Integrity and Happiness, Great Pair

Emotions and Meaning

Integrity, an important trait one that seems to be lacking often these days, but what is integrity?  It is not narcissism, that’s for sure.  It is being authentic in your worldview, in your faith, being your natural, organic, authentic self, no putting on masks to get to where you want to be etc…, raw you with honesty, truth, ethics, dependability, even when you are being very creative.  Integrity is what determines the state of your inner being.  This, integrity, living your life authentically and in this way gives you happiness because you are content with the blessings you have, are not envying, not seeking to destroy others to reach the top of the ladder, but you are still doing your best, being your best, realizing your full potential, following that inspired vocation and path that the Creator of the universe and you put into your being.  Maybe we need to look at what mask we are wearing to try and be what others think we ought to be or what we think we ought to be in order to reach the top, especially if that means destroying others, sacrificing our very soul, and who knows what else.  Maybe we ought to think about whether or not we want to leave a legacy to present and future generations of integrity and happiness or the total opposite, maybe, just maybe.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen