4 Prayer Keys

Prayer, meditation matter, can make a difference.  Often we don’t realize there are keys to powerful prayer.  Understand that if we are praying for something unholy, unclean etc.., like any good parent God has to Read more…

Emotionally Unavailable

This pandemic in some ways united families, but it might also have brought to our attention where there is a crack in the wall, made some realize their parents have not been emotionally available.  It Read more…

This Independence Day

Never has this been more evident than today, seeing what is going on around us the lawlessness, the anti Christ spirit, this hatred for anything of God, of virtue of scriptural truth.  Franklin as well Read more…


When I wrote two new poems and recorded a Pablo Neruda poem.  I hope they inspire you, enjoy.

A Great Shaking

First I want people to understand that the judgement upon nations is due to the systems of government, of faith encouraging sinful patterns etc…, promoting and supporting all things of the antichrist spirit and all Read more…

A Year From Now

If you remember nothing else, especially as a Christian is that we are not given a spirit of fear, for in Christ Jesus and he in us.  Whatever decisions you make must never be decisions Read more…

Summer Bucket List?

Summer underway, not everyone will feel safe going to the beach, etc.., so if you have a back yard, a community garden space, a garden-like space available to you, spacious enough in your building, there Read more…

Conviction or Condemnation?

One convicts, the other paralyzes with fear, condemns day and night.  It’s important to know what is happening and the source in the spiritual, so we know how to navigate in the physical realm.  Holy Read more…

Emotional Healing Tips

Physical wounds can be seen, can be healed with some ointment, or even some natural herbal remedy, and are often visible to the naked eye.  However, the emotional wounds are not so visible and many Read more…

Blessing of the Rain

Some people find the rain annoying, me I like a light drizzle, taking walks when it is drizzling and quiet, or right after it has rained in the evening.  Something about rain, that sense of Read more…

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