What Zionism Means to Me

Inspiration Peace and Love
Inspiration Peace and Love

When people think Israel, you can get a range of reactions and the same for Zionism.  Often what people know about Israel is distorted by the liberal left or in some ways even perhaps by the way conservative right.  All of this does a great disservice to Israel, the Jewish people, democracy and the world.  The government of Israel is diverse in its’ make up and life in Gaza is not improved by Abbass, Hamas or such, but if at all by the Israeli government.  Does that mean that the system is perfect?  No, but what bureaucratic system is, none.  I may not be Jewish by lineage, but I am by accepting Hashem as my God and Creator and I guess in solidarity for the Jewish state, homeland in accordance to Covenant and historical boundaries going way back.

What do I think of when I think of Israel and Zionism?  I think of a nation for those Jewish of blood and spirit, soul, a place where you can be Jewish to whatever degree your journey has you on, or even secular and still call Israel home.  I think of an Israel where all are welcome and it is welcomed by the world because it is recognized by the world to have Covenant and historical right of existence, without exception or debate needed.  I think of a solidarity with Israel as a nation according to the borders of Covenant and history being fully supported on a massive scale globally and a love for Israel and the Jewish people as a whole for they gifted the world with the Torah, the seed of Covenant, Unity of the Father of Creation, Hashem, while Israel and the Jewish people also as a government, a nation respect freedom of speech, religion etc… of others.  Do I believe in door to do conversions and all that, NO, so as much as I advocate freedom of speech, it annoys the hell out of me when you have door to door preaching and people shouting in the streets, that is a nuisance, not sharing the good news, just being a nuisance.

Maybe that is why I am looking forward to being the regional director of the UCM because we can come together in respect, celebrate life, redemption, transformation in spiritual and secular ways, making it home for everyone, including Zionists of different shades.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen. 

Blame VS Responsibility

Blame is a child's mechanism,  not an adults.
Blame is a child’s mechanism, not an adults.

In my last post I talked about Truth Denied and Fear as obstacles, but there is also the issue of blame mistaken for taking personal responsibility and making bold choices, even if not popular with anyone in your circle.  The distinction in life is crucial and in relationships, especially to release baggage etc… for healing, to release what no longer works and welcome in the new.  Why is this so crucial?

If we are going to release, let go of all the baggage etc… to embrace what we truly love, shine as our authentic self, live the life we authentically have pulsating holistically after true prayer and reflection for our greater happiness, joy etc… long term, including being with the person we truly love and would never, could never imagine being unfaithful to, ever, thriving at the career that is our true vocation heart, body, spirit and soul, and the spiritual path we have found in our journey of questioning, praying etc…, we have to understand it is not about pointing fingers.  It is about looking in the mirror and saying “This is where I screwed up royally and I know I did, but I am not perfect.  I am human and can you forgive me, will you forgive me” After we have had that conversation with ourselves and healed our relationship to self, then we have to have that conversation with others, those we have to leave behind and those we know it is perhaps time to embrace.

This is not easy, to have these conversations, to re-organize life even internally, find the strength to reorganize on any level internal or external, but if one stays hamstrung by blame, past “failures” which are not really failures, but life lessons on this amazing journey.  As for others creating new life and opportunity for us, bullcrap, only we can do that with the force of our will in connection with prayer, meditation, the assistance of the realm of Hashem, which others can inspire and support, or not, but we have to make the changes, create the opportunities for moving out of the old to the new, or whatever we wish to have come to fruition.  

Unless and until one understand the difference between blame and personal responsibility and takes on the personal responsibility of facing all truths and fears, no opportunity for change or happiness or anything can come, only continued misery and dissatisfaction. 

Obstacles Truth Denied and Fear

Sadness, but we must not be silent.
Sadness, but we must not be silent.

Often when a relationship is stuck on one side or both at the root core it’s truth denied and fear on one or both parties side of the equation.  What could that inner truth be that is denied and that fear?  

The inner truths that we maybe don’t want to face are:

1. The true dream and vocation perhaps we denied ourselves

2. What do we truly believe and why?  

3. Would that change and why if truly examined?

4. The time wasted and people hurt by not living our full inner holistic long term to happiness truth in life, love, vocation

What could be the fears holding us back from a relationship, full unity and union with one’s true love?

1. Fear of being alone

2. Fear of rejection

3. Fear of being judged for not doing what is expected by family, friends, society

At this point in my life, while I can understand it on some level and even empathize, I seriously have little desire to deal with this mindset and that of using things and finances as security blankets for not moving forward in life, especially in relationships, staying stagnant and unhappy in any situation.   Life can be cut off at any moment and to not be holistically happy, and live out one’s truth heart, spirit, soul in vocation, in relationship, spiritually is just sad, plain sad for a human being.   I hope that each of us can find a way if we are in that mindset and living this way out of it pronto and forever, constructively to a great and amazing life of true love, and so fulfillment, in every area of life, especially personal relationship.  For that there has to be admittance of truth to self and others, big time, even if not all truths at once, but it has to happen for there to be movement forward, with fears acknowledged, the whole nine yards, whether face to face, in an email, somehow.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

My Truths and Fears

The light shines within.
The light shines within.

As I look at my life I have to be honest and take a look at my own truths and fears.


1. I spent so much time trying to be what I thought I ought be, others wanted me to be, so I thought I wanted a big chunk of time going in circles

2.  I went against my own sacred boundaries in relationship and have only recently been able to really enter a place of self forgiveness really accepting that to error is human and forgive divine

3. I’ve used my childhood pain and even my mom’s fears for me as a shield to protect myself against life and making choices, decisions and living life fully

4.  I have had a lot of walls up, so I couldn’t be anyone’s partner in life, not before


1. I’ll never quite measure up intellectually, economically, career status wise, or in some way  in a situation or relationship

2. Therefore I will be hurt, rejected

3.  I wont ever be able to be a partner in a relationship and will let the other person down, they will be hurt because of me

Are these fears realistic, no, but they lurk in the shadows, and so as much as I might love someone, a part of me is afraid to be in a committed union or even take on commitment in a professional setting because what if I don’t have what it takes, don’t measure up, get it wrong, am not perfect, let everyone down, then what?  Problem is I have wasted a lot of time with this mindset and I have to get past it and I have to a good extent, except perhaps in the relationship area, there is still some of these fears lurking in respect to relationship.  I hope with the right person, Twin Flame, Soulmate, that will be totally overcome.  

Kudos Fellow Bloggers

The Future is Also the Present.
The Future is Also the Present.

I wanted to say kudos to all my followers and fellow bloggers.  Each of you bring a gift with your writing, a reflection. a mirror for us to look into, a piece of the world to share in and for that I thank you.

What’s Next For This Gal

Inspiration Peace and Love
Inspiration Peace and Love

Now that I have been officially made NY Director of the UCM, the first thing is getting the September Welcome NY event organized and that means coordinating bakeries and such to donate breads, cookies and goodies for the day, including maybe things like baby bell cheese products. Also there is organizing and coordinating the entertainment, including my performance and bringing in a band as well, coordinating it all. That is just for starters. For the Fall and Winter, I have a number of Interfaith ideas and for 2016 onward community service ideas for youth, vets, the elderly. One area I hope to work on is providing wellness and alternatives to traditional insurance. We need to think outside the box on so many fronts, work together not only for spiritual dialogue and respect, but well beyond that. There is also completion of my Masters, then on to my Doctorate. It’s a great time to be me on the professional front, but I also realize I have to do a lot of delegating, as I am one part of a whole.

What about the personal and relationship aspect of life? I have had to fully release with Agape Love, old cords, cords that caused mainly pain and as we Italians say “agita”, which brought out the worst in me, not the best, the most sensual etc.. in me, but the worst in me because of the pain of the situation and how closed of heart, spirit, soul the other person was. That’s okay, it was a long time, many years in coming. Now, I know what healthy cords and A Pure Love is, a good love is like, one that brings out the sweetest, most peaceful, beautiful, and sensual in me. Even if it has not fully blossomed and come to fruition yet this connection, and even if it doesn’t, it’s a beautiful reminder to me of what a positive connection, cord, etc… is, what it’s like when two people click and fit so perfectly and beautifully right from the get go, playful, natural, organic, sweet from the beginning. It will remind me what it is like when connection from the get go makes you feel so like a woman, even if you have not even been with that person yet in that capacity. It’s a new dawn for me as a person and a woman. I am grateful for this, very much so. It’s a beautiful gift.


  The arts, well, that I feel will develop more as my ministry with the UCM develops and as my connection with a particular person develops on the astral, spiritual and actual plane of life and existence, and as I grow as a person. Also with my deeper exploration of nature perhaps, who knows? What I do know is that what I do want is peace in all of it, whether it is the arts, ministry or personal relationships, peace and agape love, sweetness to be a big part of it.

The Arts Help Me Clarify

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As an artist and even a person of faith, not religion, but faith, philosophy and spirituality, the arts are an important part of my life and help me on my life journey whether in terms of what I write or songs I love and why I love them.  Both have significance in my life and reflect what I have lived and learned, come to understand about myself and life.  
In terms of songs I love and why, there are three songs I have a particular fondness for, The Rose, I Hope You Dance and Do It Anyway.  These songs are very astute commentaries on love and life because too often because of a childhood event, or an event even in adulthood, a not so healthy relationship choice we made., we cease to trust, we close off and we view emotions, passion, love all that as something to be avoided at all cost, so we either go for relationships that have no future or we avoid taking risk to make reality amazing relationships when we feel intense emtions for that person because we fear it.  We invent all kinds of excuses to ourselves, put up all kinds of walls and never embrace what could be an amazing union and I don’t mean sexual alone, or even sexual, but a connection that just clicks to easily, is so comfortable, flows to naturally from the get go, you just know you are a perfect fit.  Whatever the amazing of it is we might run from it, hide from it because of the past or even our mindset that says there isn’t equal something between us and them, whatever our heads say, completely denying our hearts and spirits, even our bodies, being so in the head we analyze.   We do the same with following our true vocation and dreams, which is sad.  I realize that in my own life I have followed this very same pattern, and only now am I putting an end to that constructively.  I won’t deny myself a connection, relationship, union with someone I truly feel, heart, body, spirit and soul I click, fit with perfectly can envision as my best friend, lover, spouse the whole enchilada due to past hurt, or what is expected of me by others.  I wont deny my truth path as artist and eccumenical minister either just because of what might be religously expected of me.  I have to be me, and that wont sit well with everyone, but not my  problem, theirs to deal with, theirs to process.  
In terms of the songs I write, they also reflect my journey and they reflect one of winding roads, curves and turning corners.  It also reflects one where a not so smart choice was made and held on to in the hearts department, but thankfully wisdom sooner or later comes, when it does Amen!  Now I can fully embrace a flame in my heart, body, spirit and soul that is while very sensual, also very peaceful, beautiful, playful, and natural, organic.   I even  wrote a song about it and just released it on my artist hub today “A Love So Pure”.  I know now very clearlythe person I wish to share the rest of my life with, I also want to be a friend as well as a lover, someone I feel really comfortable and connected to, while also feeling very much like a woman, and very sensual,  just thinking about them.  Does that mean that the person I had a connection with for a long time I hate or wont always love on some level, no.  However I am embracing this new beautiful connection, already have and hope soon they will as well as fully as I am ready to on all levels.  My songs reflect my journey from the past where love was wrenching and painful to now where the experience is sweet and sublime, a different kind of connection and love.  I wish my past connection well, all the best, as the Dolly Pardon song says joy happiness but above all love.  I wish them a love that is sweet, calm, beautiful, sensual and sublime, like I know I have been gifted with and am ready to embrace if the other person is.