Reader Story: An Open Letter to an Ex-Boyfriend

Powerful. Women need to be wise about the choices they make and the relationships they engage in. They need to ask themselves if these relationships bring calm, peace, joy or sadness and tears. You don’t want years of sadness and tears, of waiting, wishing, whatever. It’s a bad place to be.

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an open letter to an ex boyfriend

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To my friends and family, to those who care about me, this has been a long time coming. I am happy. And I am healthy. But I have to put to rest a girl that I used to know.

Dear Lee,

I am sick and tired of you. Years ago, I chose to move out of that apartment, physically leaving you behind, but I have carried the repercussions of that relationship with me ever since. I have allowed myself to be tortured by my past mistakes and my past weakness. I chose to allow you to take advantage of me in so many ways. The greatest mistake that I made was not realizing that I deserve to be treated with more respect.

I put myself in that position, and I am disgusted by the way that I was treated. Today, maybe you’ve changed; maybe you’ve…

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