The Dilemma

The Dilemma

As an artist, I would like my focus to be exclusively on writing, recording, nothing more, just the art itself, and yet the art, needs to be promoted.  This E-Book, needs to be promoted to the right literary journals etc…, and future projects the same.  I require a solid plan of action in terms of publicity to organize a book signing and put on my one woman show to promote the upcoming expanded print version, as well as requiring the funds to record a Christmas album I would like to record to put out at the same time I put out the expanded Mosaic print version, an A Cappella Christmas album.  What’s the dilemma?

The first part of the dilemma is that I need a good assistant and publicist to weed out which journals etc.. are the right ones to target, the right radio shows etc…, to create a plan with me and implement it, to help me create all the right promotional material.  Then there is the recording of the Christmas album, getting that done in time for a mid-October release.  The other part of the dilemma is how do I, being in debt, in part because of the dysautonomia, and on SSDI actually pay for a publicist and the space, mastering, mixing to record the album, all of this, all with the goal in part of bringing awareness of dysautonomia, how devastating in can be, but also how faith can help you overcome whatever obstacles come your way, how perseverance can help you past obstacles if you focus, and have faith, discernment? True several of my songs have been licensed and even put under contract and in historical archive for future use by Amazon and the Mosaic book has come out, but until those funds come in from royalties and such, I still am in a bit of a pickle.

What is this artist to do?

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