Partnerships, Ready For That

Partnering, Blending, Collaborating, Compliment and Synergy, two halves coming together to form the whole, whether it is for the arts, my path as a life coach/minister, advocate for Israel, even life long companion and sacred union.   For the longest time I thought partnership meant losing me, having to way of living my dreams, my […]

Victim Is As Victim Believes One Is

I want to thank all those who touched my life in some way first and foremost.  To those past, present, including those who I am now realizing may not have the courage to be part of my life, and I have to release the connection.   Some of those who were in my life caused […]

Kudos Fellow Bloggers

I don’t get to comment etc.. on every blog, but I wanted to say Kudos, and congrats to all of you.   Each one of you shares a part of you with each blog you write, each photo, thought you share, so thank you and Bless You.  To all my followers, thank you for following […]

Pride, False Pride and Macho Pride

The Bible says that Pride Cometh Before the Fall, but is there no room for any pride? No, not really, and one has to understand the different nuances of pride.   Pride to the level of self dignity, confidence to put forward what you feel in your heart, and take care of your self on […]