Healing The Aura


When I think of the full armor of God that one reads of in the Pentateuch,  I think of a few things.  I think of prayer, meditation, time with God, talking to him, being open with him about how I feel, all of it and then praying again.  I also think about the fact that we are energy and we have an energy body as much as a physical body and we have an energy field an aura body around us, which gets hit with all kinds of stuff and that periodically has to be cleansed and cleared through prayer, and the right frequencies. vibrations for that purpose.  We get hit with negative thoughts, including our own, pollutants, all kinds of crap, so daily cleansing is not a bad idea, which why I meditate/pray, and listen to these videos.  I will continue to share them and I will be also selling meditations on my bandcamp site, which I hope you will consider purchasing to also help you in your daily journey through life.  I am waiting for some images to be photoshopped so I can share my holiday music with you.  One thing that I love about Town and Village Synagogue and my rabbi is his interfaith work and outreach and their ability to appreciate other faith traditions, their music.  Though I am on the road of study in Judaism, I can still share some Christmas Favorites.  

Please regularly check my bandcamp website, as I said I hope to have holiday music up in about two weeks:

Shalom and Amen 

Feeling Like A Clown?

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

I talked previously about people not being supportive.  It can go even beyond that.  

When you have started to reach for that star, for that amazing dream, and if it is something that others feel might leave them out in any way, they may actually start to treat you like you are a villian, a “bad guy”, make you feel like you are a fool, a clown for feeling so intoxicated with happiness, joy etc… for finally in your life being emotional, if you used to be someone very stoic who never showed his or her emotions openly.  Again realize this may have nothing to do with you per se, but with the fact that they may simply be feeling that as things in your life change, so might things between you and them.  For example, if you are in a particular career path together and you suddenly change that path, they may feel that you wont have common ground anymore, then what?  If you have been married a long time have common friendships that you come to create through that marriage, once you are not married they may feel, they will lose you because if their spouses choose sides and it isn’t you, they may feel they betray their spouse by hanging with you.  Because dynamics have changed for you, and it may also change for them, they may, as a reaction and in lashing out to these changes, try to make you feel like a fool.  

It may not even be them, it could even be you yourself.  That’s right.  When we make changes and transitions at certain stages of life, fall in love at certain points in life, and start to feel all emotional, giddy etc.., pursue our dreams, love etc.. with gusto and passion etc.., boldness at a certain later time in life, we may then be taken aback at out own passion etc…, feelings and then think we are being fools, clowns at this age, this point, which is silly of course, but we may feel that way.  If others give us looks like we are nuts for suddenly changing paths in any area of life, or ending relationships of long standing, taking a new spiritual path, any of that at a certain later point in life, it may reinforce those feelings we suddenly have about what we are feeling at a later stage in our lives.  How do we not feel like a fool or a clown?  Good question.  I thought so.  What’s the answer.  

Each of us is different and there is not one clear cut answer, but I would say one way is to just jump right in.  If it’s a vocation, pursuing a vocational dream, going out of the box, just do it.  If it’s a new relationship, just friggin talk to the person, and if you then get the gut feeling the best relationship to pursue is simply friendship or a professional one, okay at least then you know and you can go from there.  Never feel you are a fool for having the guts to follow your truest heart if your intention is true and honorable , and whatever resolution you are seeking to bring it forward is done with the intent of causing as little pain as possible to all and the decision was made prayerfully.  

Shalom and Amen

Impacting Focus

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


Focus is a good thing, too boxed in and narrow, not necessarily, but to an extent focused is good, necessary.  I realized that I want to make an impact in life on society, a positive one, one that will bring back the Republic for Which We Stand etc…, the Capitalist Federalist Democratic Entrepreneurial Spirit Bit of a Cowboy Republic, within a faith structure that resonates with me.  How do I do that?  

I realized the arts and seminars, using the Internet as a platform is the perfect way, with periodic live events to bring it all to life is the way to do it.  For example when I do an album in Winter I do a theme and then I can do a seminar tied in to the theme of the songs I  have put out. I can do that three times a year or twice a year.  I can create synergy between songs, photography and the seminar format.  Pictures can tell a lot, can express a lot to us, help us express a lot to the world about different things.  As I work out my strategy for the remainder of 2016 and for 2017 in my head before putting it to paper, I want to find a way to connect the dots, to thread it all together somehow.  Even in life often there are threads that tie things together if we look, if we pay attention.  Something we have decided now, may have actually been set in motion by something that was sparked long ago, a thread was unraveled by something that come into our lives or left our lives long ago.  My goal is to connect dots, interweave my artistic side to empowering, coaching, inspiring and also of course entertaining in the process, while at the same time earning my daily bread this way.  Am I giving myself a tall order? Yes.  However, if I don’t give myself tall orders periodically and seek to go beyond the limits of the current box, I can’t grow, and that is not good for my heart , my spirit, or my soul.  One theme I do want to put forth is Faith and Freedom in my songs and I am trying to discern whether to put them forward before election day or next year fourth of July, but perhaps we need them now more than ever.  I may put that next batch up this week and next.    I do realize now that some kind of focus and diligence in life is necessary if one is going to ever move truly forward, grow up and succeed in this life.  I will focus on the arts and connecting the dots.  

Shalom and Amen


Always Makes Me Reflect

Ricordati Di Me

This song always makes me think of a lesson that I learned about relationship, real relationship, the kind that will last a lifetime, the elements that it requires, at least for me anyway.   No one is going to dispute the obvious, that a healthy attraction and active sex life for a couple is crucial and one that is not just about sex.  What does that mean?  

I have realized that for a relationship to really last, there has to be more than the physical act itself, than that lust animal desire.  There has to be a playfulness to the relationship, playful banter, and the ability to also debate and discuss in a healthy way.  There has to be the ability to share the exploration of faith, of culture/s, of intellectual pursuits together, philanthropy and creativity together.  That creativity can take different forms together artistic and non artistic, but there needs to be a level of creative interchange and exploration, inspiration that feeds the union and helps it grow.  There needs to be the ability to accept the other as is, to embrace the other as is and where they are at, not seeking to change the fundamentals of what makes them the person they are and that you were drawn to, provided it is not a dysfunctional relationship and what drew you was not dysfunctional in nature.   There needs to be really good communication verbal, non verbal, tenderness in that physical union.  There has to be room for understanding that we are not perfect, and as much as we do our best to be kind and loving etc.. to each other, we may mess up at times, not in pattern, but at times, throughout our long journey together.  However, that does not mean we are not true to our own journey and who we are, including our faith journey and work to be in compliment and synergy with each other if necessary.  Presence, awareness, real presence in the moment with each other, sharing in each other’s dreams hopes etc.., having many shared hopes, dreams, plans activities, mutual encouragement, as well as individual activities, down time, all of that matters.  For me as one who loves to write, create, would love to spend lots of time working on the keyboard and writing music, being outside and having my computer with a downloaded keyboard and be inspired, going somewhere quiet and where I can record and be inspired by what I see, even if if just semi quiet and do a live recording, some of that each day would be important.   

When I hear this song and I think back to a key relationship in my life, life changing, I realize that it was not built on friendship or shared plans for the future, on anything necessary for a relationship to work, to be a relationship.  There were some tender moment, and some very intense moments, but there was nothing shared, not real memories created, or real tenderness as there should have been, except glimpses of it.  There is also another element, which is that we could not accept each other for who we were, but then again we never really did get to know each other really.  I still am not sure I could accept even today his far left worldview, which is so opposite mine I think.  I am grateful that it did inspire lots of writing and helped me to understand what a relationship is supposed to be and what it is not supposed to be. For that I am very thankful.  

Shalom and Amen

What’s Cooking?



What’s Cooking for the rest of the year?  Good question.  Here is what I am working on:  

  • Mainstreaming all my arts to bandcamp, even getting rid of any youtube channel
  • Uploading my first  group of theme tracks about love and the wings it gives, as well as  adding a meditation about opening up to the journey of being guided.
  • Uploading my holiday album, which will include my holiday poems and also two of my holiday favorites
  • Beginning the initial steps for full entry into the Jewish faith and Community, and life
  • Planning for 2017

I really hope you will support the work and the arts.  I don’t do fancy recording, don’t go into a studio.  I record it at home, raw, from the heart, and I hope that it is still something that can be appreciated and that people will want to buy and enjoy, raw and perhaps even not so perfect, which is just fine.

Why Aren’t People Supportive?


Why aren’t people supportive, don’t they want you to be happy?  Don’t they want you to follow your dreams, your heart etc.., find true love, grab it when you find it and not let it go?  

Yes and No.  Friend, family, your boss, they all have become accustomed to things a certain way, and they may even have a certain belief system that says things must always stay a certain way, even if that means everyone is miserable, which is literally not healthy.  That makes zero sense, is without logic, but humans are not always logical, nor do we make sense.  They have a vested interest in things staying as they are.  On the one hand they do want to see you happy, but on the other hand, they are used to things as they are etc…When you suddenly start taking control of your life, make changes to be happy, to reach for the stars, sun and moon etc… and that is going to disrupt the status quo, life as everyone has known it, you may find some of your support slipping away, and people even trying to convince you not to change things.  when things do change, some people you thought were those who cared can do things that might even seem spiteful, cruel, unfeeling.  It’s because they are hurt, confused, panicking even due to things changing, no longer being as they were, and some can’t adjust to the new landscape well.  If there is a situation of relationship change people may feel they have to take sides and that can create a sticky situation and sometimes surprises.  Changes are wonderful and when they bring us closer to our bliss, our joy for the long term, to our truest love and soulmate, our truest vocation all of that, it’s awesome, but it also creates anxiety for others, which is to be expected and reactions will vary from supportive to confused, even angry, hostile for any number of reasons.  We mustn’t be intimidated by the reactions of those around us to the changes we make to our lives, so long as they are done with careful thought and truth to self and our long term wellness, happiness etc…and for the greater long term good overall.  Those who are meant to stick with us will understand and those who are not meant to will fade away from our lives.  We must not resent them for doing so.  We must not let others interfere in the new life chosen because as well meaning as they might be, we must listen to our heart, spirit and deepest intuition, which we must cultivate, and prayerful instruction from the highest heavenliness, not necessarily religion per se, though it can have some valuable insights into things overall, but it can also keep people tied in misery to situations, not very wise.  Should people be supportive? Yes.  Will they automatically be? No.  Should we hold it against them indefinitely? No.  

Shalom and Amen

Walls, Detachment, Fear

mourning us

Death can come in many forms, this is the one we know of that is a permanent one in terms of the physical.  Is that the only death? Sadly, or perhaps not so sadly, No.  

Life is a series of cycles of embracing and letting go, of life and death.  That is not to say that when a familiar situation of many years, or a love, a relationship dies there isn’t pain, or when a dream we had we find is not longer our dream and we find ourselves having a new set of dreams, that there is not anxiety, in a way a death.  One will perhaps go through all the stages that one would go through as if there had been a physical death, go through a guilt trip, a series of what if questions, of could’ve, should’ve, and maybe even thinking how is it possible at this point in life to be starting all over again.  It’s not unusual to be sad when you hear certain songs or read certain poems etc.., to be fed up with things not being changed fast enough, any range of emotions.  Change, letting go, the ending of a whole chapter of one’s life, such as in a divorce or a career change mid life can be devastating, but also an opportunity, especially if you have opportunities staring you in the face to do new things, life life and fulfill dreams in ways you never did before.  I tend to be very esoteric, so I do a lot of meditating and stuff like that, work out a lot of my stuff through dreams, even get a lot of info through dreams, forshadowing.  Through my dreams I have reconciled the past, with the past cried it out, screamed it out etc…, main thing is, gotten the hell past it to live life and not be a paralyzed prisoner of the past.  

Life maybe dealt you some ikky cards, or you dealt yourself some out of bad judgement, being to shy to stick up for yourself, to pursue your inner truth etc.. whatever the case.  Well get the hell over it and start living, walls around you, your life, heart especially won’t do you or anyone any good, especially you.  Protecting yourself is an illusion because you are not protecting yourself you are hiding if you think that putting up walls and not feeling is protecting yourself, it’s not.  If you have to, find a time, each day for maybe a week or two or three or four, when you will be utterly alone, won’t disturb anyone, put on music that will totally pierce the walls, break them down, make you feel all the pain etc.. and don’t fight it, and for even 15 minutes, cry your eyes out, yell, scream, curse out everyone and anyone.  Remember in the bible the guy with the donkey trying to get the donkey out of the ditch, cursing, maybe even God, pissed off, but he wasn’t just sitting there praying all fake and detached like other guy.  Has letting God and everyone know ” I am pissed off dammit!!”  The only one who can keep your life a misery, a dead inside etc.. misery, sad, fed up, a prisoner etc.. is you.  Get it all out, harming no one, including you.  Them dammit, take concrete steps to figure out what resources and opportunities, including good people who care and want to help are there for you to grab on to and make the journey to change your life.  Do it!!  Don’t spend your whole time stuck in what was, what might have been, could have been yadda yadda yadda, mamma mia, get a friggin clue and let’s not be perpetually fed up in life, okay!  

Shalom and Amen

Celebrating My Italian Heritage

Francesca Cavaliere and Teo Ricciardella, They Make Us Proud to be Italian, Italian-American.  As there are several videos, here is the drop box link


I am very proud of my heritage and it is also wonder to have such a beautiful, sacred, cherished and wonderful connection to an artist as I do to one of the artists here.  He inspires me just by hearing his voice, seeing his image on the screen, on his FB page. It is inspiring me to think very seriously about what I want to do with my life, art artistic gifts a lot of things.  I am very grateful for that and for having connected.

Shalom and Amen


Getting Out Of “Fed Up”


When we feel fed up with our current state and life there are stages to getting out of it I am realizing and they are not always easy because realize it or not humans are creatures of habit and not necessarily good habit.  

How do you start with getting out of “Fed Up”?  You first figure out what the heck it is that has you fed up and how you might actually be getting in your own way, be your own obstacle by clinging to stuff, people situations you ought to not be clinging to because they represent a security blanket and what you know, all you know, have always known.  Just because something is all you know does not mean it is where you are supposed to be forever.  It is up to each of us to make the journey and know when fed up means time to make changes, maybe major changes in our lives, our relationships, spiritual path, behaviors, viewpoint.  It might be painful at first, even or us, but if we want to get out of fed up, we have to find a way to make changes.  First understanding what is keeping us fed up and how we contribute to it ourselves is crucial.  Then we can get out of it.  How do we get out of it?  If someone offers us a life raft, a rope to climb out of the “fed up” waters we are drowning in or ditch we are in, we wise up and take it, we run with in swim with it, fly with it and as powerfully and as focused a manner as we can with as little damage in our path as possible, including to ourselves.  We don’t just stare at the lifeboat etc.. offered, the opportunity offered to change our lives, to go to a more authentic life, to fulfill our dreams, full potential, be miserable, fed up etc.. hoping somehow by some magic wand if we just pray enough it will just magically fall on our laps and walla all will magically change.  We are co-creators with Adonai in this world, and we must work with him to co-create our lives, and get out of “Fed Up”.  

If you find yourself in the ocean or ditch of “Fed Up” find a life boat, a rope or someone offers it, and grab it for dear life and get the hell out of that ocean, of that ditch, get over being shy, uncertain, scared whatever the hell you have to get over and move from fed up to something very different.  Ultimately, you are co-creator with the creator, so co-create, have the courage, have the guts.  I say this for all of us, me included, whether in love, in vocation, in spiritual path, have the guts to co-create, prayerfully but actively and proactively.

Shalom and Amen

Beauty Of A Soulmate


I try to find the write words or word to describe what this feels like, to know you have connected to your soulmate.  I guess I have found the words. 

It is like the coming together of a beautiful symphony of the most amazing and beautiful music.  The compliment and synergy that you can sense and feel in every level of your being, consciousness, wanting to be a part of their life, wanting them to share in your life journey in whatever way possible.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.  You don’t feel anxious about it, even if there are logistics issues where you are not logistically right next door.  You have faith that somehow something will happen to change the logistics, somehow.  You’re not sure what, how or when, but you have faith.  You meditate, pray on it and have faith.  You also envision all the things you can collaborate on together, create together so on and so forth. You can see them as your best friend life, your creative partner, so much more developing over time, very naturally, very organically.  The connection is there, you can sense it is there mutually, and there is a similar worldview and even if your spiritual path is taking a slightly different turn, they are a person with an open heart and mind.  Thus, they can still share in your journey, while you can respect their faith journey, that once was yours in some remote way.  When you have found your soulmate it all kind of comes together and you also feel you can be yourself, sweet, but also sassy and they are okay with that.  Your soulmate comes into your life at the right time, like for example to really spur you on to live your dreams, to really bring them to life and find your path, and there is truly a psychic connection, may even receive their thoughts in song and poetry that you write.  You might even feel their pain, physical and emotional pain, angst, which if you are an empath, ay ay and you don’t try to change each other, whatever “flaws” there are, barring really deep ones like abusive ones, you can handle them.  There is a similar worldview, path of goals you have for your lives and at some point you have that conversation, even about how to work towards them as a team.   You can give each other space and you are not jealous of each others friendships and you are okay with any difference of opinion an views, it doesn’t get under your skin or agitate you greatly.  You have that great compliment and synergy.    You truly are happy for the other person’s successes, milestones, encouraging, helping each other all of that.  You are not jealous of the other person’s success, and are happy that they are happy and same goes for them being happy when you achieve and succeed.  You can give each other advice, seek each other out for advice and not have false pride about it and you can say sorry when you have to.  

It truly is a most beautiful gift to be given to find your soulmate and whether you can come together right away or some time after your meet, it is a beautiful gift from the creator to be truly grateful for.

Shalom and Amen