Why An Open Heart?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have seen artistic performances that the vocals were great, at church, other places, but something was missing and you see artists whose careers seem stuck at a particular plateau and they can’t go beyond that.   Why?

One of my favorite artists is Meatloaf.  There is one youtube video of one of his performances, live, of For Crying Out Loud, in NY and he says to them that he has done a live performance of this song in NY for a long time, and he was a bit nervous, but he thought “what the heck”  Even if he screwed up the audience, his fans would say that he gave it his best shot.  One of the reasons he has endured is he sings with every fiber of his being and his heart is open to the audience wide open.  The heart informs, science now realizes, your brain, so as an artist, if you don’t open your heart to the audience and if you can not open your heart to at least one person fully who believes in you, sees your great potential etc…all you will ever have is a voice, that’s it, and the gigs will be cafes etc… for the rest of your life.  You will never have the courage to sing your own songs, or produce your own stuff, none of it, because you have a closed heart, thus all is closed, ability to grow, thrive etc.. as a person, an artist in any area of your vocation, your life.  You have to be open of heart, find at least one person how truly believes in you has shown that, expressed that, and open your heart to them as a person, an artist etc..  If you have to leave certain things behind, okay, but being able to open your heart 100%, your trust everything 100% to someone is important, especially for the creative. It is a scary proposition to ask someone to give every fiber of your being to the audience, including your open heart, and to find at least one other person you can do that to on a day to day basis and they will do the same, give their open heart etc.. to you.  At some point in life, as an artist, you realize that the songs etc… have to come out of a totally open heart, and having one special person you can open your heart to and have that in return is a huge benefit, would be a huge benefit, will take you to the next level and the next etc.. as an artist.  You have to be willing to take that huge leap of faith, reach out to the one who believes in you, open your heart etc…to them totally and trust they will do the same in return.  Then as an artist you will truly fly, will be able to do anything you dream of, hope for, wish to achieve.  I hope this for myself and for all my fellow artists etc…

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

The Martyrdom Syndrome


Various schools of faith and philosophy teach that suffering, poverty, and even martyrdom, self sacrifice to the point of misery are all noble, wonderful, and what God wants from us, almost as if that proves to him we are truly his child.  Life does have ups and downs, curve balls, but the martyr, victim to suffer and sacrifice always and be in misery is noble mindset, well…, no.   There are also childhood experiences that can make one conditioned to think life only is about suffering, sacrifice etc…, even a lack of self esteem will bring a person to be in a position of victim and martyr mindset, unable to truly speak up for themselves, break free of situations that suffocate them, slowly take the life out of them. They may constantly blame destiny, or outside factors for decisions they made, view themselves as the hero, the sacrificial lamb of the family etc…, even when problems are solves, someone with a martyr complex etc.. will create or somehow find something to worry about, or a situation to put themselves in that keep them “martyred”.

 I meditate and pray daily, every day I breathe trough Fibromyalgia and all that it brings, yet see my glass as full.  I am an only child, my dad left us when I was young and I did put my life on hold.  She also put her entire life on hold, made me the focus of everything.  I have seen people just really have that martyrdom, victimization mindset and programming, really believing that suffering etc… were all noble, make for being a better person.  That makes no sense, and I don’t care how theologians etc… try to spin it, it does not.  There is a difference between understanding that life can throw curve balls and you have to figure out how to work with and through those situations, versus actually putting yourself in situations of pain etc.., or even staying in situations of utter misery, bitterness, slow internal death of the spirit, the soul because you think that you are obligated, if you do it makes you so noble.   It doesn’t make one noble, it makes one very unwise, and a lousy example for those around them.  I have to ask myself regularly a question.  What would God want, truly, holistically?  Responsible happiness and wise happiness, joy, prosperity etc… and yes he even wants us to be united with our true love, one that makes our heart etc… every day sing with joy.  How does one get to this point, and out of a negative pattern etc…?

Be honest with yourself about choices made etc… and be responsible for your feelings, actions all of it that you are.  Again there are external factors at times, such as natural disasters, curve balls, even the dying of a union long time in the making, this death of it, but you have a choice.  The choice is how you respond to what is going on, to the feelings, situation.  Value yourself enough to learn to trust yourself to make the hard choices, decision, to walk away when you have to walk away from people, situations.  Value yourself enough to make bold choices, decisions for your long term well being and happiness, finding a way to do so that is not cruel, but honors your needs, even if it causes discomfort, anger etc… in others in the short term, especially if everyone is currently miserable due to your martyr and victim mindset, unable to make choices, walk away etc…Boundaries are also important to set for yourself and others, again, some may be taken aback by your sudden end to being the doormat etc… tough for them, get used to it. Really examine where you get this notion that being a victim and martyr is a noble great thing to be rewarded for.  Then, snap out of it for goodness sake, it isn’t!!!  

Going from any kind of negative programming to positive programming and life changes is a journey and for some the journey is shorter, for others longer to get there, but if you can really take a look, hard look in the mirror, at your life, where your martyr, lack etc… beliefs come from, you can change that and your life.  You have to take a deep look, even if you don’t like what you see, to be able to change it.  When you do, you can set yourself and maybe even others free.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen







Holding On To The Lost?



This song is a familiar scenario and as I thought about it, I thought about shades of the apocalypse we sometimes feel in our lives whether it’s a relationship or even as regards life in general, playing roles that are not ours to play.  I thought about what I have seen in terms of dead relationships that people desperately try to hold on to, dead careers, vocations they are living that are not authentic to them, my own Fibromyalgia   crisis journey that led me to where I am, to my authentic self and this video is one that really resonates with me in that regard of holding on vs letting go when one ought to let go.  What does an apocalypse look like and getting up from out of the ashes?  

First thing you generally have is a revolution, a crisis, something that brings you to the break point and even maybe those around you.  For some it is a literal breakdown, .   The revolution will look different for different people, but it will turn your life inside out, upside down, make it clear life as is, relationships as they are can no longer continue.  It is not something easily accepted.  One may fight it, which I did when the Fibromyalgia hit hard and I could not teach any longer.  I would not accept initially that a whole chapter of my life was over and other plans had not worked out as I thought they ought to.  I was trying to be what I thought the definition of success was according to others, to society.  Even ministry that God had put in my heart, I though I had understood what it was, but again I was going by a very strict literal in a little box definition of things.  I have since learned to not be so literal.  That revolution and  having to adjust my life to the Fibromyalgia, was a turning point.  It was not an easy one and there was lots of anger, fear, lots of pain on many levels and many tears. The revolution is the first stage of the apocalypse.  

Then you may have a sense of paralysis.  Fear and anxiety may take over, all the what ifs come at ya.  Giving up any security blankets scares you, and all that jazz.  You are used to a certain way of life, people etc.. and suddenly it’s all going to change, has changed, has to change, for your own well being and maybe that of those around you.  You may get it on an intellectual level, but still can be hard to digest and fully move forward with, whether it is ending a relationship, whatever.

Once the paralysis is overcome, you have revelation of what your truth is, you start on that path of what your authentic self and truth is.  You may realize which relationships work, don’t work etc…, your true path and vocations, so much, which can initially be overwhelming.hopefully you have people who believe in you, encourage you, you move forward.  I was lucky that I had my friend Kim, and others around me who did, helped me get on my path to the arts, to my true calling as an artist and writer.  It has still been rocky, and there are still times of some anxiety, but as I get more and more outside the box, the truth of my path, of self gets clearer, that anxiety is less and less.  Taking action is crucial and doing so with confidence, prayerful meditation and confidence, letting go of what you have to let go of and embracing the new as you know you have to for your life to be one of joy and all things amazing.  

I am not saying this process is an easy one to go through, but whatever the apocalypse, now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but one has to be willing to let to of stuff, even if others around, even near and dear do not accept it in the beginning.  Life is a journey and there are going to be tough choices to make if we want to have a joyful fulfilled life, true to our heart of hearts etc…  With prayerful meditation, and if we have those who believe in us that we can take their hand, it will be fine, more than fine.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen



Thank You

Inspiration Peace and Love

I am blessed and I thank all those of you who follow my blog.  I also want to say kudos and thank you to my fellow bloggers.  

Those of us who blog love sharing what we share, making a difference in the lives of others, however slight.  I thank all those who take the time to share, empower, inspire, bring laughter, wisdom etc… to the world through this venue, through the blog.  Thank you for blogging and thank you for following.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Self First?

The Journey That is Life.

Is it selfish to put self first, to have the philosophy of care for self and nourish your dreams fearlessly first, then all else, to be sure you are in tip top shape, living in joyful bliss first, and above all?  Good question and I think one that as anyone who has intuitive instincts on 24/7, is inclined to the healing, coaching etc… vocations, is a parent, sons, daughters with parents who rely on us somehow, CEO who has people depending on them, even as leaders of a nation, it’s a question that warrants consideration.  

There’s the “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” school of thought that says if I take excellent care of myself, my hopes and dreams etc… be an example to all of you, if my nation is strong, sovereign in excellent financial shape etc.., if as an artist I am not just doing what I have to do earn a living, but really going outside the box to put my stuff out there and thrive, then I am contributing greatly to the world, to society, to those around me.  If I am in a state of wellness due to joy, a joyous life, a life fulfilled every which way, spiritually, emotionally, physically, vocationally etc… then I can be the best possible me there is for you.  I need to be okay, or even better than okay, to be rocking it baby.  There is something to that.  If we are trying to be everything to everyone all the time, to please everyone all the time, live up to expectations of others,  all the time etc.. and are not truly able to authentically evaluate who we are, what our truth is, what our true happy joyful deep in our heart of hearts path is, then we are of no good to anyone, much less ourselves, or society in general, we are just spinning wheels, just spinning our wheels.  That is not to say we don’t meet certain responsibilities as a parent etc.., we most certainly do, but we find a way to do all of that, and still create the life we wish to create for ourselves.  Often that is a process and I will talking about the process in the next blog, and it is like a rose with thorns, and a seeming apocalypse sometimes.  However, caring about one’s self enough to create a truly happy, joyous etc… life is a good thing, when done with wisdom and consideration of those around you.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen




Going Beyond, Next Level

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As artists, often one does the cafe scene and all that, restaurants and all that.  In a way those are the safe bets, but at some point, you have to go beyond the safe bet.  

At some point as an artist you have to really come into your own and get to the next level, whether it is as a performing artist, a writer, etc…, even in a relationship, you have to get to new levels, can’t keep things at the same level, you have to explore new healthy creative and emotional depths to grow as a person.  I could do the safe thing, poetry nights and all that, which I have done in the past, but that’s stage one of an artists career and I realize it’s time for more than that, every artist needs to realize when it is time for more than that, that next stage.  Same goes with relationships, with life changes in general.  I realize it’s easy to stay within the boundaries of the familiar, of what we know, of what is comfy, easy breezy, but that won’t bring us growth on any level, it won’t expand joy on any level.  If we can’t come out of our little box, that is truly sad for us as a person and as an artist.  If we only are going to be with the same people, the same crowd all the time, same places etc… all the time, never risk, never go beyond our little box, world, even doing different kinds of music, of writing etc…, something to go to the next level at any given point, then we will stay stagnant emotionally, spiritually, every which way.  

Maybe that is why I encourage, and push those I care about, see so much potential in to go outside their comfort zone, their small world and box, while still holding true to the core of who they are of course, hopefully knowing truly who they are, the root of self, honoring their culture etc…always.  I feel very strongly about growing, expanding, moving to new levels of awareness etc… that I hate to see anyone with potential not do all they can do to burst with it, to be exploding with that potential, shooting for the stars and living it to the hilt in life.  I may be a bit of a pain about it, but it is always out of caring and love.  I hope people understand that it comes from that place.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen




Cutting Ties -Courage?

Dark violet fractal flower pattern
The Future is Also the Present.

You have hopes, dreams, ideas, and you just know they are going to shine, you can feel it, but the people you are in business with etc..just wont be at all supportive, but you have been in been with them for so long, feels like you’re obligated, plus it’s a safety blanket of sorts..  You have been in a union for what seems a lifetime, but it’s dead, not life, it’s face of misery for everyone, but again you feel duty bound, and it’s a safety blankety  If you have this situation going on for a good period of time, you have to really take a good look in the mirror.  You have to decide, not in a narcissistic way, but in a genuine greater good for you and all, this question.  Do you love yourself and maybe even those around you enough and are you courageous enough to?  

“Huh?”, may be saying.  Do you love yourself and those around you enough to break free?  How is breaking free showing love you might wonder?  In life you have to love yourself enough to not accept misery, crushing of your hopes and dreams so on and so forth, to be able to, with dignity and agape love walk away for the greater good of self, which actually may be in the end for the greater good of all.  For us to be contributing the fullness of who we are, even be attracting that which we truly wish in our deepest most authentic heart and self, we have to love, value ourselves.  Sometimes that means we have to get a bit in someone’s face to make things clear, not in a nasty way, but be bold.  Sometimes it means we have to decide that this arrangement is not taking me ot my fullest potential and we have to firmly find a way to break with that situation, that contract, that clan, person, relationship.  It may not be easy because humans more often than not are creatures of habit and we are weary of letting go of our safety blankets, even when they are simply suffocating, stifling us etc…, really do need to be let go of, released, swiftly, decisively, again not in a mean or vindictive way, but released, let go of.  What helps in terms of being able to let go?  

If you have someone who truly believes in you, in your ideas, your gifts etc…, then get together that person, or those person, or those two people, even just that one person who has a great vision of your gifts, your talents, potential and believe in that vision for yourself also.   Team up with that person, those two people that really believe in you and let them be your push to move forward initially.  Sometimes, we have internal fears etc… that keep us from moving ahead, from taking the bull by the horns and cutting ties with things, even approaching those we might wish to approach whom we do know there could be an awesome team or trio etc… created that could bring us fulfillment on many levels.  We are fearful of cutting ties to the past, of moving into the future of confrontation with those we would be cutting ties to.  Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing when handled with assertiveness, strength and Agape love for self and others.  Sometimes we find it hard to find that strength on our own, so we need to reach out to others and their strength, belief in us can help move us out of situations that are stagnant, miserable and keeping us from seeing our full potential realized.  It’s okay to reach out, especially if there has been a reaching out already on the other end.  

There is always this assumption that confrontation etc.. has to be messy, dramatic all that jazz.  It really doesn’t, not when we have people, even one person, who staunchly believes in us, in our gifts, dreams, hopes etc.. They can be an anchor, a beacon and that can make all the difference.  Staying in misery, whatever the situation out of fear, a safety blanket is a must all the time mindset is not loving yourself or anyone else, and it deprives perhaps the world of some great talent etc.. that could have flourished if we had let go and released the former.  That truly is sad.  There are some questions you might want to ask yourself if you are too scared to reach out to that person, those who truly believe in you.

1.            In what areas do you not feel safe?
2.            In what areas do you feel there is not enough?
3.            In what areas do you feel like you have no control or choice?
4.            Where are you missing healthy boundaries?
5.            Do you trust that life supports you?
6.            Do you trust yourself to make supportive, healthy decisions?
7.            Are you able to easily make decisions?

Maybe you need to grab hold of someone who has that big life vision for you, your gifts etc… and work through these questions with them, have them be a sounding board, and your teammate in getting to a new level, one where there is no fear etc…

Namaste, Shalom and Amen