Healthy Relationships -Trust

Trust can be a major deal breaker in relationships and once that trust is breached it’s not easy to earn it back.  If you had a childhood that was full of distrust between your parents, where trust was not the cornerstone of anything in that situation, the parent you idolized just one morning leaves and never returns, your dad as a kid decided Father’s Day isn’t worth spending with you, but rather with his sister and her kids, things like that can really with your ability to trust, may even affect your ability to give your word, make any promises etc… However, in a relationship making promises, giving your word is an important part of it, part of establishing that safety net.  Making promises you know you can’t keep because you want to make everyone happy and all that doesn’t do anyone any good because then you end up maybe constantly breaking those promises, breaking your word.  If you are going to give your work, make a promise, make one you are fairly certain you can keep and if you are not certain because of work in flux or whatever reason, be honest, say you will do your best to be there etc.., and do it, do your best to keep that promise.  From the receiving en f things, there is an Elvis Presley song “Suspicious Minds”, one of  my favorites, and if you are going to be so insecure that every time someone is late, everything is going to send you off to suspicion land of horrors, no sense being in any relationship, not ready.   Unless someone has a pattern of lying, of keeping secrets, or they are abusive, especially early on in the relationship for it to flourish, giving the benefit of the doubt.  If something is feeling off, meditate, get centered, do some light yoga, exercise and then have a calm discussion.   Both parties need to be able to give and keep their word, as well as give each other the benefit of the doubt, especially early on in a relationship, to communicate in a healthy way if there are any concerns.  For your further reading: