Life Lessons 3 and 4

45 life Lessons

Time is precious,  and our energy is precious, so why would we waste it hating people.  Understand there is a difference between seeking consequence and justice for crimes committed, verses hatred and vengeance.   One is based on natural order, creating order in society and life, a law is broken, there is consequence as there should be.  Time can be spend reading and learning, writing, creating, changing the community for the better, so many constructive things, healthy things, so why spend energy hating, seeking vengeance, even thinking about that? Justice yes, asking the archangel Michael, the Holy Trinity, Yeshua for Justice to be done, yes.  To obsess, be paralyzed over every rejection, every no in life, not getting what you want, not a way to spend time, not the constructive way, the way the Creator would want time spent.  We also need to realize that yes we have gifts, talents and can contribute to the world, provided we don’t go all radical wonky nutty extreme feminist, or socialists marxists etc,.. loony bin. The world doesn’t revolve around us, is not centered around us.  Yes God knows every hair on your head etc.. knows every one of us by name past and present, even future persons not yet born.  In the world at large, we are not the center of the universe, so while what matters to us matters, in the larger scheme of world events, our boyfriends dumping us, or some of the stuff we go all into a total fit about, no one cares, so maybe we need to take a step back and though we can be passionate about what we care about, maybe we can try and bring some common sense into our passion for our cause or whatever. Just a thought. 

Shalom and Amen