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We don’t always like what we feel, and we can wish we could always feel the love as they say.  That’s not realistic, not life.  In life we are going to hear stuff we don’t like, even from those closest to us when they dish out tough love, and we are going to see stuff going on in the world that piss us off, even in our own immediate surroundings.  Emotions are part of being human, so the issue is not the emotions, but rather how you view them.  We live in a messy world due to The Fall, and that means we are messy at any given time in our lives.  Mindfulness and being in the moments says “Ok, you have this feeling, don’t deny, and now that you acknowledge it, how are you going to move forward with it, once you release it, the grip it has on you?’  You have a choice, we all do as to how we then move forward once we acknowledge having the feeling we have, even anger.  Do we go Destructive Rambo, or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?  Do we stay angry, destroy or process release and rebuild?  That’s up to us.  When you are mindful, the one thing you can’t do is run.  You have to own it as they say, which is not easy.  You have to own it when you hear what you don’t want to hear, but deep in your heart you know is truth.  All this is part of the process of growing and growing up, maturing, not always a fun process, not totally, but it is awesome. Awesome.  Next up, how do you process emotions, the ones you don’t like.

Shalom and Amen