Further Financial Wisdom!

 Careers are built, just like a building, a house brick by brick, but I caution from experience, please find a way early on to release all your baggage, all your junk, and get clarity on what your gifts, talent are, what your calling is.  This is crucial or you will be chasing your tail and living the movie the money pit.  Investing in your career is important, but doing so with wisdom and clarity is even more so.  Getting career counseling, really discerning where you want to spend your time working and being for what will be a good chance of your time, your day is important.  Once you have determined that, still work with a good mentor, or mentors, find people who can guide you, even good career and vocational videos online, but know what you are watching, who you are watching, that they know what they are talking about, that they are people of substance, not just show and tell, not fluff success, but actual success and not only in terms of money and all that, but also in terms of being so as human beings as members of society, and community.  All of this, everything here takes self discipline, means having to make personal sacrifice, knowing when to say no to play and focus on work, fiscal discipline, overall discipline of yourself because people can’t be there 24/7 to discipline you in terms of time, getting tasks completed, so you have to be able to do that with yourself, which in today’s world of cell phones, FB and all that, not easy, but it has to be done.  There has to be a block of time where the focus is on work, getting those tasks completed, it’s what makes for success.  Hope we all find the path to career clarity etc.. and self discipline sooner rather than later, believe mess saves a lot of headaches.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen