The Enabler Bears A Darker Soul?

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Enablers of any addiction including sex be it the man or the woman bear perhaps a darker soul than the addict.  Enablers of addiction are not the only types of enablers, there are other types.  I am going to start with the enabling we are most familiar with, hear about most 

For whatever reason the enabler of a alcoholic, sex addict or any such addict will:

1. Ignore the addicts behavior, have difficulty expressing emotions

2. Be almost robotic in their life dealingsPput the addicts addiction ahead of everything, unless the addiction is being purposely ignores for personal ambitions as I believe Killary did

4. Avoid any situation of confrontation that would cause the addict to react in anger etc…

5. Lying to cover their behavior

6. Blame others for what is happening or any consequences

7. Resent the addict

That seems to fit the Killary, Slick Willy pattern, and from what those who worked and work security have to say she resents the heck out him, but yet she stays and I will not change my view that it is out of and always has been out of pure ambition that she stayed and never moved heaven and earth to get him into a rehab facility for the sex addiction.  This is my view, my opinion and I stand by it.

Safety and Safety Blanket Enablers:

Safety and safety blanket enablers can be those who never nudge, encourage, or push you outside of a particular world, or zone in your career, in terms of exploring your gifts, talents, always having you play it safe, stay with the familiar in your career in your life.  They measure everything by safety and security blankets, by duty and obligation and they ingrain that in others.  If you have parents that ingrain that in you and ingrain you to never go outside your comfort zone, play it safe, or you have people directing your career who do the same, well you may have a level of stability and a safety blanket, but are you truly living life, your dreams, your full potential, who you truly are meant to be as a person, as an artist, educator etc… Now, out of your box and comfort zone doesn’t mean reckless and no moral ethical boundaries, no.  On the other hand if you are never encouraged to move forward in any bold, courageous way, to not play it safe all the time, to wear your heart on your sleeve and truly feel, love, embrace love, and all that has the potential to encompass with the person who might very well be your truest soulmate, then are you truly living and alive?  If you don’t truly explore the spiritual and philosophical with your own heart, spirit and soul, but just embrace something because that’s what the family has always believed is that authentic and authentic to you?  One has to enable others to have wings to learn to fly outside of boxes, encourage that, love that they do when they do and if you can in any way be a part of that, join them in that journey, rejoice, it’s a beautiful gift you will have been given. 

Enabling can happen in so many ways on so many levels positive or negative and hopefully we give people wings to fly, to see their full potential and to live it and we do not cover up for their failings, when they are in need of help, we never let personal ambition come before that help.  In my next blog I will talk about how to stop being an enabler.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


My Path to Judaism

As I heard this I realized this describes my journey to the truth that Jesus would never recognize Christianity as his faith and religion were he to return.  It is not anything he created, and the journey God had in mind from the beginning of time was for all to be part of the Tree of Jesse, of Judaism, very heartfelt, not legalistic Judaism.  I am so blessed to have made this journey home.

Can’t Have It Both Ways

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Women want to be equal, treated equally to men, be considered in all things equal to men, so then what is the problem?  

Well there shouldn’t be, except when there is and when we fail to see that women are not men and men are not women.  God, the universal force of creation, call it as you will was biologically clear on that, including with childbearing, it’s the ladies being the ones giving birth to new life, the ones feeding from the breast all that.  The woman is both nurturer, yet one tough cookie.  However she is not a man, so there is this paradox that a woman lives in being a woman.  What do I mean about can’t have it both ways?  If woman say they want to be treated equally to men in work situations, in education, then that is exactly what they should expect, and not whine, moan and groan acting like some delicate flower that has to handled with kid gloves emotionally, verbally, but we had better all get a very thick skin and not expect to be treated any differently, given dumbed down testing or have tests or anything changed to facilitate it.  If we can hack it as is great, if we can’t find another line of work etc… I see it in politics where if the male politician or journalist gets really tough, and I mean bulldog rough and tumble grill your tukkus on your life, your record, your history etc.. same as he would a guy everyone freaks out including the female candidate.  If you can’t take the grilling, and the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.  Why should a female candidate be treated with kid gloves or any differently than a male candidate?  Why?  I would hope that if I were running for office my opposition if male would not take my gender into account and if I were running against another female I would not take gender into account, I would grill her tukkus and nail her to the wall as I felt was necessary and don’t expect PC as part of the deal.  If they got fiesty, bring it on lady, the fiestier about the issues , the better, so long as we stuck to absolute truth and fact, including in the case of someone like Killary that she enabled a sex addict to be a sex addict for her pure ambitions and she has no right to say she is a champion of women based on her marriage and her record.  Women can’t say they want to be treated equally, are strong etc.. then want safe spaces for speech all this crap.  It doesn’t jive.  Doesn’t mean men can treat women in any way with violence or should degrade them, but at the same time if you are in the political arena or if you are in a high ranking position, and female don’t expect kid gloves and don’t act like you are to be treated like some delicate flower.  

Feminism went far out of what it was meant to be and society in general has warped everything to where everything is upside down, down side up, inside out.  Feminism is not about giving up your femininity, your nurturing, motherhood any of that, despising it, just the opposite.  It is about celebrating all of that, but also recognizing that we are strong because of that and asking society to give us the opportunity to realize the potential of our gifts, talents.  That does not mean we are men or equal to men by nature in every sense,  in upper body strength for example. Again if we are going to say that we are equal in all things to men, that we want to be one of the guys, then we had better not expect any special treatment, adjustment etc.. or to be treated like a delicate flower, and we had better not whine moan and groan when we get treated like one of the guys, grilled like a barbecue on the fourth of July on the debate stage, or in the conference room.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Why I Am Not Afraid of My Heart


I was wondering recently what it is that I don’t fear speaking from the heart, call it as I see it, reach out, say what I feel pretty much. What is it that makes me so okay with that, with take it leave it, take me or leave me as is good, feisty, tough N.Y.C. etc..fibro junk and all? It dawned on me, faith.  

Faith and being comfortable in my own skin.  That means that I can speak what is in my heart to pretty much anyone, speak my mind to pretty much anyone PC or not, who cares. I can stand by what I stand by and not stand by what I don’t stand by.  I don’t have to fear what others think because I am comfortable in my own skin.  That is not to say that one doesn’t know how to act appropriately in any given situation, one does , but I don’t create my music or do anything I do based on what anyone thinks I ought to be doing.  My faith journey is my own, doesn’t have to be the same path my family has followed for generations.  I respect their faith and my heritage, but that path of spirituality  and theology does not fit my path.  I have come to a certain understanding of Yeshua and Messiah that more accords with the Jewish faith, so I honor that and if anyone is not okay with that, their problem, not mine, that includes family as much as I love them.  Luckily my mom is not fanatic so her view is “do what you think is the right thing and frankly their theology makes more sense, but at 92, don’t expect me to change paths.”  That’s cool.  

It has been a long and somewhat painful journey to get here, but I am here.  I can share my heart, spirit, etc.. comfy in my own skin.  I wish certain others could do to as well, fully reach out to me, share what is in their heart, spirit and soul.  I wish they felt comfortable totally in their own skin to just take that huge leap of faith and jump right in, reach out etc…start a journey that I think would be amazing.  They have begin making shifts to their life, which I am happy they are doing, and I am so proud to have a connection to them.  What I love most is that the connection was one of immediate magnetic pull of magnetism connection, and inspiration.  I see it as a beautiful and sacred gift given to my life.  I am at point where I can reach out, share myself, who I am, what I feel all of that, even in poetry and song.  I hope everyone can get to this point in life in their own way, and hope that certain people I have a connection to can get there soon.  It is a wonderful thing to be comfy in your own skin and be able to reach out to those you have a connection to in a special way, however that reaching out is done.

Namaste Shalom and Amen

Jewish People Must Become Evangelists

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

The more I learn about Judaism, the Pentateuch requirements etc.. of Messiah, the more I study Kabbalah and the more I see Israel under attack and anti-semitism on the rise, the more I feel the need for Judaism, Moderate Conservative Judaism, and Practical Zionism backed by History to be brought out to the masses and evangelization to become part of the Jewish faith.  

When I say evangelization I mean just that, evangelization, not in a yelling screaming in your face kind of way, or knocking on doors because that is just rude frankly.  However, the Jewish community, Conservative Jewish community, moderate conservatives and those of true Kabbalah, not the mystic hodge podge of different religions incorporated Kabbaalah, but those of true Kabbalah, should come together with those of the moderate conservative jewish community and work to share the faith and with the JCRC bring an understanding of Judaism and the truth of Messiah to the world.   Why is this imperative one might ask?  Well it is imperative to the existence of Israel for one as a distinct land of the Jewish people and for the Jewish people and their existence as the children of Abraham, for the gentiles grafted into the tree and all to be under the faith of One God, and One only.   It is also important because we should live according to truth and the Jewish understanding and true kabbalah understanding of the Messaiah, of sin etc… is as I see it truth, makes a heck of a lot more sense than other faith traditions.  It is imperative that the Jewish people share the truth of Judaism and Messiah according to the Pentateuch, not what was then twisted around to fit a narrative because people wanted a savior according to their standards.  Also, for the survival of the Jewish people and Israel itself it is as I see it necessary to share the truth of Judaism and that Yeshua was simply seeking to bring everyone into the Jewish faith, and reform the faith to be less about legalism and more about the heart, that personal relationship with God and each other.  That is not to say that he or God condone abbhorant or deviant behavior, lawlessness any of that, no.  Yeshua also understood that if Judaism gets so bogged down in ritual and law that they forget the human factor then it is no longer about faith, spirituality, nurturing, growing etc.. and that was what he came to save, and he came to save his faith, the faith of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac from that yoke of legalism, devoid of feeling, of heart, of a personal relationship with the spiritual realm.  His intention was as it was from the beginning I truly believe to graft the gentile into the Jewish faith.

I would like to see Jewish media on the Internet promoted more aggressively, openly, and I would like to see Jewish teaching on Messiah and true Kabbalah regularly on TV, on the radio   The faith needs to be shared, the beauty and truth of it should and has to be shared, and I hope in some way as I grow in my journey as a newly embraced member of the Jewish community I can do my part in this endeavor.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Kabbalah Behind the Fiction to Truth


Kabbalah has been like many things over time exploited and twisted into a pretzel that is nothing like the original or the true Kabbalah in its’ original form, and I have realized that about many things including Messiah, and how that was also misunderstood by well meaning Jews in the time of Jesus.  I have discussed my view of the type of Messiah Jesus is as I see it, one from legalism.  

Kabbalah is helping me understand that even in terms of relationship, though I may very well not agree with a particular view of someone I care about and who cares about me, but I should be willing to try and understand where that comes from, especially if they try to do the same for me.  If we can come to understand where they are coming from in terms of that perspective, then we might be able to come to a point where we can say “I love you, care about you, and I understand where you are coming from, wow we have the same over all goal for life, humanity etc..just see a different road of getting there and I can respect that.”  I am realizing with the study of Kabbalah that it is all about perspective, spiritual perspective, vibrations etc.. I am learning to look at the Pentateuch as a book of symbol and metaphor, allegory of  levels of consciousness, as well as seeds of history and sociology combined.  It is truly transformative.

We Don’t Have Education

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Education has gone to the graveyard and it went to the graveyard the minute the government took over, the minute the initials NFP came in to existence. The minute that happened, all semblance of life skills and education took a nose dive.  Why?

 First let me put forth what I see as education being.  Education is supposed to teach you certain life skills and practical education matters such as:  Public Speaking , Writing and Reading, Self Management, Networking and not just with those you like or agree with,  Mathematical Concepts, Science Concepts, Decision Making/Critical Thinking-like don’t stay out drinking till five if you have to get up at seven to go to work and have a major presentation that day, Relax all work and no play, bad for you BP, Basic Money Management, Context through Actual Factual NOT ReWritten History and Precedent, How to Fail and not whine like a big baby. Constitution-Bill of Rights-Federalism-Republic, Importance of Capitalism in a Free Society.  It is is to be a place where ideas are to be debated within the context these subjects, both conservative and more liberal, to allow for critical thinking of both sides of all issues without intimidation or safe spaces on either side.  It is meant to be a place to make men out of boys through very vigorous debate, study etc…  It is meant to also make women have a healthy balance between and appreciate both their femininity and also their intellect.  This is what I see as what education is at least for America a nation that came out of the yearning for Religious and Economic Freedom, for Capitalism, for Limited Government, for the Freedom to have inalienable rights given by God, not government not man of which government is only a steward of, not creator of, therefor has certain handcuffs on it, that can not must not ever be removed.  The founders know that if those handcuffs were ever removed and if there was not clear separation of the branches of government and if judges became activists, started legislating or bureaucratic agencies did so it would be doomsday and we see now it is just that for our nation.  If this is what education is, what is it not ever to be:

It is not ever to be a government cocoon of protection against any one ideology over another liberal over conservative, or vice versa.  It is not meant to be an indoctrination of any one particular view at the silencing by intimidation of another, or mocking of another.  It is not meant to be a place where social issues such as gay marriage, the LGBT lifestyle is shoved down children’s throats and parents are no longer parents because now the criteria and judgement for what is appropriate for one’s child to know and understand at what age is not longer in the hands of the parents but a bunch of nameless faceless bureaucrats who have the friggin gall to think, they know what anyone ought to be taught and at tax payer expense when public education and universities are subsidised by tax payer money.   It is not meant to be a place where a nation like Israel, the only democratic nation in the middle east is demonized and Jewish students harassed regularly to where to where they are afraid, and same for very devout Christian students on some campuses.  It is not meant to be a place for political recruitment only for the vigorous discussion of varying political ideas, that is all, where professors are neutral on all subjects at all times, and simply facilitate, nothing more and nothing less, sometimes asking provocative questions, only as a means to stimulate discussion, nothing more, nothing less.  For this reason and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be truly honored I pray for an end to all public education and only private free market education to exist.  Howe would we fund it?  

Not rocket science.  Overhaul every single government program to phase out all social services, put all of that in the hands of the churches, community groups, eliminate the NFP status treat church like a small business, put al tax rates low, use money ceased from all crime activity for road and infrastructure projects, something to this effect, have sliding scale for medical care, think outside the box, use online learning a lot and it can be done all at low cost.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Fear To Step Forward


There are times when we know we have a deep connection to someone, it’s mutual knowledge at every level, yet we have this notion that everything has to be perfect and our lives to be perfectly sorted out for us to move forward.  I am realizing, no such thing, a myth.  

Life, timing situations will never be perfect or ideal for anything, only what is in our heart, spirit and soul in full alignment will be, and if we can overcome fears of failure, or not being good enough whatever it is holding back and approach the person with all the sincerity of our heart, spirt and soul, speak from the heart about what is going on then the rest will flow very naturally where it is meant to.  It really annoys the hell out me when either myself or anyone allows fear or this notion of things not being in perfect order, or every t and every i not being crossed and dotted as an excuse for not moving forward.  I have made a vow to myself that I will not let fear or things not being perfect ever keep me from moving forward with life, the arts, relationships, though a very different worldview would be a big problem for the long term of a relationship.  When I see someone in my own sphere holding back, not fully engaging because of fear, of all the t’s not being crossed, the i’s not being dotted, in their own situation and things not in perfect order on their end, frankly it’s a bit annoying.  If one waits for perfect this and that, nothing will happen, nothing will get accomplished and nothing will every flourish or move forward.  I have also decided that I refuse to allow myself to stay annoyed when people are stuck in this mindset of “things have to be perfect for me to approach this person, include them in my life, even as friend or in whatever capacity”.  I have decided that I can still care, still allow myself to be open to that psychic connection, be inspired by it etc.. and move forward to form other connections and if others decide to bring me into their lives fully without this notion of perfect timing circumstances etc… then it is going to be their loss.  I intend to keep being open of heart, spirit and soul, in friendship true.  As I said, it is up to others if they choose to engage as well in full or not, and if they do not and others do then at some point all efforts on part in reaching out to them will be fully abandoned and it will be their loss not mine, as I have always reached out in sincerity and friendship true, with encouragement and faith in their fullest potential.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Lawlessness Is Not Protest or Justice


When or If BLM or anyone tries to equate these thugs and their movement to Civil Rights or even the LGBT segment of society forcing churches and businesses to violate their religious conscious to cowtow to their lifestyle, they are in grave error and when BLM or anyone engages in acts of violence, loots businesses and beats up bystanders, they must be declared a terror group and group non grata, immediately sanctioned and disbanded.

When MLK and those who wanted voting rights and an end to segregation etc..decided to bring about change they sought integration, unity, and through peaceful means, never through violence, even when they faced violence. They never sought to become wanted to become criminals and thugs, never would have dreamed of going that route, causing harm and destruction, no matter what was done to them. They were people of integrity, of faith etc.. and they knew that the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and being American, in America was a privilege and that any attempt at change had to be done within the boundaries of that Constitution and The Bill of Rights, also the law, always. That is why MLK parted ways with those who wanted to use violence and violate the law, become no better than criminals and thugs, become the likes of let’s say an Alinsky or a Bill Ayers. Kudos that they did understand the great honor and privilege of being born in the USA of the Constitution etc..

If I were leading a state or even this nation I would make it clear that if your group or you as an individual engaged in acts of rioting and such you would be considered a domestic terrorist and be placed on such a list immediately arrested, there would be long term consequences. No way would I tolerate disrespect to law enforcement, destruction and looting of property, none of that. If you choose to be a thug, a reckless criminal, then you will face consequences and if you choose to create havoc on a city wide level you or your group then you will be considered a domestic terrorist and there will be stiff consequences. If try and block traffic and commerce, immediate arrest, that will not be tolerated either. If you want to protest, fine, inundate the office of your political leaders etc… with faxes, emails, letters and if you are going to protest do so quietly, peacefully, orderly. Understood. Bill of Rights is not a license to criminality, and that also has to be understood.

Either we are a law and order Republic or we are not. Either we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights with Freedom of Conscience that includes business, at home, at the pulpit, never calling for violence, addressing the behavior only as out of natural order, or we don’t.


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