Faith and Wisdom, Great Marriage

Emotions and Meaning

Faith and Wisdom truly a marriage made in heaven, when the journey is made with integrity and willingness to actually learn and understand.  Faith should never be blind faith or faith just because your family has always been whatever religion they are.  I have been on a journey, gone through a maize, long and winding road looking at religious traditions and faith, what it means to me.  I respected my family’s Roman Catholic faith tradition, but i felt I had to explore and know if that was truly the faith I knew to be truth and in line with the scripture I believe to be the  Spiritual and Objective Truth that can guide life wisely.  It took me a long time and even my sort of saying to God, well I can do it all my way and life will be awesome, don’t really need you, though I do believe you exist and the scriptures.  It took my banging my head, in terms of life experience, a few times and very unpleasantly to really come to see what faith is all about, to see what it is about for me.  For me faith, spirituality, and choice of Roman Catholicism comes from the understanding that scripture being Christian is a way of life, coming to understand that.  The Cannon of the Catholic faith which is distilled through a multi faceted lens, including sociology, and science offers a holistic picture of objective truth and how to live one’s life.  Wisdom comes from experiences, from having gone through a journey of self reflection, reflection of ,one’s life, the ups and downs, choices made, consequences of those choices and alignment with scripture and the RC Cannon.  When I look at that, my life, my choices etc.. I realize that a part of life, I did not operate with fullness of wisdom, of truth, emotional discernment and such.  That had negative results for my life, for me as well.   So in my wisdom, understanding all this, I realized objective truth is extremely important in how I live my life, the choices I make, realizing that they can not be made on emotion and what I want, my in the moment whims of what I want and only that. Faith in objective truth, in how that helps to live a life that gives guidance in order to make smart choices is very important.  At least for me it is and with that I can plan my near future with great clarity, even as I am firm in Christ in the moment. It is truly a blessing. 

Shalom and Amen