Real Confidence Continued

Silence can be very valuable, but it can also be scary.  We may feel scared of stillness, silence, being alone with ourselves.  With all the stuff swirling around us, and in our heads being able to stay in silence with ourselves whether in a park quietly, or a faith institution, someplace conducive to that, it’s important to have that silence, time for that still small voice.  Maybe we won’t be comfortable with what happens in that silence, but maybe, just maybe we get needed revelation, insight and a bit a kick in the tukkus by our own spiritual self to make a shift, difference.  I don’t do this nearly enough as I should, and I need to do more of the listening to that still small voice.  I hope we all find time in the day to be willing to be in that silence.  We all strive for maturity, hope we all do, wisdom, improving our lives, selves, communities we are a part of, but there is something else that is part of confidence. That is accepting responsibility for our actions etc.. and making right what needs making right when we have screwed up, hurt people we care about.  That is not always easy, can also be scary as hell.  When we do accept responsibility, which does not mean constantly beating yourself up, okay,  we can grow immensely in our lives, so when we have a viewpoint, make decisions, choices etc.., we need to take responsibility for our part in all situations we are engaged in.  If we need to mend fences, then we do it, as best we can.  Being confident can initially be scary, but in the end it is liberating.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen