Running From and Flow

Emotions and Meaning

Workaholic, ahh yes.  What a dedicated __________ he or she is, burning that midnight oil, always the first one to volunteer to stay late, put in weekends etc..The dedication, the time put in to the company to the career, the accolades, puts in 80 hour weeks, and on top of that, does little league coaching and so much for the community.    Don’t get me wrong, succeeding at what you are good at is great, and being a part of community, impacting community is great, but when you are spending all your time in that and not communicating etc… with others, with your family, your spouse, it begs the question “what are you running from?”  If you are throwing all your energy into things external to your home, family, spouse, even your own self reflection, you have to wonder what it is you are running from, refusing to see, to address.  Something to ponder and shift maybe? Running doesn’t fix anything, only leaves you dizzy and out of breath.  Flow, great to go with this one because one of the things that fibromyalgia and life has been trying to teach me and I am getting it, is flow, adapting, learning new skills as you need to, not only to serve others in your calling, but also for yourself.  What I am studying and learning as a Coach, in my spiritual journey is flow matters a lot.  If you try to control everything, hold on tight to everything, you will control nothing, lose everything.  Part of life, living, surfing, which is part of life is flow.  Yes at times life throws you one heck of a curveball, but if you learn early on in life to flow, then you can adapt to any situation, and still thrive.  No running from life, from what needs to be faced, addressed etc.., rather addressing it constructively and flowing with the tide, not going under with it.  Important for all of us.