Reality Check PII

Respect, more than money, what a lot of people crave is respect, but contrary to popular belief, it is not automatic.  Respect of the office, of the position, the title might be, but the respect of the person in that role etc.. is never automatic, that has to be earned by keeping your word, promises and behave in a way that people feel you are authentic and trustworthy.  It’s important for youth to get this, understand this.  Equally important is the lesson is that this world, life, people owe us nothing, not a darned thing, anything we receive is earned, worked for, whether by the content of our character or the effort put forth.  Society does not need any more snowflakes, so please make this quite clear to our youth.  Kids are great at tantrums, especially the terrible twos, that period of “I want, want, want” “me, me, me” all about me.  At some point, those tantrums are nothing but a distraction from the real issue and as an adult serve zero purposes, other than to waste everyone’s time.  It’s like being angry about some social injustice and all you do is block roads etc.. with signs, yell, scream all day long, but do nothing to actually bring a solution to the private sector or any sector to solve the problem, what is the point, none.  Choice, decisions often creates the present reality and the present consequence, so rather than bitch, moan and groan about that present reality etc.., maybe listen, teach youth to really listen, really hear and discern rather than throw tantrums, bitch, moan, groan and ask for safe spaces and be victims all the time.  Life has so much to teach us, but hopefully, we won’t learn it all the hard way. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen