Self Management

Domains of Emotional Intelligence

Once you have the awareness, then what?  Then comes the next aspect of this intelligence, which is managing the awareness.  Life will put us in situations and we will need to sometimes be in situations just in our day to day routine, to get from point A to B in the morning where there is tension, but does that mean we have to be overwhelmed by it, allow our being to become a twisted pretzel? No, and this is where that self-management comes in and we develop skills to use our breathing and such techniques to get us into a state of calm so we can move through such situations not be drowned by them.  We also can have an end of day soothing bath ritual we do to detox from the crazy of the day, and even a song we put on or listen to when we find ourselves feeling deflated so we can move forward with our goals, dreams etc.. that day.   Different things work for different people and we each have to figure out what works for each of us.   Maintaining wellness is also crucial.  I have fibromyalgia and that means I have to figure out in the context of that what maintaining good health or general wellness means, whether it’s the right kind of exercise, right diet, whatever that means in the context of my fibromyalgia.  It’s important to have all of these aspects of self-management under my belt in some form.  Again, that takes some research, some trial and error on diet, but it’s worth it. “I think, therefore I am” and that really is on the deeper levels what makes humans, humans, this ability to think and process on so many levels, to be aware on so many levels.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen