A Warrior Is

In spite of the festivities this year being not so festive due to medical procedure day after Christmas, the Warrior Christ Spirit within rises, it won’t be squashed. Yes there are moments like when I woke up this morning after a bad night of pain where thinking to festivities of tomorrow night and my having to purge before my procedure day after Christmas I was a bit flat in my feeling about Christmas, then I looked at the beautiful cards the snow globe with the angel that plays beautiful music, the Child in the manger and my Warrior Christmas Spirit came roaring back.  Lucifer might mess with me, try to crush my faith, spirituality etc.., he can try, but trying doesn’t mean he succeeds because only I can grant him success by giving into any less that hopeful thoughts etc… he might bring up to my spirit, my soul, my heart.   Frankly, I am too stubborn and too much of a bitch to give Lucifer that satisfaction.  In spite of it not being a totally festive Christmas due to what I wont be partaking in, that won’t stop me from appreciating the Reason for the Season, the plans for the new year! 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen