Life Lesson 34 and 35

45 life Lessons

When people think of miracles, they often think of Fourth of July spectacular something or the religious mystic type stuff.  We think of them in terms of ancient myth, something that is hocus pocus.  Here is the thing, if we don’t believe in miracles, in the impossible, then we have no science, no music, no creativity because miracles are not just about those spectacular religious mystical experiences. Really miracles are in a sense the wonders of life, of talent, of nature, how it works, the seasons, the winds, oceans, different species of fish and fauna, the whole process of conception, birth and life.  It’s all such an amazing daily miracle, despite Lucifer’s Ego influence and any evil we see.  As I push my way through fibromyalgia each day is a miracle, each day I am here writing this blog, not in bed crashing, in pain etc… is a miracle, though my allergies have kicked in overtime these past weeks and it has been draining as hell.  We need to Believe in miracles and believe in them in all sizes, see what happens in our lives when we do, affirm it verbally.  Life is a rose with thorns, truly is the best analogy of life.  However, the thorns can not take away from the beauty that is the rose.  Yes, life can throw us some real curveballs, as I well know.  They can be minor ones or heavy duty ones, devastating ones.  We have two choices no matter how soft or hard the curveball that comes at us, if we can’t avoid it and sometimes we can if we really paid attention.  We can either be the life long or long term victim, lashing out, giving up on life, on everyone including ourselves, run and hide, hate not forgive, poison ourselves and the world around us.  That’s one choice and it is a choice.  The other choice is we look honestly at the situation, maybe realize our own choices created that situation, get to changing destructive, self destructive patterns, mindset, so we don’t repeat those, how we make choices, decisions, to make better ones.  If we don’t allow the thorns to bleed us to death, we can learn a great deal, we can grow in ways we could not have even imagined.  Let’s believe in miracles, even small ones, the smallest ones, and lets not let any thorns bleed us to death, but rather be a teaching moment, noticing the rose and becoming stronger and a better person for it. 

Shalom and Amen