Hypocrisy of The Progressives, Activists

mourning us

As I watch the horror of the leadership of BLM, the praise of the Left for the likes of EL Che, of Castro and now the acts of violence of those claiming to want to protect the environment of the activists at the Dakota Pipeline, I am baffled and only one word springs to mind.

Hypocrisy.  Yes, that is right hypocrisy.  They are supposedly BLM leaders seeking change, positive change etc.., yet calling for the destruction of law enforcement, their death and destruction..  They are colluding with Soros’ groups to bring in agitators to destroy property and businesses, creating chaos that resolves nothing and has nothing to do with reforming the community, gang violence, law enforcement and community relations, none of that.  They claim that only Black Lives Matter, and try to use Martin Luther King in their speeches, yet he had a dream that all lives one day would be as one and matter equally to all black and white, and all would live as brother and sister.  I have one work for their leadership.  Hypocrites, and I am being kind.  Then you have the PM of Canada and even our own POTUS being all lad ti da about Castro, totally erasing the dead, tortured either at his hands or those who dies fleeing this Communist pig and his dictatorship, these delusional idiots who also refuse to call radical Islam for what it is, just that, delusional idiots, dangerous to the safety of the world delusional idiots and same for those internally within the Islamic world who will not force an Islamic Renaissance and Reformation, a profound one across the board, delusional idiots.  Then we come to the snowflakes and progressives who will march, commit acts of violence against the very environment, since if you tamper with an oil rig etc.. you potentially can cause a catastrophe and create an environmental ooops, will stand with the American Indian to save their sacred burial ground, their totem pole etc… yet the SOBs have no trouble hating the Constitution, Law Enforcement, burning the Flag, hating the National Anthem, the fundamentals most sacred to our nation, dishonoring our Vets, our sacred memorials for our Vets.  I say again, Hypocrites, Delusional Idiots, Spoiled Brats, that is what they are, with no sense of love of God and Country.  There is no way to square violence with saving our earth or hated of the very fundamentals of our republic including the process by which we choose our leaders, and then claim you are an activist for peace, the environment etc.., bull crap!  You can disagree, but that is how I see it. We can agree to disagree, and that’s fine, but that is how I see it.



What Moves Me, and Irritates Me

mourning us

As I watched two Christmas specials (music), two of favorite Christmas movies,  and even the last episodes of Terra Santa News, I realized what moves me and I also realized there are some things I just don’t have a lot of patience for, just don’t.  

I was moved by the solemnity of the season brought out by the Celtic Woman Christmas special, and even the Mormon Christmas Under the Start, certain songs and background of Bethlehem.  The solemnity of it, really moved me and I was on the verge of tears.    Watching songs with Bethlehem as the background was so moving to me, and really touched a cord for me, the history that is there, so much history and sacred tradition, so beautiful, so inspirational.  Then I watched Terra Santa News and saw initiative and entrepreneurship,  as a means to give the fishing rod so to speak so people could fish and eat, be proud and dignified in what they created, accomplished.  I saw a school, center created for children and families that warmed my heart, children from all over the world and who had come from harsh conditions, but the innovation and care of the faith community made it possible for them to have schooling and more.  That was a beautiful thing to see.   These things, music move me, touch a cord with me.  Then when the Terra Santa News kept referring to Palestine and Palestinians, it was frustrating to no end as that is a myth that does not exist, it is fantasy and for the Vatical and RCC to give it validity really annoys me to no end.  That is something I have no patience for, giving a name to a people and a place that it does not have in history in Covenant etc.., and should not be given to them or that place, that land.  I also realized as I watched the innovation of these women, designers etc.. who had found a way to get their graphic designs etc… to the larger market, despite whatever political crap is going on that I truly have no patience, or little to no patience for snowflakes, wusses and people who live their life fed up, and won’t go after their true heart, who won’t take the bull by the horns and figure out a way to go after their dreams, their heart and what their heart, spirit and soul truly aspires to and that life they truly aspire to live because they are too afraid.  I realize I have not such patience even with myself.  I may not have a recording studio etc.. to create the most high quality material to put there for sale,  and I may not have a bunch of artistic training, experience, but I will not allow myself to be a snowflake, a wuss, or a coward and not put the material out there as imperfect as it is and myself out there as imperfect as I am.  I have realized that I have little patience for those who can’t truly appreciate it when one is supportive etc… and have not the capacity or willingness to reciprocate that support etc..  I know I have very little patience for those who would disdain Middle America, Our Flag, Constitution, Bill of Rights, but also who would take that and turn it around with violence and hatefulness.  There are one or two other things I might not have patience for, but well not need to make the list too long.  

I also realized that I have an idea, pretty clear one of what my path is artistically from here on in, and also who I hope has the courage, the guts to take some very bold and heroic steps to start a whole new life and hopefully include me in it.  I also know that I have to focus on creating the life of The Sacred Poet and Artist with very solid intent in my heart, spirit and my soul.  I plan to do just that.  S

halom and Amen

Why The Need To Understand Judaism?

The Journey That is Life.

I have always sought to understand Judaism, was almost driven my whole life to it, while at the same time had a sense of awe, but resistance to Catholicism and I realized it is necessary to understand this for my spiritual journey to truly move forward.  I realized I am a crossroads here.  

I did not realize that in Judaism there were two notions on the lineage of Messiah or that there were several accepted Messiah’s, “Anointed Ones” as part of the tradition and that is why some accepted and others, Jews, rejected Jesus, part of the reason.   If there was no conflict in terms of Jesus being a Messiah as regards the faith of my family, my heritage, then why was I still so drawn to Judaism?   I was watching a program on the Mormon channel, Christmas Under the Starts and when they sand one of songs, with the background as Bethlehem and then another, it hit me, that ahha moment/  I want to understand Judaism, and Hillel to understand Jesus and thus the roots of my heritage Catholicism.  It’s important to me to understand the faith life Jesus would have lived, and his students, those he taught and ministered to under his guidance, as Jews would have lived as jews.  The Jewish roots of the faith, which Catholicism in different forms has held on to, mattes to me, having that understanding matters.  Then I thought, so why such a hard time accepting Catholicism, especially since I am one who listens to meditation, even creates her own meditations, listens to binaural bet healing meditations etc…, believes in strong spiritual gifts, has had God “convey” to me through dreams, so why would the mystic part of Catholicism be a problem, that can’t be it.  I had to really ask myself why, why do you resist it?  Ego, it’s ego because it is a hierarchy and there is a hierarchy of authority, and I like to do things my way, fly my own kite, go to the beat of my own drum, though I am on the Conservative side of things social issues and such, the authority thing for my ego is tough to swallow.  It really isn’t about theology, as I can’t say I have delved deep into the Church Fathers or anything like that, basic tenets, but not outside of the basics.  It is not really the theology, it’s EGO, not wanting to submit to this hierarchy of authority.  I have to say though, Pope Francis, with his compassionate take on those divorced etc.., potentially female deacons,. is making it a lot easier for me to not be so resistant.  

I thought the main issue was theology and really it is EGO, go figure, a human not embracing something due to EGO and resistance to authority, who would have thought huh?  Yup, pure EGO, and I think it’s time to let go of my EGO, not EGGO, EGO maybe in more ways than one.  I wish I had understood that in the past with a particular relationship.  Well, live and learn huh, live and learn.

Shalom and Amen

Why Dialogue?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have seen some really crazy stuff on social media on both sides the right and the left, and it is not OK, including a comedian calling on terrorists to commit acts of terror against Trump properties and a call for  a Muslim Registry, which technically is unconstitutional I believe.  We have seen BLM marches with chants calling for the murder of cops and now even groups like White Lives Matter doing the same.  All this and global terrorism due to lack of assimilation is highly problematic.  

This is where I give credit to the Catholic Church, including in the Holy Land, though I do wish they would stop using the word Palestine and Palestinians as no such thing exists, but that aside, they are at least trying to create dialogue in regards to the various religious groups.  They have acknowledged grave errors made in history and all groups must acknowledge errors made in history, as all groups are comprised of humans and humans are not perfect 24/7 or make perfect decisions 24/7.  The world can not continue in this manner and we must find a way to agree to disagree.  We must find away to help migrants and immigrants embrace the new land, assimilate without feeling they are being pushed to give up everything they hold dear in terms of the home culture.  Granted in Islam, especially Wahhabi, the more radical strain, it is a challenge, but faith leaders and even laity must come together look at where they have common ground in terms of wanting world where there is education, opportunity etc… for all, dignity for all human life, protection for life etc.. and how to create together a unified body that says to all their members across the globe “Agree to disagree, but never in or with violence because that is not accepted by us or by the Creator.  If you go to a new land, work to become a part of it, to love it, to assimilate to that land, their laws, respect their traditions, holidays, again agree to disagree, never in or with violence.”  It is up to faith leaders and lay leaders in the faith communities to work as a team to achieve this and help assimilation through their faith institutions.  They have not hate each other, but they also must respect each other’s right to be, yet also call out each other’s violent elements and such, and even within their own groups, renounce that and chastise it strongly vehemently.  

I love my Italian culture and hope to work with the Catholic community through hopefully Most Precious Blood Church and however I can to share it, to honor it, and I am a firm conservative, will share my views on that as I have them, but at the same time, if the conservatives in my rank say things I can’t accept then I will call then out on it.  I will also call out the Catholic Church if it become a sanctuary for lawbreakers of immigration, especially felons.  That is unacceptable and if that puts me in a collision course with the Church, okay, but I will call them out if I have to, any church synagogue etc..that supports a violation of immigration laws and potentially puts us at risk by harboring felons.  I will seek to be as authentic to my heart and soul, as well as Biblical truth as I can, but the one thing I hope I have learned and continue to learn about is dialogue, the only perhaps true saving grace for this society, along with strict law and order of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, true Separation of Branches and Powers with Zero Activist Judges on any court bench.  I also hope you will learn about the faith base of our nation at:  http://wallbuilders.com/fof.asp  May we dialogue and learn throughout our lives.

Shalom and Amen




Yeshua, Messiah, Some Accepted, Others Not

The Journey That is Life.

I keep wondering some accepted the resurrected Yeshua as Messiah, and others did not, and I knew there had to be a reason, but what was it? Well it seems that there is not a single notion in Judaism of who or what Messiah is.  I found a few articles that helped me understand this.  

http://yeshua.org/historical-facts/yeshua-ben-yosef/  – It seems Yeshua fit this lineage and for some Jews they were ready to accept him thus as Messiah to usher in the Messianic Age.  If one accepts this and who Peter, Paul, James accepted as Messiah then how does one accept Torah and Messiah?  Well, that is a good question and I guess it gets down to the phrase about the Torah will be written in the heart, and it is not about a whole bunch of laws to be kept, but a deeply spiritual metaphysical life, as well as deep relationship with God, very creative one with God.  What about the Tree of  Jessie, grafting?  Again, the grafting could be viewed either way and those who accepted Jesus as the Messiah they felt the grafting was of the Jew and Gentile to be released to an etching of the Torah in the Heart and for life to not be a series of hundreds of laws and commands, but the focus to be strictly on relationship with God, and the Sabbath, how one treats others, the Mitzvot all of that is not command, but all just is to flow naturally from the heart based on a deep metaphysical connection to God through prayer, meditation, and deep relationship to God, in Christ and the Redemptive work of Christ, our gratitude for that great act of love by God.  This is how those who accepted Yeshua-ben-yosef of that day as Messiah came to understand Messiah and his role and the Messianic Age as a time to prepare for the return of Yeshua and when all would be permanently made right.  

I was not aware of the fact that Messiah in Judaism is not just one, but there are two Notions of who Messiah is and one is Yeshua-Ben-Yosef, so for those in Jesus’s day, some embraced Yeshua-Ben-Yosef, son of Joseph and Mary, son of the carpenter, as the Rabbis has foretold.  As that group then spoke passionately about Yeshua-Ben-Yosef, son of Josheph and Mary, son of the carpenter as the Rabbis has foretold and who resurrected, they were able to create a movement centered around this Messiah, around Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth.  His redemption for all mankind, all he embodied, Torah inscribed in the heart, not as a set of hundreds of rules and obligation, but in the heart, and centered around deep metaphysical relationship that would lead us to live Torah without needing rules and obligations, as it would come naturally was not hard to accept for a lot people.  

Some felt Yeshua was mocking the Torah, trying to push it aside, taking authority away from Torah, as he would often begin with “but I say”.  In fact, he was not and as a learned and knowledgeable Rabbi, he was mealy coming from a place of authority and knowledge.   Those who embraced him as Messiah, when he said he came to fulfill the law and having accepted him as the one of the line of Joseph-Ben-Yosef etc.., well they would have understood that as Messianic probably, interpreted it as such.  Some of his actions etc.. may have been misinterpreted and even those of Paul and James, those who who felt he was the Messiah and had their understanding clashed with others, there was at some point a fierce parting of the ways.   There may never be a way to reconcile the two views of Messiah, but that is life, one of different views.

The question now becomes which version of the Messiah do I believe is the Messiah, having this new information/  Lots to explore and understand, to pray over and ponder.  

Shalom and Amen


Star Trek Still Makes Me Reflect

The Journey That is Life.

I was watching Star Trek, the original one and it is the episode where during transport Kirk is returned to the ship as two, his darker side, his animal passion side separated as a separate Kirk.  It also got me thinking about the part of the Genesis story where the angels tell God all are laughing and he determines not good, then they tell him, al are crying and he determines, not good either.  They they tell him some are laughing and some are crying and he determines now it’s good.  I recalled artists and how some artists I have seen in the past very stiff, though awesome voice, great looks, charming, but something has to change, but what.  All this got me to thinking.  

Often as an artist or even in life in general if we don’t have that animal passion within or if we suppress it, oppress it, push aside our dreams etc… because of a security blanket of our tiny little world, creature comforts, safety zone physical, emotional etc… we become stiff, like wood, or we become caged in, chained, the life even maybe drained out of us, the art become stale, stiff, like us, as does our life.  If we become imprisoned in any kind of suppression and oppression of our passion completely of the full extent of our dreams, of loving even, of true love, being willing to see it, acknowledge it when it comes before us, we may become like the Kirk who was separated from the “darker” self but self none the same, that passionate self and be unable to make any decision, to pursue any of our dreams truly, or even pursue true love.  As artists we may become so stiff, so drawn into ourselves and a tiny little safety world that we never venture out of that world, we stay stuck only in that one realm, that one tiny box forever more, get older and older until we can never fulfill the artistic dream we truly had or even be with a true love because we were not willing to jump off the cliff and trust the parachute to open when we did jump.  We might get on that stage belt out those songs, those poems etc… but never show emotions, never shed a tear, feel pain in our chest etc…, move our bodies in sway with the words, the music, connect with that audience, including that special one in it.  That is truly sad for the artist and the audience.  

That part of Kirk when it was separated from him was dying, it could not survive and neither could the other Kirk without the “animal passion Kirk”.  The creator of Star Trek hit a very correct note. While the animal Kirk should not 24/7 overshadow, he can not be locked away oppressed and suppressed because neither can truly survive, both with die.  Same as with the Bible when God says all laughing and all crying can not be, you have to combing and when he allowed for both night and day, light and dark etc…, To have day, you must have night and vice versa, so the body can rest.  If we are going to truly live our dreams fully, and be truly artists, ever go outside our little box, little world, be an eagle that soars and really moves people to tears, and be moved, you have to be able to wear your heart on your sleeves, and jump off that cliff, just pray that parachute opens, you just have to.  

Shalom and Amen!

Giving Thanks, All Encompassing


Inspiration Peace and Love

As this Thanksgiving Day has arrived, there are some things that are not yet in my life that I wish were, and other things that have begun taking shape already most beautifully.  I could see the glass one of two ways, and I could also limit things to my little world. I realize that I need to go beyond that.  

What is this Thanksgiving about for me?  It is about being grateful for the opportunity to for example be writing this blog for you, though my body feels very much like it wants to crash today, but as it is Thanksgiving I am not giving in to that feeling.  I will likely at some point have to, but until I absolutely can not fight it anymore I am going to try and enjoy and savor the day.  I am going to be grateful for the opportunity to write a poem hopefully at some point today, perhaps based on one of the psalms, to enjoy my mom’s yummy cooking.  I am also going to be grateful for the representative democracy we have, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, even if we have those who do not have the decency to do so, who do not understand the Bill of Rights, including Freedom of, not from Religion from in this land.  I am going to be grateful for a police force in NY that is top notch, a military that guards liberty across the globe literally at the expense of life and limb.  I am going to be grateful for the Italian culture I grew up with, so rich, including the beautiful language, and the faith, even if I don’t agree with all the theology, but still, it has its’ beauty and I do agree with the core social teachings.  I am going to be very grateful for my virtual family of a number of years, whom I hope to meet face to face some day soon.  I am going to be very grateful for the wonderful friends of many years in my life such as Kim and for the opportunities in my life to be an artist, to share my artistic gifts.  For all these things, I am going to be grateful.   

I am also going to be grateful for the Fibromyalgia, for the tears I have shed in life that made me stronger, for times I had to fight to just get out of bed to face the day when the fibro had put through really bad nights.  My faith and stubborn personality would not make me just curl up in bed and give up.  Though I have had to give up any kind of 9-5 schedule or schedule, as my body does crash if I push it, I can still try and find ways to be a contributing member of society.  Even what may be a negative or appear to be a negative, I can still be grateful for and that is saying a lot.  It’s not easy to be grateful for the tears, to push past and also to just say “screw it, screw those who don’t understand, who may not want me to be happy, I am going to push forward, go for what is in my heart”  All of this I am going to be grateful for!  For my own road to personal freedom and truth I am going to be grateful for!  

Shalom and Amen


Power of The Arts


Last night I performed at the Music Concert at Most Precious Blood church here in Manhattan, one thing that really got me was seeing my rabbi wife tears from her eyes as I read my poem.  It really hit me, really hit me.  

The arts and artists have tremendous power, which is why when I see the vulgarity of some of these artists and how they have mocked the First Lady Elect, even the current First Lady not in a good spirited way, but mean, condescending way, it really is not a good thing, nor can it be justified.  When artists use the arts to spread anger, hatred of our nation, our flag etc.., same with athletes, to divide us, it is incomprehensible that they wold do so.  I understand that we have differences of opinions and viewpoints and we can be passionate about what we believe, but as I saw how with our message of love, hope etc.. as artists we moved people to tears to love etc… it really impacted me.  I realize we as artists and same with athletes have a grave responsibility to work to bring unity, while stile insuring love of God, Country, Flag, Constitution etc…, law and order.  We have to find a way to use the arts, sports, these platforms, media as a force for good, to elevate and that includes our young people, everything.  Our society can not and must not use the arts, or sports in a way that is dark or brings darkness, to bring hate to law enforcement even, this is not acceptable.  I hope that with this framework of Judaism and of the arts I can make changes within my own life and society, very positive ones.  

This  evening also made me realize that while I can give support etc.. to others, be supportive not all of it will be given in return and there will be those who will be there for me and be supportive as well, but there will be those too scared, to unwilling to go out of their way or be inconvenienced to show support when as I take my leaps of faith as an artist.  However, oddly enough it doesn’t bother me.  I was so happy to be impacting everyone, and to have the rabbi there.  I realized also that if someone is too scared, too attached to their little world, their creature comforts etc…, then I best move on.  If they have no desire to move forward, take my hand and be part of anything I am a part of, then well hasta la vista and God Bless.  Life goes on, and in my case beautifully, courageously, no parachute, just jump off the cliff and che sera sera!  Woo Hoo!!

Shalom and Amen!

New Frame of Reference…

The Journey That is Life.

At the reception for new members last night, for new synagogue members, the new frame of reference that Rabbi Sebert had alluded to began to dawn on me.  Also, it is dawning on me that unlike perhaps the Christian faith, the Jewish faith does really put more emphasis on this world and making this world a better, safer more paradise world.  How is this going to make my life, my life journey different?  

I will still be fundamentally me with my core pro-life conservative values, but how I go about that might change.  I will likely be more involved in social justice, but bringing my ideas for how to reform welfare etc.. through capitalist, free market and faith community based solutions.  I will work more to further inter-faith peace and acceptance of the other, to agree to disagree. Even when it comes to things like the Dakota pipeline, I did not realize why the Jewish community was backing the American Indians on this, until last night it was explained by one of the rabbis.  The Talmud based on Torah teaches that when you conquer a land, govern a people, you are never to harm their agriculture, their sacred burials etc.., take their gold or precious minerals, or anything like that.  You are not to disturb their culture, who they are.  If they come to realize their idolatry and come to the One God on their own, fine, but you are not to eradicate who they are when you conquer their land and force your way on them.  From a Talmud, Torah perspective, as we are governing the lands of the Indians, we must follow the Talmud and Torah laws, must not poison their land, destroy what is sacred to them, including burial grounds.  Thus, the risk to the Indians, the fact that it would in any way disrupt, destroy their way of life potentially, cause harm to what is sacred to them, for the Jewish community is unacceptable and where there is injustice, based on the Jewish history of what happened to them and ongoing anti-semitism, it must be addressed in solidarity with one’s fellow man.  I am realizing that being Jewish is not about religion, and not about heaven or hell as much as it is about my relationship with God through my relationship with everyone else and the planet I reside on, universe I live in, even how I care for myself, my own body temple, not in a vain way, in a good stewardship way.  

This really is a new perspective, a new frame of reference for me.   It will take some getting used to, the notion of everything through the lens of Talmud, Midrash and relation to other, to community, and God in relation to that.  However, I like that way of viewing God I think, in relation to other, to community, to repairing society in whatever way one can.  For me that will be through the arts and through hopefully working within the faith community to reform our current welfare system and also work to eliminate insurance and find alternatives to that to truly provide wellness for all.

Problem Is Not Electoral College

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

People complain about the EC when their candidate does not win and yes it is not perfect, but there is a reason we have the EC. Not to say we can not fix it and there is a Bill being presented to make the EC more evenly keeled for both Parties. Hopefully it will pass.

If the problem is not the EC, then what the heck is the problem? Main problems are the following. First you have all people counted when they are giving out the number of electoral votes, not strictly vetted eligible voters and that is a problem because it is not truly reflecting the electorate of the state or the nation. You have no strict vetting of who votes, in terms of their being eligible according to the Constitution, to residency requirements, none of that. With those two factors alone, the EC is not able to function as it was meant to function and if we are going to be a true Constitutional Democratic Federalist Representative Republic, then we must make changes. We must make changes to the EC, which includes some kind of uniform code and rules for the states to follow across the board, only include strictly vetted eligible to vote electorate in assigning number of electoral votes per state. We must make sure that the only ones voting are those in line with the requirements literally of the Constitution.

As for why we have the electoral college, two reasons. The first reason was to have a buffer between population and the selection of a President. The second was to give extra power to the smaller states, who would otherwise be shoved aside and have little to now voice in the process and selection of our POTUS. It is also part of compromises made at the convention to satisfy the small states. Each state had the same number of electoral votes as they have representative in Congress, thus no state could have less then 3. The smaller states thus have a fair share of representation. There is no way they are going to have that taken away from them by strictly popular vote where those cities with a larger population would have a greater advantage and influence, now way. This system is what saved the day, thanks to Connecticut who came up with this compromise, so we could have a Constitution and a Republic form. Thank you CT!

Like I said, we should tweak a bit, but we are not a direct democracy, and were not ever meant to be one, so suck it up America!

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