Domains of Emotional Intelligence

Relationships, part of life, so navigating them, part of life.   Listening, in a way that we can then reflect on what was said, rather than knee jerk reaction is a great skill, sone I am still not a full master of I have to confess.  It’s the ability to say ” I am going to listen, really hear you, really listen and not react on pure raw emotion right away”  That’s not easy to do, especially with certain topics for some of us.  This is where regular meditative and prayer practice and in a group can help.   We can be hearing words, but be so caught up in emotions we are not really hearing or listening and for key relationships that can be deadly.    We also need to understand the difference between assertive and aggressive communication and again I confess when it comes to certain topics I can get emotional and diplomacy goes out the window, so what you get is aggressive, rather than assertive, so again I have some work to do myself still on that.  I am improving, but I still have some work to do.  My hot button topics abortion and illegal immigration, border security.  We all have them.  One of the things I will be doing is getting on youtube and studying conflict resolution, for my own enlightenment.  The key to resolution often is learning to figure out how we can stand firm in who we are, but at the same time be understanding of where the other person is at and why they are where they are at with how they think and feel what they do.  That is not always easy, and if you have a strong moral, ethical etc.. compass, it can be really tough to say, well it’s all good no matter what anyone thinks or does, just as long as everyone’s happy and chillin. Not easy to do and we do need boundaries in our society and all that, so again finding that middle ground or saying okay we can agree to disagree on this, but hey we found something else we can agree on and let’s run with that.  We can always go back to that other stuff when we can discuss it without chewing each other up.  I hope I can grow as a person and get better at the relationship and communications aspect of life.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen