Who Am I and Why?

Who Am I and Why?

I am a woman, sweet and sassy, often lots of sassy, though I try to keep the sassy mainly to my writing and the Internet, as well as in discussion with those I feel I can, by instinct be sassy with, or need to be sassy with.  There are those who can’t handle a woman and sassy, it just really doesn’t mesh for them and makes them so uncomfy, so you have to know who  with and when you can be sassy.   I can be serious, or I can be sexy or both, but never in an overt way, as I don’t think you need to be.  I understand sexy to be comfortable with yourself, with who you are and where you are in life, so even in dress, you don’t need to call particular attention.  I am as a woman in a relationship, when not picking up intuitively and projecting the other persons angst etc…, sweet, loving, warm, communicative, faithful, confident and solid in who I am.  Life has taught me to honor myself as a woman, the feminine, but in a sacred way, a way that is authentic to my spirituality.  If I don’t honor that, then I will never be okay with myself or life.  That is why I am who I am as a woman.

I am a Metaphysical Philosopher who finds herself greatly drawn to the Jewish Faith and Biblical Wisdom as a whole, and understands Jesus to be Messiah from a metaphysical philosopher point of view, the point of view of seeking to bring Judaism out of a suffocating, oppressive, repressive, literalistic, legalistic form to a more literal, empathetic form and a personal point of view, seeks guidance from Him and the Bible in prayer, study.  As he was his whole life a Jew, I honor that and will seek to learn all I can about the Jewish faith and understanding of Messiah from the OT Jewish point of view, as well as be unconditionally loyal to Israel and its’ right to exist, defend itself.  As regards metaphysics, I understand from what I am reading on Quantum Physics and what I knew by instinct for the longest time that we and the universe are made up a lot of energy, so energy, vibration all of that plays a great role in life, prayer and so does intuition when properly developed.  Therefore, being an intuitive, and listening to healing meditative music, vibrational healing videos, and such, meditation, affirmations, NLP is part of my faith.  I also understand that there has to be a balance between the spiritual, intellectual and the physical, that we make choices and those choices are what determines not only our lives,  joys etc… but so much more. Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and though we should help each other, be there for each other, we must focus on teaching to fish, and providing opportunities to fish, much more than always providing the fish.

These two impact who I am politically, and as an artist a pure Capitalist, Very Limited Government, Letter of the Constitution, States Sovereignty above all, Democratic Republic, focus on home first everyone else after, Independent at this stage of my life.  When you let people and communities locally think outside the box to solve problems you don’t get bureaucracy and stupid, or career politicians and you get a full honoring of Freedom of Religion, Speech and Assembly, as an artist, academic etc…, all of which is crucial and you get a truly objective press, when the politicians are not career politicians and all have a limit on their terms, no exceptions. Freedom doesn’t mean you do whatever you please to the detriment of others, no, or you are free to threaten etc…, no but it does mean that you can express truth in a way that calls out the stupidity of  those in charge of the nation without repercussions, including artists.

This is who I am and happy to be so.


New Poem


New Poem

You Stand Tall And Proud

You stand tall, and proud, rooted in the ground, with trunk, branches and leaves.

Your arms outstretched to all and green leaves adorn you and cover you,

As you sway to and fro, while the wind gently caresses you, and blows through your boughs.

You give shade from the heat and burning sun during summer, though soon to change to make way for Autumn.

That’s okay to make way for a new season, leaving the old behind.

There still you are, always will be,  tall, and proud, rooted in the ground

You stand tall, and proud, rooted in the ground, with trunk, branches and leaves.

Yet in the Autumn those very leaves will start to change colors, and transform

And they will even begin to fall to the ground to make way for a new season, leaving the old behind.

They will still give shade, though of a different kind, but shade just the same and welcome a few more clouds as well.

That’s okay to make way for a new season, leaving the old behind.

There still you are, always will be,  tall, and proud, rooted in the ground.

Sitting here, I was watching this tree out the window, swaying and moving in the wind and thought of Autumn coming soon.  This poem just came to me.

Goals for September

September -October 2014  Goals:

1. Be Myself and chase after no one.  If people love me, truly love me then they know where I am.

2. Keep blogging etc…

2. Ge moving on organizing fundraising for Israel

3. Record new material to put out on Tunecore

4. See royalties start coming in from my artistic work

5. Greater exploration of my creative, intuitive and mystical side in the context of my Metaphysical Biblical Christianity, while also researching Judaism, the roots of Jesus, Yeshua.

6. Good Lord willing resolution in key areas of my life that require resolution once and for all

I may add to the list, but this is my basic goals list for the next two months.  One should have goals and strive to achieve them with the help of he who created all things.

What Spirituality Means to Me


Spirituality and Me

I am beginning more and more  to understand what God through Jesus, his begotten son was trying to teach, the difference between religiosity and true spirituality, between religion and spirituality.  I am understanding the Bible as the holistic truth of God inspired through man, a roadmap for life, living, understanding creation as a whole, and much more. I also find that I can relate to the 7 Laws of Success written by Depak Chopra, and that those 7 Laws along with the Ten Commandments, and Ecclesiastes three, that poem can really be excellent specific roadmaps to guide ones life when delved into on many levels beyond the flesh.  

I am understanding that spirituality is about making that connection to divinity priority throughout the day and making that your primary nourishment, source of nourishment, through which in contemplation you find answers.  They may not always be comfortable answers and raise new questions upon which you have to contemplate, but that’s okay.  Even appreciating nature, contemplating the awe of nature itself,  or the beauty of a child’s laughter with her parents at play is spirituality.  God smiles on that, as he does contemplation of our own silliness and stupidity, while being truly repentant, making whatever reparation we can and moving  forward from there.  Spirituality is being happy, so you can share that joy, peace, tranquility and passion you have in all areas of your life, that deep profound love and connection to so many things in your own life with the world.

Spirituality is knowing that happy is okay and also that there is a time to refrain from embracing, to, to walk away from that which has for so long made one unhappy to embrace what truly can and will likely make on happy provided of course it’s not destructive and has love, real true agape love as the basis, a lot of good elements as the baseline.  That is spirituality as well.  Spirituality encompasses so much and for me it is something that goes beyond a bureaucratic structure, yet is true to Biblical truth, God’s truth, in a very holistic way, with many layers to uncover.  I look forward to uncovering all of that and much more of my gifts as a singer/songwriter in what remains of my amazing life.

Shalom and Amen

Still I Love You -Short Poem


Still,  I Love You

Still I Love You

Life and Love are funny things I realize, paradoxes and puzzles at times.

I reached out to comfort and be there for you, yet was met with stony silence,

And the door slammed in my face, not the first time,

Though I guess, chalk up to the situation and my perhaps I shouldn’t have stayed this long.

Still, I love you.

Life and Love are funny things I realize, paradoxes and puzzles at times.

I reached into my memory bag to find a plethora of beautiful and fond memories of us,

Of times spent together, photographs of things done together of smiles more than tears,

But there were very few to be found, the situation I suppose.

Despite all this and now your deafening silence, you life opaque and one big mystery to me,

Still, I love you.

As I read the blog which I re-posted, the letter to the ex-boyfriend it made me reflect on a particular connection in my life and from that reflection this poem sprang.

Reader Story: An Open Letter to an Ex-Boyfriend

Powerful. Women need to be wise about the choices they make and the relationships they engage in. They need to ask themselves if these relationships bring calm, peace, joy or sadness and tears. You don’t want years of sadness and tears, of waiting, wishing, whatever. It’s a bad place to be.

What I Do IS Who I am


I Compose, Share, Think, Write, Therefore I am

The human body requires oxygen and water to survive long term, without them, we wither and die.  They are two core and essential elements that nurture us.  Human affection is another, and science tells us that babies who don’t receive hugs and physical warmth will die, so we also require that affection from others.  That’s an overall human thing.  For me there is also another component that is equal to these that defines me and is core to who I am as a human being.

My mom says I began efforts to speak and express myself at around a year old, walking quite a bit later, not so interested in that, but speaking and always looking to the sky fascinated, yup. Drawing, loved to draw, do connect the dots coloring books, puzzles, putting those pieces together, that was my thing, along with communicating as much as I could and looking to the sky.  It dawns on me now that it was a prelude of and a clear indication of who I was at the core, of my very essence as a person.  This love of communication, of anything artistic, putting pieces together, spirituality, instinct and intuition, sharing, as I would always give away my toys and it drove mom nuts was always a part of me.  Though I have to confess, I abhor getting unsolicited calls from any organization and emails asking for money and I will yell at them if they call and hang up.  If I could sue all NFP for harassment for sharing people’s info with other NFP etc… I would. If I am going to share I will decide how, when where and with whom.  For me the arts and social media is how I love to share, and if I am in a friendship and/or relationship, the arts also and social media, as I share feelings etc… and my life has now become through the arts and my blog etc.. an open book and will continue to be so pretty much.  It is the nature of me and in a sweet, but with a whole lot of sassy to go with it. 

Not everyone is comfortable with this, even my mom isn’t totally comfortable with having a daughter who is so open heart, spirit, soul and artistically sharing all her feelings etc… and her views on everything in the world, and people.  She’s not the one living my life as much I love her, no one is, only me.  I have to be as authentic to my true self as I can and I also have to let go of everything toxic from the past, and embrace a beautiful and potentially  brilliant future which, with the help of Elohim, I am creating.  There are things I have let go of in terms of just leaving it up to Elohim where it goes from here, not walked away from, but that still require closure and resolution.  I have basically decided to live my life, focus on the arts and let certain things go and let Elohim deal with them and their closure or resolution, whatever the case.  There are loves I will carry forever in my heart, spirit and soul, that will always have a special place whatever the outcome, but I have to leave it alone and let Elohim take care of it. I am totally at peace with it.  I am totally at peace with that decision of letting go, really letting go, and of who I am and fully being that, along with standing staunchly by Israel unconditionally.

Shalom and Amen