that really alarms me in any way, not in terms of the eco-system naturally fluctuating, weather wise at times.  The angry etc.. energy does, that’s should concern us.  What does nature have to teach us?  

I was googling life, lessons and I came across this link, which I wanted to share with you because I think it says it beautifully.

Nature is a gift from the creator that reflects our very nature, our own complexities, life’s complexities, yet simple pleasures if we can appreciate them, and God in his many facets as creator, parent, including tough love parent etc…. Tough love parenting is not always fun for the parent or the family.  A parent may have to ground one child and thus the whole family ends up staying home that weekend, so no one gets to go on the trip because that one child got disciplined.  At times God may seem harsh when he allows stuff to happen, when he allows one person to engage in actions that are negative and it affects the larger group and all that.  However, as parents, do you feel you have the right to micromanage and control every word, action etc.. 24/7 of your child, even your older child?  No, and neither does God, as he gave us free will, but as parents know and God knows with that came and comes consequence, which we don’t like.  Nature can teach us about the good, bad, the ugly and also how to navigate it, to accept what we can change and what we can’t, to discern the difference, so much more.  It along with sacred text, literature, poetry can be great teachers when discerned with calm, the heart as well as the head, wish wisdom.  

I will have the next part of the coaching audio posted by this weekend.  I wanted to tweak it a bit.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


mourning us

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the Covenant God made with Abraham, in regards to Isaac, Israel and on down, as all who accept the one God are part of it.  However, he did make a bit of mess of things.  How did he do that? It finally dawned on me after listening to my videos on Torah, which I have started to listen to.  

God tells him that his wife will bear a child and that child will be the seed through which he will bless all generations, and when God mades a sacred covenant with ya, asks you to use your gifts for something to benefit society, you don’t go do your own thing, go do the opposite, bad idea.  Sarah, being human and allowing that nature rather than the divine within to rule decided she wanted what she wanted then and there.  God had plans to make her a mom, to give her that joy, that happiness, but as many of us, we want it when we want it and that’s like yesterday, okay.  Sarah got on Abraham’s case and Abraham instead of getting really strong in what the Lord had said and a bit tough love and tough ass with Sarah and saying “NO, Heck NO and Triple Heck NO Woman, we don’t have babies until the one God said is coming comes, now zip it, love ya darlin, but zip it!”  What does he do?  He gives in, gives into derailing the plan, and has him have a kid with someone else.  This set up a clash of Biblical and Historical proportions.  Why?  

If you look back to Genesis,  there is the Law of the First Fruits, but there is also the Covenant made with Adam and God keeps his Covenants, which supersede law, or contracts.  We see when at various junctures in the Bible humans decided to forgo the divine for the petulant child etc.. now now now attitude and want what I want when I want, were not wise, discerning, though God wanted them to be happy etc.. things God messed up.  The dilemma created by Abraham was this.  You now had the child of the first fruits who stakes claim to the inheritance etc…on the one hand, but the child of the God Promise and Covenant on the other.  Covenant supersedes Firstfruits, especially if those first fruits did not follow the will of God, as we saw with Cain and Able. Yet, Caine killed Able out of jealousy, though he was not following rightly what had to be done with first fruits.  He thought he would do it all his way and he to cerated a mess.  Abraham in obeying the wishes of his wife and giving into her, created a mess that we are still living with today and is destroying the world bit by bit.  It is akin to  man who is married having a child with another and both upon his death the child of marriage, who by Contract and Covenant has the right to be in that will, is now contending with the child of the Hagar coming in and saying give me everything because I was born before you were, though your dad was married to your mom.  As much as the guy may have loved that kid, she is not the child of either contract or Covenant, certainly not of Covenant.  To give it all to the child not of the marital Covenant because you think he loved the kid, doesn’t jive.  Can you make provision sure, can you work out a way to live peacefully together, yes, the Father would want that, but you can not take what is of the child of the Sacred Covenant, even if that Covenant was then for whatever reason terminated by one of the parties and sometimes it happens, as humans are not God, he gets that and give it to the other child.   In this Middle East conflict, that is what we are grappling with and it is due to a dilemma created by Abraham that left both sides, factions of both sides very angry, resentful etc… and those of Ishmael believing they are the ones entitled to it all, when they are not, they are secondary to Issacc and those of Isaac, including those who accept the Covenant of Abraham and Israel amongst the Gentiles.  

What can be done?  Hard to remedy when the Book of those of Ishmael gives false testimony, and I know I am going to get flak for this, as Ishmael was as his mother, so so he was very likely part of an idolatrous faith, something we can assertion from the Koran itself, such as(Sahih al-Bukhari 7:407).   For example the Koran says it was Ishmael brought up to be sacrificed and thus is the child of Covenant, which contradicts the Bible blatantly.  That’s just one example.  Then you have the issue of both feeling that as children of Abraham, both are right, both have the right to fully claim the inheritance of the land etc…, though they do not, as Covenant God made, not child by Hagar due to petulant bratty Sarah’s impatience, take precedence.   Hence, the Jewish people do have the right to all the land as given to them by Hashem in the bible and all the Blessings.  

The siblings don’t have to like it, but that’s dad’s will, so everyone has to figure out somehow for the good of the world how they are going to get out of old century Islam mentality and same for fanatic orthodox Jews and figure out, both sides how to live under one roof, in harmony and accept the Will as left by Dad to the children according to the Torah, the original book, thus the Original Will and Estate.  Everyone, including those in the Muslim and Jewish community, even Gentile community have to work to make it happen somehow.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


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