A Broken Hallelujah and A Bridge


A Broken Hallelujah.  When we think of love, many things are brought to mind, romantic things, maybe even sad things.  For those who have experience love in all its’ many facets, the full roller coaster, including the negative of it, when you come to a place of full maturity and finally are ready for real love, what is that to you?

For me, as I pray to the lord for a companion to share my faith life with and my life with, a true companion, the phrase from this song, which is one of my favorites, A Broken Hallelujah, along with Bridge Over Trouble Waters, personify what it is.  That phrase, a Broken Hallelujah is what I bring to the table and that song Bridge Over Troubled Waters personifies what I think mature love is about, being for each other in Christ a bridge over troubled waters, as well as an inspiration and that kick in the tukkus when necessary as well, in a loving way, but as necessary.   Love how music can inspire, also give you a way of putting things into words for people that perhaps you couldn’t otherwise do.