$ Goals October-December

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Financial Goal October-December


There should be financial goals I’d like to achieve, but if I make them too lofty and then don’t achieve them, well then I will feel horrible, so I want to make them reasonable.  Here goes.

1. Funds to get the WordPress pro blog with full media and e-commerce capacity, so I can offer my songs and meditations by donation

2. Funds to rent soundproof space three days a month and record as new material to offer, including Christmas pieces

3. Set up to receive funds online


These are the main things I am looking to get done and have funds for ASAP and my estimate is $900-$1,000.

3. Settle my credit card debt at 60% and never use credit in my life again.


I am not looking for great fame and fortune, but I do wish to produce quality material and for that I do have to create a quality secure blog site and quality material to offer you.  I hope that if you feel what I do offer has been of help and has the potential to grow and be much more that you will support this blog with whatever you can.

Thank you, Shalom and Amen


Pray For Me Tonight -A Poem


Pray For Me Tonight -A Poem


There are days when the fog is go heavy, I can barely think through the day. There are days when it seems knives are being thrown at me every which way, but I wont lay down and die. Maybe it’s karma comin back to get its’ due, I don’t really know. I do know I have to stand tall and fight through the darkness to the light.

I look to heaven and ask whoever can hear me whispering now.


Pray for me tonight,

pray with everything you got.

The pain piercing through,

straight to the heart.

Pray for me tonight,

cause I’m fightin the devil with everything I got.


I’m breathing deep and fighting to stay where I am, maybe it’s not what it seems, but it feels that way tonight. It hurts so bad just to take a breath, and each breath is a knife cutting through the soul. Funny thing is even now, the one thing I think about is that one great love, the one that broke me. Funny the workings of the heart and the soul, funny what goes through your head.

I look to heaven and ask whoever can hear me whispering now.


Pray for me tonight,

pray with everything you got.

The pain piercing through,

straight to the heart.

Pray for me tonight,

cause I’m fightin the devil with everything I got.


I wrote this poem after a very rough night of pain etc.., a night when my fibromyalgia hit me hard, hard as can be and I wrote it the next morning and this gives you a sense of what it can do to a person when it’s full onslaught flare up. 



Tranformational Power of Art

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Transformational Power of Art

Often times when we have situations that have us bound in anger, bitterness, confusion, emotional, or such kinds of prisons, we may not have an outlet for expressing it or even letting that go that is constructive, much less realizing or understanding what is going on.  If we don’t, things can get destructive and/or self-destructive. Especially if one can’t or doesn’t know how to express these feelings of anger etc… That’s where the arts can be of great help.

The arts are cathartic for the artist often time who creates the works and expresses their emotions etc… through those pieces, and that allows for a constructive release, or even a performing artist who can release through playing that role some of their own “demons”.  The works are also cathartic, can be for the listeners and viewers, including music, especially music, poetry even.  Remember, the universe is basically energy and vibration, so certain energies, and vibrations, words etc…will resonate with us and bread down walls to help us release whatever we require to release so we can move on, confront painful truths etc… whatever needs to happen.  When we need to cry, or feel good we often turn to music, or will go see an art exhibit, something art related, do dancing.  Studies have shown for example that using music in therapy produces real results such as elevated mood, increased socialization and appetite and reduction in agitation. It’s a sort of “cognitive workout” inspiring us to coin the phrase, “What exercise is to the body, music is to the brain.” The power of music often inspires physical movement and can be used in combination to encourage gentle exercise, according to an article by By Steve Toll and Linda Bareham.  Paintings can be a great source of calm and tranquility, just sitting in front of beautiful art, even God’s art, nature with quiet around us can be very calming, and if we are listening to meditation, even more so, or beautiful soothing music.

Music can sooth the savage beast they say, and it can, see the arts is a universal tool that when rightly used, in holistic sacred context can bring healing to entire communities and there have been peace projects that have used the arts to bring factions together, groups together to help them overcome distrust, fear and hatred of each other, and change their mindset, bridge gaps, so the arts can be cathartic, not only for individuals, but also for entire communities, and as artists, we should always keep in mind when we create art that we have this potential.

Shalom and Amen


Mourning Us

This made me think of a poem I wrote last night thinking of a connection that I finally had to let go of and initially, when I was purging the karma, cutting cords on the spiritual plane, really making myself see the truth of it all, it was so painful and felt like a part of me was dying.

The Fickle Heartbeat

mourning us

Shared by Katie Wilhelm.

There has undoubtedly been a death in my life. However this kind of death has no official certificate validating it’s truth. This death that I experienced has no immediate wake to view the remains one last time or a funeral to pay final respects. Instead, the last few months have been a commemoration of the life that once was in which I was the one affected. Sadly enough, I was the sole mourner of this death. So although there was no ceremony, flowers or casseroles baked in honor of my sorrows, something near and dear to me has indeed passed away. And that something is us.

We are dead.

To compare heartbreak to a death is the most accurate comparison I could concoct. I cried like I was in mourning. I screamed like a part of me was missing. I ached like I lost a…

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Overall Goals-Next Three Months

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Overall Goals- Next Three Months

It is the New Year, Rosh Hashana by Elohim’s calendar.  I could set goals for the whole year, but what generally works best for me is setting goals three months at a time, mini-plans and realizing that I need to be flexible within even that mini plan.  What are my mini-plan goals?

As an artist:

  • Inspire whenever and wherever I can courage to love and receive love in sacred ways, beautiful ways that honor and respect self and the other
  • Grow as an artist by creating, and networking
  • Create new inspiring material including songs, and spoken word projects
  • Raise funds to create a full pro-site with WordPress and offer my music and such through my blog, as well as master and mix new pieces
  • Record, mix and master new pieces 
  • Attend at least one art gallery opening a month and one lecture at the Frick Gallery per month


In My Spiritual Life:

  • Inspire whenever and wherever I can courage to love and receive love in sacred ways, beautiful ways that honor and respect self and the other
  • Grow in my intuitive gifts, spiritual gifts, and understand what I am receiving much better, greater understanding and discernment
  • Continue to attend Messianic Services at Kehilath Haderekh and also attend lectures at the NY Academy of European Arts and Culture to grow in my gifts and understanding of metaphysics and philosophy

Life Partner:

  • Inspire whenever and wherever I can courage to love and receive love in sacred ways, beautiful ways that honor and respect self and the other
  • Grow as an artist and in my spirituality
  • Affirm, Meditate and Pray to be the embodiment of  -1corinthians 13:4-8, as well absolute fidelity and receive my life such a person forever in holy union -Not saying I marry this year, but create it on a heart, spirit, soul level at the greatest depths that transcends time, space and matter even for a formal holy union not too far down the line after that
  • Have by the end of the three months a partnership where we both understand the union we have is holy, sacred, is one that embodies the utmost fidelity and exclusivity in sacred love,  and 1corinthians 13:4-8 to the fullest extent possible


Shalom and Amen



Blogging and Writing Getting Started

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Blogging and Writing


First of all, I want to thank all those who have given feedback and I have had some questions asked on a recurring basis, so I thought I would write a blog to help those aspiring to be writers to get started.

The first thing is enjoying what you do and if you are like me, you enjoy sharing what life teaches you and what you learn about yourself, what you observe in life, nature etc… with others in hopes of inspiring for greater good.  Intent and motivation with anything matters and as a Metaphysical Christian, I have come to understand that both of these are crucial to any endeavor.  Not to say you will want to write every day all day long and if you wanted to do anything all day long, well, someone should be getting you assistance.  Know this is what you wish to do and decide to do it.  Once you decide you wish to write, you might want to start by visiting blogs on one topic you feel a real affinity for and that you are knowledgeable about, you really want to write about if you don’t feel comfortable diving right into your own blog, free-lance writing and all that jazz.  Write thoughtful, but from the heart comments, full paragraph on posts on those blogs, and you might be asked to guest blog.  This way you get your feet wet. When you have your own blog you can start with one issue etc.. , expand on that and then branch out over time.

When you are ready to start your blog, then it’s a matter of choosing a platform.  I personally have tried a few and I prefer WordPress.  The reasons are several, one being I can start with basic blog, and they have some great free themes for the layout and it’s easy to navigate.  If I then want to add video etc… I can build up to that and the most is not that prohibitive.  In fact, I can have a complete e-commerce blog with video etc… for $500 a year.  I will be adding media next month and that’s the beauty of Word press, I can add as I go and need and it is flexible to my path as an independent artist and I have not had glitches as I have had with websites.    You set up and get started.  I would also think about the template being in synch with what you are writing about, as that will be important.   People, whether they realize it or not like synchronicity and you want to provide that on some level. Choose your template with care.  Once you have it all set up, speak from the heart and soul in balance, no need to be vulgar or crass unless you are just out to get attention.

To all aspiring and new writers ROAR, but with a bit of PURR, so we don’t go deaf, thanks.  Always, if using outside sources, credit them, as they put in time and effort into their work, so please be considerate if you are going to use their ideas in any way in your writing.



Rosh Hashanah -Truly My New Year

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Rosh Hashanah -Truly My New Year


New Year, celebrated all over the world, according to the Gregorian Calendar by most, and I always made those resolutions, but somehow I never could see them manifested. I always felt a wall, literally, felt there was a wall and this has been the case as far back as I can remember and I am nearing 50 now, that big 50.  Now, there is no wall, now my true New Year begins.  Why is this time different?

The arts and spirituality, if you really enter the artist and spiritual path fully, wisely, contemplatively teach you that the world is all energy and vibrations, and that intent, as well as thought, and words have energy, vibrations, shape our lives, our world and what it all looks like, and that’s why Jesus said we would give account for every word because every word shapes the world for good or bad, puts a vibration into the earth, into our lives and that of others.  The same goes with the artist and what he or she produces, whether it uplifts, destroys etc… the heart, spirit and soul of mankind.  I hope in my art to dedicate myself to spiritual pieces and pieces that will bring awareness and discernment, tranquility and so much more to people’s lives, bring vibrations that aid, not harm.

This time I am starting the New Year having purged, with lots of prayer, my past from my heart, spirit, and my soul, released and cut cords with persons from my past with love, wishing them all the things Dolly Parton does in the song “I Will Always Love You” as I prayed and purged them from my heart, my spirit and my soul, envisioned all cords, connection and memories between us and especially toxic to me, scrubbed, dissolved, erased totally.  In my heart, spirit and soul I said my goodbye and how I wish I could have said it has been nice to have known them, but for the most part I couldn’t say that because it had been pain and sadness for me.  Then I spoke to that little girl, that inner little girl who had been trying to figure out who she was supposed to be, but really know who she was and told her she was: IMAGO DEI, heart, spirit, soul a daughter of Abraham, aligned with Elohim, the Consciousness of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the assistance of the Archangels an Angels of Elohim, a Philosopher and a writer. She always would be taken care of as long as she remembered who she was and tapped into that for all decisions and ate only of the the Tree of Life by tapping into this, her authentic self, making all decisions from this Tree of Life, never the EGO.  As long as I remember this, I will be okay, I am okay.

In addition, I have always felt that this notion of a New Covenant and abandoning the faith of Abraham, didn’t quite make a lot of sense.  I have always felt very drawn to Judaism and felt that this was the root of true spirituality, if one could get past the legalistic aspects and if they could understand that Yeshua was simply trying to teach that the sacred concepts are to be carried and burned into the heart, spirit and soul to where they become a natural fabric of your being, your energy, your vibration, not over 600 laws, rules and regulations to save you.  I have been searching for reconciliation of my authentic spirituality of Christ and the root of my authentic spirituality, which is drawn to a metaphysical spirituality and Jewish culture and the Monotheism understanding of Elohim, of God.  Tonight at Kehilath Haderekh I hope to find it.

You see for me the New Year begins now, not in January, but this is my New Year, my re-birth, new beginning, one without EGO and with clarity.