When A Friendship Fades Away

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We can know people for ages, and share so much of ourselves, be raw and honest to the hilt, and one day suddenly they are someone you find yourself saying “This is someone I once knew”  It’s a sad turn of events, but this is part of the journey of life.  Some people will be part of our lives until we leave this world and others won’t for any number of reasons, not necessarily dark and horrible ones.  Sometimes people drift apart, or one can’t handle the honesty of the other, total honesty of the other.  When things change, shift and things come to an end not because of anything horrible having happened, this piece of advice might serve as a good guide to have to move forward.


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Try and remember the blessings it did bring, the good stuff about it and wish them a good life.  If you are an intuitive etc… and sense big troubles on their horizon, even for the long term, send good vibes to minimize the impact on them, for them to be enlightened.  

Shalom and Amen