Life Lessons 42 and 43

45 life Lessons

Thanksgiving, mom wasn’t well, and I wasn’t feeling all that great, but that evening I get a call, come by for coffee at least, the kids are asking about you, so okay off I go, it was in the same building complex, so no biggie.  I am the only Conservative, firm in Christ as my anchor, the Bible as my anchor of truth, in this group of supposed devout Christians, who are progressives who believe the Bible and all such text to be a myth.  As dessert was being enjoyed, they started bashing our POTUS, MAGA, Conservatives, basically, me, as I am MAGA and Conservative.  I wanted to wage war in defense, but there were kids present and instead, I took a deep breath, went to the bathroom, took a few more deep breaths, composed myself and went back and enjoyed the sweets, and the coffee.  There are times when as much as you want to stand in staunch defense etc… it is wiser to take a few breaths, walk away and come back.  One of the aspects of maturity is knowing when to do so, where and when, how to fight which battles.  If you don’t calm the mind first, you won’t be able to really discern that.  Breathe is an important aspect of discipline I am learning.  The other aspect is that in addition to being grateful, as long as it is in line with biblical truth, concepts, and precepts of ethics, integrity etc.., it’s okay to ask even God for that blessing.  It’s okay to ask to succeed, thrive and even prosper with your talents, gifts, knowledge, understanding.  Asking with humility, also confidence and faith is the key, with belief, and the understanding that your timing of now please, right now, like yesterday please, may not be God’s timing. His may be tomorrow, next year, in three years, and it’s okay.  Ask for guidance on what to do from starting of the journey to reaching of destination.  If you don’t ask, even with God, with gratitude for blessing you have already, how will you have that relationship and how will anything happen? Something to think about. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen