Social Awareness

Domains of Emotional Intelligence


Now we come to social awareness.  Non verbal indicators can be the most authentic ones when it comes to understanding people and what is going on, even when guarded because they will sit a certain way, their arms  a certain way, so without realizing, we give “tells” of what is going on with our body language, even our tone.  While we may be seeing someone smile as they speak to us and saying “uhhuhh, yes, yes, hmmm” and we think oh great they love the idea, the tone, eyes looking everywhere but at us, stuff like that, may be telling a different story and we may be doing similar stuff.  I never realized as I do now more and more the importance of non verbal communications.  This is something I want to understand better, so I will be doing some youtube studying on that.  The next one can be tricky.  I can love all of humanity because they are God’s creation, pray for all of humanity, but doesn’t mean I have to love everything they do or aspire to do and not stand strong in my own convictions.  I do not have the right to cause harm to them, or do they have any right to do so to me.  I can still have a positive approach to things, to people, even when their actions, behavior is less than stellar.  Another way to apply this is potential, in the sense that we see that everyone, even that down syndrome baby have potential and we think positively to find what that potential is and bring it out in them, we do that for people, humanity in general, even for ourselves.  Basic needs, we all have basic needs and in terms of priority they may not be the same for everyone, so it is important, even with friends and ourselves to periodically check in and find out what are the basic needs and are they constructively, key work, being met, how can they constructively be met.  Adults can be worse than kids, playing emotional games, psych games and it’s up to us to make it clear that won’t wash in our world, in our lives, we won’t initiate such crap, nor will be accept such crap.  It’s important to clarify that from the get go, even with ourselves, that we deserve better!  How hope this post and all my posts are a light in life.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen