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Inspiration Peace and Love
Inspiration Peace and Love

At the end of the day the one one in charge of the life we have is us. We have the power to create, to hold on and to let go of what needs to be let go of to embrace true happiness etc…, true vocation, true self. We can not lay blame on the doorstep of others if we have not created the life that is true to our heart, spirit and soul up to this point. However, we can at any time change that and create the life we truly do desire, reach for that true love we know is there, pursue those true dreams that we have not pursued up until now. We can align ourselves with those who would encourage that, and have our backs to do so. Only we hold the key to creating that happy, joyful, truly alive life that God would want to bless us with. If we are not living it, and are living anything but true love, true self, true vocation, true anything, we are the only ones responsible for that and we must change, and can change. There are those who will have our backs and make that journey with us, if we reach out to them.

Authenticity can be found in and through listening to the heart, which will then inform the spirit and soul, wisely, when it is connected to a divine cord and connection.  Then we can honor divine order, and authentic self most beautifully.

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