Beatitudes, Reflection

beatitudes, this very much resonated with me.   If we are to look at faith and cutlure today, particularly the Christian Anglican and Roman Catholic faith they far adrift from the core of what the focus of faith institutions particularly Christian faith institutions or any spiritual institutions should be focused on teaching.  The so called Social Justice thing has taken over or faith institutions and government to the point of turning our church leaders and polticians into law breakers by harboring those in violation of the law and becoming violators of the law themselves.  That is not the intention of the Gospel.  Remember when Jesus took the coin out of the fish and had them go pay taxes, render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, now that is not to say we shouldn’t fight for just taxation with representation and proper law and order, a firm Constitutional Republic, all of that, we should vigorously, without a doubt.  However, when Christian faith institutions get so caught up in equality by condoning sin etc… we have a problem, when they fail to focus on the beatitudes and the Eucharist, on Christ and salvation through Christ, big problems arise.  I hope the institutions and those a part of them can realize this and make a swift U Turn, for the sake of all souls and nations.  The counterculture is the destruction of humanity by turning its’ back on God’s truth.