Jealousy and Anxiety Hand in Hand

Emotions and Meaning

Jealousy and anxiety go hand in hand, stemming from a place of low self esteem, of uncertainty and feeling that power is lacking, control is lacking, that sense of something is lacking within me, my life, my persona.  The greater the sense of lack within, the greater the anxiety, thus the greater the jealousy.  Here is the thing, if someone else has a happy life, so it seems, how do you know what you are seeing externally is what is going on internally with them, their lives.  How often after a suicide or a homicide are people stunned and do we hear, they seemed to to have it all.   Jealousy because of what others have, have achieved doesn’t really fit because you don’t know truly what is going on behind closed doors, you should be focused on your path, not focusing your friggin energy on someone else’s path and business because the energy spent on jealousy could be better spend taking inventory one’s own life, to change one’s life and realize one’s own potential etc…  If jealousy is an issue with any of us, we need to stop living someone else’s life, get our own life in order, and if a relationship is dead, can’t re revived, really dead in the water, a career is dead in the water, either is bringing only misery, then for goodness sake we need to figure out how to have the guts to make changes to get out of that and create our own happy life, but don’t envy those who have created theirs!! We need to get a backbone, get whatever mentoring etc.. is needed to get a happy, healthy, prosperous etc.. life for ourselves, deal with your insecurities, cry them out over a few weeks if you have to, and realize we are a loved child of God, even He looks at your choices and lift His hands up in despair, shakes His head,  rolls His eyes and goes “Oye, what are you doing?” and have redemption in Rebbe Messiach Yeshua, a  Chaver, a friend.

Shalom and Amen