Simplify Life 5,6

Not everyone loves to cook or is a natural cook, so what do you do?  You have to eat, and if you have a family, or even a limited budget, well eating out all the time isn’t an option. Let’s face it, eating and sleeping  are a big part of our lives, so where do you begin with a meal plan and being efficient in terms of meal planning?  One way to do it is to create enough for putting portions in the freezer.  If you cook two or three meals and put portions in the freezer, save yourself some hassle.  This is a sample shopping list for a meal plan.  Planning for the week, on Sunday can help.

Here’s a word for you, BURNOUT.  I say this as someone who has had fibromyalgia really cut into her life, and now has no real social life, and wishes she had appreciated time to do what she loved before it got to this point, while teaching.  Life can hit you with all kinds of curve balls, so it’s important to have time for yourself, for hobbies, for family, friends, being in a setting other than work.  The heart, body, spirit, soul need it.  Even if you carve out half hour a day for total meditation, and some time for family, friends.  Don’t let work and money be the be all, end all of your life.  Don’t do that to yourselves, and others, even to society.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen