The Golden Rule

Though Spirituality is Distinguished often from Religion, it is a good idea to know, in our diverse and interconnected world what the core Golden Rule of the diverse traditions is.  If you study the Zohar/Kabbalah, a branch of study within Judaism, the core teaching is that there is one law, one divine law that governs the universe that of giving and receiving, Creator to Creation and Creation to Creation.  Each of us is part of a hologram, a big picture hologram Adam that got shattered into a million desires, which initially only had one desire, to give and receive from the creator and each other.   If we look at this chart, and I am not endorsing any one faith here, we are simply educating ourselves and making observations, that is all.  Each tradition has an identifying symbol, so what is so important about symbols to human beings, and what do symbols, mean, represent and why?  If we look at the Golden Rule, what do we see? What can we observe from this?  There are differences in how each group perceived the Source of Creation, Creator, and Christians are the only ones who have the belief of the Son of God and Savior Messiah being the Son of God.  If one wanted to say “how can I live a spiritual life, achieve a life and attitude of Christ like being that sort of goal, would perhaps the Golden Rule and the Core wisdom of the Zohar, practiced daily until it became second nature be the way to achieve it?  I am not going to answer that for you, but perhaps it is something for you to ponder and answer for yourself.  Me, I am on the journey, but with my strong personality and convictions flexibility is a challenge I am working on, so I am a work in progress.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen