Life Lessons 11 and 12

45 life Lessons

As parents, as the “grown ups” we often want to be strong and be stoic for the kids, and we don’t want them to see us cry, ever or be sad, angry, even at God, or at faith leaders who commit egregious acts, but that’s not healthy.  I am not saying let the kids see you go ballistic all the time or anything like that, an if you are feeling off on a daily basis then you need to go see someone.  If there is a death, if you are let’s say a devout Catholic and you are furious about what has come to light about those in the Church, if life has thrown you multiple zingers, it’s okay to let them see that you are not this stoic robot, but that you have a range of emotion, but also show them how you move through them, use them in a constructive way, to make constructive change, that if you need help, it’s okay to ask for it.  Make those moments teachable ones because they can be, up to you as the grown up to see that they are.  As for not comparing your life to others, I have to admit I have been doing some inner work as I go through these Coaching studies, and as stuff has come up I have found myself doing that comparative thing, but I then have to realize, people have had their own journey to get there and I don’t really know what struggles they have had, or are having, so it’s really not fair to have a pity party and try to compare my life to theirs.  Each of us makes choices, decision, some positive and constructive, healthy, others, not so much, and then we have to move through and past the results, consequences.  The only real comparison we need to learn to make, yours truly included and I am trying, is where have I been? Where am I now? Where am I going and how the heck to do I get there with ethics, integrity, and sanity? I hope we all come to these realizations and can apply them to our lives.

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Shalom and Amen