Healing The Aura


When I think of the full armor of God that one reads of in the Pentateuch,  I think of a few things.  I think of prayer, meditation, time with God, talking to him, being open with him about how I feel, all of it and then praying again.  I also think about the fact that we are energy and we have an energy body as much as a physical body and we have an energy field an aura body around us, which gets hit with all kinds of stuff and that periodically has to be cleansed and cleared through prayer, and the right frequencies. vibrations for that purpose.  We get hit with negative thoughts, including our own, pollutants, all kinds of crap, so daily cleansing is not a bad idea, which why I meditate/pray, and listen to these videos.  I will continue to share them and I will be also selling meditations on my bandcamp site, which I hope you will consider purchasing to also help you in your daily journey through life.  I am waiting for some images to be photoshopped so I can share my holiday music with you.  One thing that I love about Town and Village Synagogue and my rabbi is his interfaith work and outreach and their ability to appreciate other faith traditions, their music.  Though I am on the road of study in Judaism, I can still share some Christmas Favorites.  

Please regularly check my bandcamp website, as I said I hope to have holiday music up in about two weeks:

Shalom and Amen