Can’t Do It All At Once So…


I have several things I want to do, including in conjunction with the Society For Applied Judaism artistically, record a bunch of songs in Italian, and re-record meditations, as well as record new ones.  I can’t do it all at once, so what to do.  I decided the following.

  • Start with erasing all recordings so far and start over 
  • Collaboration with a wonderful artist Michelle and record three songs, work with her for her to record the songs and then put them up for sale on my bandcamp site.  
  • Then I hope to spend time at the Society For Applied Judaism to record a series of meditations from there.
  • The Italian songs, that is project three, once I get practice with my voice and vocals, so I can be part of the recording directly of those songs, not just the writing.  

I want to really get solidly involved with the Society for Applied Judaism and more involved with OSIA, Sons and Daughters of Italy in whatever way I can.  I realize that since I have not yet gotten past the fibromyalgia, I can’t push to hard or too much, so I do have to pace myself.  Life is so good when you can do what you love, and love what you do.  Certain collaborations may never come to pass artistically, but can’t dwell on that.  If people choose to stay in one little world artistically, so be it.  I hope I never stay in one little world artistically.


There Is A Time and A Season

I have meditated, prayed for a pathway in the artistic and spiritual realm combined for years and years.  I have tried on my own, wanting to do it all on my own to move forward.  Yet seemed nothing was really happening.  I thought nothing was, but I was wrong.

What I didn’t realize is that I was laying foundations and in recording and writing, doing what I was doing the spiritual journey, which was like a maze of sorts was all preparing me and building up my confidence for this time, this moment in time.  I am now reaching out to others to seek collaboration and realize I may not be a singer, so much as a storyteller and writer.   Maybe I had better stick with spoken word and writing and let someone else to the singing, the main singing, I can do background or something like that.  I realize that I have to reach out to spiritual institutions that resonate with me and offer to collaborate, to even record albums to sell and part it go to support their organization.  I am hoping to do that with a Jewish Center on 39th street.  Whether I make a lot on the sales or a modest sum, that is not the point, the point is reaching out to collaborate with others, others of like mind, philosophy so I can inspire and be inspired.  Praying alone won’t make the mountain move, I have to be part of the creative process to move it out of the way.  I have to allow myself to be divinely guided as to how I achieve what the divine has inspired in my heart.

I hope this helps to stimulate your creativity and creative path, wisdom, spiritual inspiration.

Broken Road, Not Always Negative!

Sometimes the road is not straight, not smooth and there are lots of cracks, it is broken along the way, especially with relationships, whether family or otherwise.  We may not see a purpose to that broken road, those glitches, but sometimes they are part of what is needed to get us to mature, get straight who we are, and where we are going, what we truly require to be happy, and fulfilled.  It will help us realize what is toxic, hurting us etc… and give us the strength finally to break free of what should have been broken free of years ago, maybe even come back together with what is meant to be.  If the road is not totally smooth, don’t curse it, learn from it and find a way to get to the smoother road, the road to fulfillment, peace and joy.


Some Bonds Never Die



This morning I woke up several times with a very strong sense that a certain person was thinking about me, and very intensely and it was a bout not just the physical, but wanting real intimacy.  

In a way I still l am trying to wrap my head around the fact that after all this time that psychic connection is still there, still strong.  I also was surprised since I am very vocal, no holding back on FB about my views on pretty much everything and I have no intention of becoming a liberal progressive anytime in my lifetime, rather the opposite and hoping to get us free of government involvement in our lives and much more reliance on community, and the private sector for education, for everything.  Since this person is a sadly die hard liberal progressive, I find it interesting and also beautiful that in spite of my being quite blunt, honest in my views, even in regards to his views etc.. on stuff, we still have this strong psychic bond.  

I suppose as an empath and such, there are certain bonds that once made will never die, and I have a handful of those.  It is a beautiful thing, but at the same time, I have to step back when all this connection is happening, to assess what is going on, what  is necessary  in terms of my meditating, the experience holistically and what do do with it.  Though this particular person is not now in my life, and is if my instincts are correct making changes to his life, including legally, which should finalize by the end of the month, he may be thinking about approaching me, coming back into my life.  I am open to accepting that and seeing where it goes, but both of us would have to really get baggage free, and the past fully left in the past.  The past is an old movie, a lesson to be taken away from, but it can’t be the present or the future.  When people are still connected psychically, intuitively, and they come back into each other’s life, they have to do it baggage free, toxic cords free.  I have had the instinct to meditate on release from myself and those i have connection to of all things toxic, includes situations, patterns, emotions.  I will keep doing so.  I truly marvel at the fact that nearly two decades and this connection, though we have not seen each other in two years I think and had had a stretch of time not seeing each other before that, and then had an encounter to talk stuff out, is still so strong on a psychic intuitive level.   It is lovely gift, whatever our worldview differences are.  I consider these connections a gift, even if sometimes the intensity of the other person and what they feel is a bit well intense.  Still, I have learned to breathe through it and see what I am to meditate on, let go of, help them let go of as well.  Should this person or any person I have a solid strong connection to wish to come into my life to pursue friendship etc… or even creative collaboration, they are welcome, but baggage free as much as possible please.  I do believe in the power of meditation, prayer and affirmation to bring that about for one’s self and others.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Analyzing Is Not Dealing

There are those who love to analyze everything, life is all about analysis, introspection, and it is all academic, intellectual including in their own lives, with their own challenges.  

Some introspection is great, but if all one does in regards to life’s crap is an intellectual analysis, nothing will be dealt with and there can be no progress made.  One has to go beyond the simple analysis from an intellectual and academic standpoint.  One has to be willing to face one’s feelings, emotions head on in a way that is not destructive.  I tend to meditate and pray at night in bed and even have a recorded meditation that instructs my entire being to be healed and to face all things constructively head on.  Usually I do so through my dreams, which is fine and will get an indication of how to deal with the issue, get a strong gut feeling about things upon waking up.  I know there is this notion of not wanting to rock the boat, but there are times when the boat has to rocked, capsized even, for a solution to come, and that means facing what we feel, even anger and disappointment in ourselves head on.  Does that mean we dwell on it? NO, but we should be willing and able to gain the maturity to face it, deal with it, do so in a way that is not like a belligerent moron, but an adult.  Pretending life is okay when it is not is terribly unhealthy and not the way to go through life.  We have to acknowledge when things are not fine, so they can be made fine, resolved, even if it means we have to let go of people, situations, relationships we have had for a long time.  Is it easy? No, but when it has to be done, it has to be done.  I hope this will help you in that journey.


News, What’s Happening

Inspiration and Love

What’s happening in regards to the arts and other aspects of life?  Here is the scoop:

  • I am realizing the power of that word, that energy those vibrations in regards to the word Christ in doing healing work and artistic work as well
  • I have been invited to join the Artist Midrash at T & V Synagogue
  • My voice back to it’s old self, I can now record the songs, A Capella in Italian for my Valentine’s Day release
  • I am going to once again be participating in the concert given monthly at Most Precious Blood Church
  • I realize that I have always been drawn to Judaism really at the core because it was the first monotheistic faith on on record, and it is the root of what I have always truly been, Metaphysical Christian
  • I am going to be delving into both over the next two years, Judaism and Metaphysical Christianity
  • I also realized it is that about needing God as one needs a crutch, but about choosing God, choosing to acknowledge a creator and being open to connection to that, to that sacred realm

The next two years are going to be quite interesting and quite a journey for me, one I look forward to.  I also hope you will consider my Meditation Sojourn CD, as a gift to give yourself or someone else.  I hope to create other Meditation Sojourn CD’s and offering them on my site at

Thank You


What Founders Really Meant By…

The Journey That is Life.

In the Declaration of Independence, one of the bedrocks of our nation’s formation, identity, along with the anthem, flag, Constitution, when the founders, particularly Federal Republic founders mean by Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness, which was and Property .  but Jefferson changed it to take people out of the mindset of slavery. In regards to this and rights of citizens, it is nothing like what it has been twisted to mean.  We must pray for a peaceful, but effective revolution to get back to what they meant.  What did they mean?

We in our modern society look to happiness as something to pursue and chase, same with life and liberty.  Their understanding was not this at all.  They focused on experiencing and living happiness based on individual talents, gifts, abilities, and overcoming your circumstances with objective moral guidelines.  They saw it as part of the inalienable rights given by God along with life and liberty, liberty from government interference and interference of others in how you live your life, what faith you choose to practice, how you conduct your business, which they understood required a framework of some kind, so we started with the Declaration, then the Constitution.  They understood that you required basic framework of law to insure order, and also that people could pursue free exercise of faith, assembly so on and so forth without government tyranny, without any tyranny.  They understood that that both the Bible and positive psychology give us a very thick understanding of the word “happiness.” It is not about breakfast being yummy. It is about human flourishing, the good life, the obtaining and experiencing of all that can be glossed with the word “happiness,” but only carefully and usually with a few sentences of explanation required to flesh it all out.   The government should create a framework for society to flourish, for people to use free enterprise to get out of any sinkholes or crisis, to use their gifts, talents, and spiritual resources, even at the local community level and for states to be lab rats literally to experiment and then other states see what works very well and adapt that to their state.  The goal of government while providing protection from violence and maintaining a holistic eye on things is there to teach us all to fish, create that atmosphere through the private sector, not to provide a bunch of fish for a lifetime.  

What of equality and natural law? The true definition and understanding is as follows.  n English, equality usually suggests fairness, equity, or the equitable; but what is equitable is often not to give people the same portions, but rather to give what is proportionate to the efforts of each.  It is the European definition, having suffered under Monarchs in the past, particularly the French, and tyrants who have a different and not compatible to our founding definition of equality which suggests forced fairness, equity, or the equitable.  It is not about equal distribution of wealth by force of government and excess taxation, not on the wealthy or corporations, not on anyone.  It simply means that based on what the person has rendered and their level of talent that is what they are entitled to.   It also means that we are all entitled to due legal process in public and private, to not have false information spread as truth to the damage of our reputation or livelihood.   What today is social justice is not, it is a dictatorship and Communism that dictates how we ought to distribute our personal resources, says what and how much they ought to be to make everyone feel good about life circumstances.  Social justice today is  far cry from the true meaning of equality and social justice, which is why we have a messed up world full of debt. That and an emphasis on the material instead of the spiritual.  

If we are going to truly be America then we must radically change how we view rights and equality, all of it, to get back to what the founders envisioned for us, a truly free, diverse opinion, vigorous debate, free enterprise, free market, private charity and welfare nation.