12 Months of Wellness

12 Months of Wellness Tips.jpg

I was aiming the month of January for more focused independent study on the Christian faith.   I realize that with the fibromyalgia and what has been happening I need to really get my well being in order, priority.  Not to say I can’t also study, but I think a good way to learn Christian truth are the old Christian hymns, hymns where you get the full truth about sin, mercy etc…Maybe since music is one of my favorite things, the way for me to study the faith is through music.  Meantime, more water is something I know need to do, even my doc has pointed out I don’t drink enough water.  What if like me due to post sinus drip water tastes like metal?  I add just a touch of Mango juice or Ice water, just a touch of something to give it flavor, so I can drink it. I will make it a habit of drinking more water, at least 18 ounces a day, but not overkill as that is also not good, so maximum, 36 ounces.