Healing, Not One Size Fits All

I had a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and today had a follow up with one of the specialists, to see how the recovery is going and all that.  After the exam I am told that internal stitches have yet to dissolve, and to boot, my menopause has kicked in, hot flashes and all.  I was advised patience as this will be a long process, this transition at this point of life.  I have things I want to do with my ministry, with the arts.  Healing is a process and all too often we try to rush the healing process, told by our society that   the norm is to always be happy, happy, happy.  Often those around us also try to rush us to recovery, not understanding what we are dealing with if we have a Chronic health situation or such and they forget, we also forget that it’s all about the process and how we move through it.  Yes it was frustrating to hear that full recovery to my old self, as old self as one can get with fibromyalgia, will take a while, but I have to honor the process.  Part of that is really connecting to myself on all levels, as well as God.  Each of us has a different process, and each of us finds healing, inspiration in different ways.  For some it is nature, for others, lots of quiet time, really getting in touch and processing what is, healing is not a one size fits all kind of thing.  When people act as if you are just being lazy etc.., might be a good idea to share this poem with them and also remind them and yourself that healing is a process, not an overnight thing, it takes time. 

As I continue my path of recovery I will find solace in doing what I love, blogging, recording, exploring my faith and there will be those in my very own circle who will make annoying and insensitive, but my healing path is mine to walk and all I can do is find inspiration to get in touch with the process God, Yeshua, Lord and Chirst, and the Holy Spirit, ,so we can walk this process together, always together. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen