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What’s happening with things and this blog?  I love sharing, love creating my songs etc… and sharing them with others, so here is what I have decided to do.  I will still be registering my songs etc.. on ASCAP and other venues for copyright protection.  However, I won’t be selling them,  same with my coaching.  What am I going to do?

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Expectations Too High?

The Journey That is Life.

When it comes to connections, as an overall empath, intuitive and of the spirit, heart on the sleeve channeling poet, songwriter, lyricist when I connect to someone I can connect sudden and strong, very strong, hit like a ton of bricks strong.   That can be complex on both ends of the connection.    

When the connection happens, I jump right off the cliff, full faith that the parachute will open and all will be awesome right away, full embrace, no song and dance, just jump right in.  I jump right in extending friendship, sharing what I sense everything about everything, including the other person’s full potential, problems I am picking on, transitions in their life, all of it, full throttle, no holding back, heart on my sleeve, shoot from the hip.  I have no problem with it, nudging, encouraging the other person, really pushing them a bit to get out of the box, jump off the cliff, trust the parachute to open, take control of destiny, be bold, come on, as a friend, and extending pure Agape Love Friendship through and through, really wanting to be there from the moment that connection is made for that person through thick and thin, hope they will do the same for me.  However, I forget one thing, the other person is not me.  They may not be an empath, an intuitive, an extrovert, of the spirit, heart on the sleeve, shoot from the hip etc… and this may be very overwhelming for them.  My expectations, all these expectations early on may be too much, too soon, too overwhelming for the other person.  Also they may have stuff that if I sense they are trying to sort out in life and me trying to ram my way in was not what they needed, so rather than bring the connection to unity, I may have pushed it away.  It may not have been intentional, but in my heart on my sleeve etc.. from the potency of the connection on a psychic etc… level just didn’t realize.  I also in my really wanting to have them see all their dreams etc… come to fruition and be their biggest cheerleader may not have realized there were things they needed to get out of first, sort out in their own head, heart etc.. first.   As the poem in the Bible says, to everything there is a time and purpose under the heavens.  I have to trust that if this connection so strong, so powerful was made, with so much in common, including what seems to be worldview, then it will come to fruition in some form or others most solid.  If I did push to far, too fast, my error and I am sorry for that, truly and I do hope with the right timing etc… we will be a beautiful solid part of each other’s life encouraging, inspiring.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Deep Connect, Reluctance?

The Journey That is Life.


Can you care deeply, have deep connection, still be on some level reluctant about being with someone?  Yeah.  

You can care about someone, maybe even have connected to someone very deeply and it’s mutual, your heart, your psychic center as an empath etc… tells you strongly it is mutual.  There are signs it is and you feel there is great potential for the relationship, the union, you feel it in your gut, your deepest psychic center.  Yet either because of their not having responded to your reaching out, you feeling they are too closed of heart compared to your being an open book, heart on your sleeve, or whatever the reason, a part of you feels reluctant to fully embrace the possibility of a union, even if they were to suddenly show up and say they wanted one with you.  Maybe you have gone through the scenario in your head of what it would be like, what you would say or do etc…, imagining the different outcomes.  That can be lousy because one of the outcomes you can imagine is all that can go wrong outcome.  Then you get too scared etc.. and you talk yourself right out of it. Usually there is a reason why you feel that reluctance, so to just dismiss it, no shouldn’t dismiss it outright, but also shouldn’t allow it to keep you from moving forward with a connection, relationship if you truly are connected, feel a connection to a person.  What do you do?  

The thing is, you really can’t get past any reluctance until you talk to the person, until you are both face to face.  Once you are face to face, you see how you feel one one on one, face to face, discussing any issues, any reluctance etc…, only then can you see what possibilities the relationship and future hold.  Unless and until you actually sit down with the person and talk, it’s all just speculation in your head, now I am not talking about abuse situations, where there was a history of abuse or anything like that and the person wants to come back in, no.  Sometimes you have friendships, or other relationships that for different reasons never got off the ground or had a bit of a rocky road due to baggage you both were carrying, immaturity, circumstance at the time made it impossible for there to be a relationship, or one person reached out the other didn’t respond at the time to the reaching out in friendship for whatever reason, then they do.  Maybe you feel like “why should I now give you the time of day when you basically smacked down my outreach for friendship?”  Then again, they could have had circumstances you don’t know about going on, so maybe need to hear them out.  I have one or two connections that I have zero uncertainty about reconnecting with, whom I met once or twice in context of ministry, then there are others, I have two other connections that for different reasons, even in the context of creative collaboration, I have hesitancy and reluctance.  However, I realize it is not them, it’s me, I am the one with the doubts etc… and really it comes down to being willing to sit down one on one should either ever decide to be in my life in any capacity and listen, discuss, be open fully to them of heart and soul, as I am with my arts, with all of you here with my blog.  


Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Content of DNC Emails =EH


As the emails got leaked, with more coming about how the DNC felt about Latinos as “taco bowls”, Kaine seeing their constituency as ignorant and all that, and seeing the reaction of Democrats to any minority supporting Trump, Conservative values, Pro-life values anything like that I was not surprised.  Why you wonder?  History, the roots of the Democratic Party and the mindset of Progressives, which are a big part of the party, the Woodstock segment.  

Roots and mindset have a lot to do with things.  The Democrats, their roots are dark, tries to present itself as the party of champions of freedom etc.., includes the Clinton team.  Problem with all that, history says otherwise, and history is why they keep growing government more and more.  William J Clinton was one of 99 Democrat Senators to sign something called the Southern Manifesto, which opposed Brown vs. Board of Education to end segregation.  Al Gore’s father voted against the Civil Rights Act, while Goldwater fought for it. The Democrats and you can verify it were the party of slavery, Jim Crowe, all of that.  The GOP actually started as the Abolitionist Party and fought for the freedom of slaves, for their equality. The Democratic party always looked down on their constituents, some in the GOP also do, but on the whole, the DNC has this notion that We The People are too ignorant to do for ourselves, fend for ourselves, think for ourselves and darnet if you are a minority, you have to have the government take of you, think for you, and you can’t be a Conservative Pro-life, Pro Traditional anything, or determine that you are a free thinking, free spirit individual, and community who can solve his or her own problems with innovation and working with others, same with business.  For the Democratic Party, as we see in the emails, if they are not controlling every facet of your life, and some in the GOP, really should just mover over to the Democrat party because they are of that same mindset, and have no backbone to fight the DNC on these notions.  It truly did not, does not surprise me that the Party of enslavement and all that wants a nation of total ignorance, submission, no innovation, no free market, socialism, Marxism, total government dependency, total corporate welfare, too big to fail.  It does not surprise me one bit.  For the DNC to try and demonize the GOP when they were started by the KKK etc… is too laughable, disingenuous and phony baloney.

What does surprise me?  The stupidity of the American people, corporate sector, all segments of society not to see it so much sooner and stop it.  This is why I am supporting a non-politician, someone who didn’t need this friggin headache of running for office, but did it because his country needed someone to go in, who knows the system inside out, is a doer, a tough, defiant even SOB, with a big sledge hammer, including the Constitution and crush the system so it can be properly reconstructed again using the very constitution.  The GOP as it was must not be, nothing as it was must be because it is rigged, busted, broken, all of it.  There are too many unconstitutional agencies, too much red tape, too much and it has to end, and fast, no talking, doing!  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Three Birthday Wishes

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As my Birthday approaches, August 4th, I find myself asking if I could be granted three wishes, what would they be?  That is something we should think very carefully of if we had that change.  

However, in listening to my heart, one wish I guess immediately came to mind, didn’t have to think about it.  I would wish circumstances had been different in every way and a particular relationship would have worked out very differently for us both, that it would have worked.  The connection was there, no doubt the love also, even now the connection is still there, psychic bond is there, never faded, still strong, mutually I am sure.  Circumstances, our own personal baggage made it really rather difficult for that to be.  There is still a bit of frustration on my part about how caught up he is in  a world that is not his, and who he has thrown his, his own roots under the bus, a sore point for me, as is his far progressive leanings, but in spite of all that, the psychic connection, soul connection is still strong, hasn’t faded, never will.  I thought about what I would do if they should up on the road to free and clear wanting a second chance to get it right, right before my birthday what I would do.  I smiled and realized I’d accepted as a birthday gift, so long as they would be free and clear, so long as that would be the destination and it would be followed through on, no exception.  Any differences of philosophy, ehhh, no one agrees on all things all the time, what matters is the heart.  

As for the other wishes, well one would be to have the right partner to support me and make the journey with me as I work to build my path as an artist and life coach, to really be there with me inspiring, encouraging, helping me network, being there for me, and I would want to be there for them in any capacity they need me to as well.  The other wish is to have every resource for the full unleashing and to be living my full potential as an artist, as a transitional and transformational life coach, the quiet space, every resources.  I love my 92 year old mamma, but I basically out of a false sense of guilt I now realize did not create a life for myself to be her constant companion and self sabotaged myself career wise, didn’t really pursue my dreams for that very reason, feeling that as my dad had abandoned her, us, my being an only child her not really being fluent in English I had to stay by her side.  It was not wise.  She didn’t realize what I was doing, or if she did subconsciously, she encouraged it. I would wish for every resource to have my own space etc…, everything to really fly as an artist and in my vocation. As I said foremost, I would wish to turn back time and have circumstances everything be different necessary to be different so that relationship could thrive, succeed in every way, every sense.  

We shall see what versions of those three wishes I get for my birthday.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Partnerships, Ready For That

The Journey That is Life.

Partnering, Blending, Collaborating, Compliment and Synergy, two halves coming together to form the whole, whether it is for the arts, my path as a life coach/minister, advocate for Israel, even life long companion and sacred union.  

For the longest time I thought partnership meant losing me, having to way of living my dreams, my gifts etc…, and I had a lot of baggage from childhood, so I really couldn’t envision being anyone’s equal partner and all that in any way.  Now I want to do things in partnership, whether it is the arts, life coaching and ministry, advocating for Israel, and I want to have that special someone in my life to share all of it with, an equal, not someone I am going to be a substitute mother for, or teacher for, not that one doesn’t learn from everyone, but I mainly want someone who has learned a lot of their life lessons, isn’t a whiner, can really make things happen, we can make things happen together, be a real team.  I want to have partnerships in the arts in certain music genres that my music seems to move in, so I am going to be looking to move in that direction, same with the coaching, find partnerships to bring in clients later on when I am ready to start that path.  As for my soulmate, life companion,  I am certain there are at least one or two out there that fit the bill, though there might be some things to discuss etc.., but it’s okay, life is a journey of navigation, and one learns how to navigate.  No partnership is perfect, all sweet and sugar all the time, personal or otherwise, but when there is real caring, foundation of friendship, common goals you can get past it, and when you are good in your own skin etc…you can get though any disagreements and be fine.  

I really look forward to partnership and collaboration in life, solid ones, ones that will be based on solid friendship etc.. in all spheres of life, where everyone grows as a person throughout the journey.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Victim Is As Victim Believes One Is

Blame is a child’s mechanism, not an adults.

I want to thank all those who touched my life in some way first and foremost.  To those past, present, including those who I am now realizing may not have the courage to be part of my life, and I have to release the connection.  

Some of those who were in my life caused me joy, some pain, some a combination, including my dad, and someone I had very deep feeling for and was involved with for a long while because I just couldn’t bring myself to let go and kept going back to something that just ended up causing me pain, even if there were moments of joy.   Then there were the dreams long postponed, the finances I did not handle well for a long time, and the fibromyalgia that turned everything upside down and inside out, which actually turned out to be a huge blessing.  It is in part because of the fibro that I took the artist way.    As I look back and as I look at a world gone mad, a college generation run amok, I realize what is different in me and that is mindset.  I have a different mindset than I did in the past, than I did growing up.    It is not a mindset of “fate has dealt me this card and that card, what can I do?” or any of that crap.  It is not a mindset of being a victim of circumstance, of anything and it is not a mindset of  being willing to live in any box, certainly not one imposed by others, which would limit my talents from flourishing so on and so forth.  Others may not like it, may even rub some the wrong way, but I am not responsible for how others feel, choose to feel about my life decisions for fulfilling my dreams, my hopes, my true heart, not professionally, not even pursuing true love, one that is true pure agape and yes a touch of eros as well, why not.  Whether it is a student in a classroom, an employee, a manager, an artist, anyone, we are as much a victim as we choose to be at any given time.  Even within prison walls, one can be free, one can work to better one’s self and then give back to society when one leaves those walls.  If we believe we are doomed to be in debt forever, then we will be, rather than finding a way to settle that debt etc…  If we believe that the disease, or syndrome defines us, then it will and we will crawl up in a ball in a corner and never live.  If we believe we can not reach out to another, love another or be loved, then we won’t.  We choose whether someone walks away from a relationship before it even has a chance based by how we treat them, respond to them before it has even really started.  If we act cold, uncaring etc… to them, but with others we are all warm and fuzzy, then we basically are telling them leave, you I don’t care to have anything to do with.  When that person decides to do just that, we can’t than moan and groan that they have no interest in being part of our lives, act like victims.  We acted cold, uncaring, unresponsive, and we then get that back, what can we expect?   We are only victims in as far as we have made ourselves victims, not anyone else has made us victims,  and we as a society, as individuals must not live in a victim mentality.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Kudos Fellow Bloggers

Inspiration Peace and Love

I don’t get to comment etc.. on every blog, but I wanted to say Kudos, and congrats to all of you.  

Each one of you shares a part of you with each blog you write, each photo, thought you share, so thank you and Bless You.  To all my followers, thank you for following me on my journey in this amazing life.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Pride, False Pride and Macho Pride


The Bible says that Pride Cometh Before the Fall, but is there no room for any pride? No, not really, and one has to understand the different nuances of pride.  

Pride to the level of self dignity, confidence to put forward what you feel in your heart, and take care of your self on many levels, your space things of that nature is positive, that kind of pride is not a negative if it is not to the point of vanity.  As long as it does not move to the realm of narcissism and vanity, it’s fine, a good thing.  As long as it does not take your ambitions to where nothing else matters, no one else matters and you trip over yourself, like Senator Cruz and the Clinton clan have done, then okay.  Within measure and reasonable bounds, pride in the context of self dignity, confidence is fine.  

Then you have false pride, which I witness when the Democrats for example try to call the Republicans Nazi and all that, since they were started by the KKK and have a very dark history, while the Republicans are the Party of the Abolitionists and have a history of freedom, not trying to create a welfare dependent state, except in maybe recent history. The Democrats, Far Left demand that all minorities be liberal progressive and Democrats, which is not very democratic, yet they call Trump and his children Nazi.  False and stupid pride.  Groups can forget their true history, can think they are the beacon of whatever and make the other guy the devil, so prideful of their being the beacon of light in the world, when really they are not.  The programs of the left, one size fits all, burden of regulations, so much I could point out, and also control of the markets etc… by a few elite, as Trump rightly points out rigging the system, love him for pointing it all out, kudos, has destroyed the Capitalist Federalist Constitutional Representative Republic Vision, nearly of the Founders, of those who first came to these shores.  That is truly sad, even more sad is the false pride that politicians have, so many have in bolstering their programs, their achievement, political agendas and careers to keep the status quo rather than taking a sledge hammer to DC and smashing it all up, to reconstruct it with a strict Constitutional interpretation as originally intended by the Federalist Republic model.  

We also see this with relationships, as we do macho pride, and women also can display false pride, I know from experience.  We may want to reach out to someone in whatever capacity, professional, friendship, even romantic, even someone we already made a connection to somehow, or re-connect with someone, give it another shot, maybe this time our circumstances have changed.  However, because of pride we don’t reach out.  We may know that on our own in regards to professional growth we are not getting anywhere and connecting with a particular person would get us out of the box and we could achieve a lot, but pride, false pride, maybe macho pride, some guys still have that stupid macho pride, prevents it.  The only one we hurt is ourselves in the end of course, but the pride won’t let us see that.  Maybe because we acted in a way that was less than perfect the first time around, or we feel we were hurt, our pride says “don’t welcome them back so easy, make them sweat, make it hard on them if they come back”.  Though we want to have them back in our lives, though we sense they have grown etc…, our pride at the pain we went through first time around may not let us see that or be willing to even consider that.  We may lose out on a great relationship second time around because of it.  False pride, macho pride can play out in so many ways, these are just some, and I am sure there are more.  Not easy to know when we are acting in false pride, hopefully if you read this, you can be more aware, and I hope I myself am become more aware.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Book Smart, Not Enough.


There are those who have very impressive academic credentials, and might even be great orators, even great imparting knowledge in a classroom, or reciting very nook and cranny of our founding documents with great presence.  

However, when it comes to sense, common sense about all areas of life, relating to anything emotional, to people, their emotions, even their own, really connecting raw to emotions, understanding that and working with it, using it to bring about change from within, including a nation, to connect to others in any way that can really matter, lame, not happening.  Cruz is an example of this, Romney was an example of this, and there are other who I know, have known, read about, and it boggles my mind that they seem to have these pieces of paper that denote great wisdom, common sense, yet they have none of that.  They get the intellectual part of stuff, but when it comes to relating to anything outside the books, the academia, lost in space.  Thing is I may have the same goals in some ways for the nation or people as some progressives, even those on the right, but their approach, what they support on how to get there, and the thought process of some of these, or many of these academics considering what is going on in our schools and academia, is not common sense.  When these academics can’t see that we are on a destruction path, the world is, won’t take a multi-level approach to it that is comprehensive and includes tough love, and tukkus kicking because they think you can love radical ideology to eradication.  I hate to point it out, actually no I don’t, that kumbaya did not eradicate the Hitler regime, or any of the other dictators, it was a fed up population who got pissed and did something to bring about change, not loving the dictators to change.  When academics with all their Phd papers whatever decide that government is the solution to it all, praising or supporting the of forming groups like BLM, New Black Panthers, any of that crap, rather than getting at the real roots of why our society is a mess, they show that their Phd, all their Ivy Tower Academia does not amount to common sense, only to a nice piece of paper, and maybe a rose colored glasses view of the world, but not a very realistic one.  If you can’t see it 100% realistic, you can’t change it, shift it etc…, not in any meaningful, constructive way.  It does not matter how many books etc… you read, that doesn’t mean common sense, or being able to relate to others or others being able to relate to you.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen