Clearing the Subconscious of Ikk!

Clearing the Subconscious

The subconscious can make or break us, those inner voices that can tell us from early conditioning and life conditioning all our shortcomings all the reasons why we aren’t enough.  Yes there may be some people who won’t come into our lives because they might deem us not successful, or prosperous enough or whatever enough.  Those people are losing out and are well hmm, best I leave it there.  May the subconscious be cleansed, cleared and may we all have wings to fly and shine.   Remember, success, wealth, is not based on what is in the bank or allocates given etc.., but by the fact that you are doing what you love to do in life.

The Journey of Bridges Begun

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have begun the road of light and bridges. What is that you ask, what light, what bridges?   I grew up remember in a very Catholic family, who was not very supportive of my notions of a career  in the arts, ,ever,  and who always felt Jewish and I have always been a writer in some way or form, who loves to sing and perform, so put all this together and you get a pretty strong “OY!” The Journey has been quite interesting, but where is it now?  Here is what I am doing and thus the bridges are being built, for me anyway.

  • Working with Project Developer Bill Russo at Shrine Church of Most Precious Blood to help the Italian Culture and the church thrive, thus staying connected to my heritage
  • Member at T&V Synagogue, active studies in Judaism, which is my “calling” along with the arts
  • Member of Jewish Science Center, and planning on being active there as well, looking at another aspect of Judaism
  • Bringing ideas of an artistic nature to both Jewish centers to be able to express my artistic side, and spiritual side both
  • Hoping to have the Church work on projects with T&V, as well as the Jewish Science Center, including artistic
  • Help Catholic-Jewish relations be as positive as possible
  • Continue my artistic journey, including writing and recording works in Italian

Am I living in two worlds? No.  I am Jewish in my heart and soul, always have been really, but I still have respect for the fact that my ancestral heritage is Italian-Catholic.  That will never change.




Happy Valentine

Inspiration Peace and Love

I came across this poem and am sharing it with all of you.

On Valentine’s Day, da day of affection,
I’m sending fond thoughts in ur direction.

U’re really special, my perfect friend;
2gthr, we are a perfect blend.

U give my life a special shine;
Will u b my bst frnd Valentine?

I want to thank all my followers for making this journey with me as I share what is going on with my life and my artistic journey.  Thank you all for sharing your blog, your writing, your talents with all of us. Happy Valentine.

DNA Repair

DNA Repair and Transformation

The complexity of the DNA strand, the chromosome, the amazement of you, of me of the human genome, the designation of male and female at birth by some intelligence of nature is a beautiful thing.  Pity that human being get so confused, so out of whack that they can not appreciate the sacredness and beauty of it all, of life, of the beauty of it all.

Can’t “Fix” Society, Only Self

Inspiration Peace and Love


As I watch the circus that is politics and activism with marches and violence, the snowflakes and UC Berkley etc.., even the Pope with his encyclical, everyone trying to figure out how they are going to fix society, and as I recall how I have spent years trying to figure out what group I could belong to or work with including what faith I could belong to, in order to fix the world I realize it’s stupidity, this notion of “fixing” society, of “fixing” others.

What do we do, well look in the mirror.  Jesus said to work on taking the plank out of our own eye.  and Ayan Rand had a philosophy, which okay some felt was extreme, but to an extent she had a point, that one should focus on one’s own well being and that if each person did that then it would be almost like a domino effect.  In a sense she is right.  Jesus is also right that we should really take care of getting our house in order above all else, and once our house is in order and as we get our house in order we can be an example to others on how an house, a life etc.. can be gotten in order.  Does that mean everything works out honky dory, every marriage gets reconciled etc.., no.  It does mean that we work out our demons, and we do so without self destruct or destruction of others.  It means we make the journey in a way that doesn’t leave a lot of debris, if any in the process.  Most of our “issues” comes from wrong thinking, and from not properly teaching people how to fish, or providing alternative ponds to fish in when one pond dries up for them, and instead giving fish.  It comes from lousy patterns that come out of erroneous thinking.  Academia is in part to blame as they do not teach true critical thinking, open debate etc…, nor do they teach heart, body, mind connection of living and decision making, action and consequence.  Religious institutions have become for example political activist centers rather than spiritual centers, which really has screwed things up.  Political center of the nation had become hostile to the very cherished foundation of faith that helped create this nation and the very cherished freedom of religion our founders felt very strongly about.  Granted there is a lot in society that can be much improved, but social justice activism, division and hatred is not going to fix anything, neither really is legislation.  None of that is really going to change anything in any place in the world, especially not the Muslim world.

The only way anything is going to change is by individuals changing and as each individual changes, that person’s patterns and thinking changes long term.  I think this is why I am drawn to authentic Kabbalah and Jewish Science because it focuses on patterns, on one’s way of thinking and relating to God, self etc.. and once that changes then life can change.  Long term, real human change wont come from politics or theology.  It has to go a lot deeper and much more personal that one person at a time for things in society to change for the better, including national sovereignty to be respected.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen



Clearing Negative Blocks Negative Blocks

Woe Is Me.  Often things in life just won’t move forward, or seem to be in a constant mess, oh boy.    We don’t quite understand what’s God’s deal, what’s he got against us.  Why he seems to not want to answer our prayers.  Sometimes those prayers shouldn’t be answered for any variety of reasons, sometimes it’s lousy timing when we pray for what we pray for, remember the poem in Ecclesiastes a time and a purpose for everything under the heavens.  Sometimes the blocks are self imposes, blocks of fear, doubt, anxiety, low self esteem etc..  I hope that if there are any self created or circumstances created blocks that this will help you release them, find clarity, solutions an closure.