Authenticity and Narcissism

Emotions and Meaning

Authenticity is the opposite of Narcissism and sadly I am seeing lots of Narcissism in our society, on the Left.  Authenticity says I know I am a child of God, of the creator and i know what gift life is that is given to me, to all of us.  I am aware of my gifts, talents etc..but I know they are a gift from my creator, not something I gave myself.  Authenticity also means you understand, unlike narcissism, that life owes me  nothing, people, governments owe me nothing, God owes me nothing.  If I am given anything, it’s a gift, an opportunity, it’s providence that I helped bring forward by being authentic, not narcissistic.  Authenticity means I understand that I screwed up and will screw up again because like it or not I have an ego and it will rear its’ head not always in a good way.  I have to be self aware, not self conscious, there’s a difference.  Self conscious means I beat myself up for every little mistake and am never comfortable in my own skin, self aware means I am in the moment, in the present and aware of what I need to do, not do and change, am able to objectively see that and change it.  I hope as a society and as individuals we will get a lot more Authentic and way less Narcissistic!