Disappointment and Regret Oye!

Emotions and Meaning

Disappointment and regret, they kind of go hand in hand don’t they?  We often times enter into situations, even relationships with these expectations that really are the stars, the sun and the moon, something spectacular, and then reality hits, and it’s not what we thought, or the nuggets of gold are not as shinny as we thought they would be, or we didn’t aim to hit the bullseye etc..regret puts on us a certain responsibility to make up for lost time, lost opportunity and all that jazz. Regret brings us back over and over to those times when we had expectations that didn’t meet reality, or when we aimed and didn’t quite hit the bullseye, maybe we came close, but because of fear, insecurity, rashness and immaturity, we blew it, screwed up.  Thing is, it’s part of the process of maturing, learning, hopefully if we are lucky the screws ups so to speak are minimal, not “WOW” screw, rather “wow” screw ups. Whatever the case, many of us make the journey of life with some form of disappointment and regret.  The main thing is what did we learn and what do we then do with what we learn? Hopefully valuable lessons, very valuable for ourselves and that we can extend to others. 

Shalom and Amen