Mansions Within Part I

Inspiration Peace and Love
Inspiration Peace and Love


Christ spoke of mansions in his father’s house and in essence we are God’s house, IMAGO DEI, so it’s important to understand these mansions, their interaction and such. I hope this enlightens and helps in that journey.  This first room I present is the Conscious room in the Mansion within.
The Conscious: What are the main things to remember about the Conscious, What It Is:
  • It is the breaks for the personal subconscious
  • It is the stop sign to keep out the “boogie man” so to speak
  • It can clean out the memory bank of the Personal Subconscious
  • It can make it a whisper with no power
  • It can take away its’ power to defeat, self-sabotage and such
Think about it.  Would you buy a car with no working breaks, or a house without really solid foundation?  I hope not, for your sake and everyone who enters in that car or house.  Our mind, our being also needs some kind of break mechansim to keep us running amok.  The conscious room in our inner mansion is the break mechanism for that, to help keep us leveled.  That’s the Conscious.  Then you have the next connected room in the house.
The Personal Subconscious:What are the main things to remember about the Personal Subconsious, What It Is?:
  • It is the memory bank
  • It is the “boogeyman” part of the mansion within
  • It often determines our immediate reactions and actions even
  • If it has seen those closest and/or experienced repeated patterns of “failure” and such it will become a self-fullfilling life-long prophecy
  • In psychsomatic illness, the root is in this room of the mansion, where the nervous system is greatly affected, in a negative way
As much as one might want success etc…, if the personal subconscious is telling one a bunch of negative stuff that will cancel out any true pursuit of success and such.
Personal Psychic Exchange: What are the main things to remember about the PSE? What It Is?:
  • This exchange is a belief in a number of cultures
  • Has been for a long time
  • Every human it is believed in these cultures and in metaphysics to be in contact with each other constantly
  • It is an exchange of emotions and ideas
  • When people say they can feel another they can
  • When family members, very close friends “know” something is wrong, call and find out something is wrong – Psychic exchange
  • Our mind and heart are like anteanna broadcasting signals to others and vice versa
  • Every thought has a frequency of its’ own, every word also
  • The thought of poverty has a very different vibration than that of prosperity, inprisonment than freedom
  • This is why even those captive during war have said though in prison they felt free
  • They did not have thoughts of being in prison, they thought freedom, hope, future, faith etc..
  • Thoughts are like magnets and cascades
  • Dark thoughts attract darker thoughts etc…
  • It’s never about blame, only about examining choices and patterns to change towards better, healthier ones
  • It’s about changing this over time to have better clarity, bring better opportunities
It’s important that this room have good connection with the other rooms, that there be flow of energy and synchronicity between the above and this room in the mansion that is the soul, the brain.


The Journey

The Journey That is Life.
The Journey That is Life.



This is a poem I wrote today.  I hope you enjoy it.

My Journey:

I have made a long and winding journey

To arrive at where I am.

It has been fraught with smiles and tears,

Perhaps more tears than I would have liked,

But it was my journey to make.

I have made a long and winding journey,

To be understand much better who I am,

Conflicting personas and ideas to sort through,

Jumbled sometimes,

And like a tug of war

Dreams to decipher, mine and those of others,

It took a while to figure out whose were whose,

An interesting journey,

But it was my journey to make.  

I have made a long and winding journey,

To know my spiritual and vocational path,

That to has been filled with smiles and tears.

However, once the muddy waters have cleared,

The crystal lake appeared,

I knew that to inspire and heal,

Some tough love along the way was the path.

This path, journey may not be everyone’s cup of tea,

But it was and is my journey to make.

What’s Happening?

The Future is Also the Present.
The Future is Also the Present.


Life is often about cycles and now is my completion of studies and teaching cycle.  What does that mean for me and everyone else?

It means I am completing my Masters and Doctorate over the next 12 months in Holistic Counseling Ministry and I will be also doing other independent studies online and through reading in Kabbalah as well.  I am meditating regularly and going to be working on changing my own life patterns and financial stewardship of things, really working on stuff in myself and my life.  For me it means expanding my knowledge further, greater understanding, shedding of the old and embracing the new and creating a better life for myself within the context of my spiritual etc… truth in Hashem, and my spiritual path.  

As one who loves to share what I learn with others I have started to create courses, which I will be posting on Udemy, on online learning center and one will have lifetime access to my courses and meditations, which will have metaphysics and metaphysical psychology at their core.  I already have one class up and plan to have two more classes available for lifetime access in the next few weeks.  I will provide a link to those as soon as they are up.  I love to learn and to share what I learn from life and study with others, it’s such a great thing to learn and to share.

Namaste and Shalom

Where Has She Been?

Not posted in a bit, but it’s been a week of fatigue, of my BP and sugar levels going all wonky and I realized a lot of it has to do with psychic sensitivity, which I have high levels of. It is not an easy “gift” part of myself to manage day to day, but it is a part of me and I am working through how to accept it all as part of me, to accept all of me, including these gifts, and how they fit into my life, vocation, all that I am. I will in time.

I have had a bit of scare, another and another, recently my Blood Pressure going as high as 246/136, pulse over 100, couldn’t , move my arm, nausea, was a bit scary.  I have been having issues with breathing and tightness in my chest, pain also in my arm, so they recently did an echo cardiogram and I have dystolic dysfunction in the left valve of my heart.   I thought about whether if I could be reborn, if I would change being this sensitive, and I decided, no. I have come to love who I am as wonky, as emphatic, even oversensitive sometimes, or too balsy, too stubborn. It’s a package deal, so take me for leave me as is. Not to say I haven’t mellowed and gotten more constructive in managing my emphatic gifts and all, but the core of me, I wouldn’t change for anything. It’s who God made me to me and if that means my heart gets a bit damaged in the process, literally and emotionally, well that’s fine with me.  Being hypersensitive, a times a bit impatient, at others too analytical, and at others too “emotional” whatever the hell that means is what makes me a songwriter, poet, blogger, metaphysical minister, essentially the enigma that is me. Love me or leave me, it’s who I am, who I will always be.

Namaste and Shalom