Protocol, Preparation Critical, Why?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

See that light, that beacon, that lighthouse, that’s the Protocol and Preparation Lighthouse of life, vocation, relationships and faith.  For all the free spirits out there, those who chafe at the mere thought of protocol as I use to and really wanted to always wing it in life, and be a free spirit, now that I have actually grown up, realizing free spirit still needs some kind of boundaries, but why?  The inner child is throwing as does the inner child in all of us the preverbal tantrum jumping up and down and screaming “why why why!”  As one whose greatest strength is to be an improvisational speaker, poet, songwriter-singer, right there on the spot, free spirit, go with the flow, with the moment, don’t plan or worry so much seems like a really awesome thing, live in the moment.  I pretty much did that most of my life, lost in the maze of figuring out my way out of the confusion and crap borne out of my childhood, my parents’ tug of war and mess with me in the middle, and my mom’s bitterness about the divorce, my dad’s family, all that jazz.   It didn’t work out well for me, not even as an artist.  Recently in my capacity as Music Associate and Coordinator for Most Precious Blood in organizing a benefit concert my colleague and I had a meeting with a group that was supposed to perform for us, as a service to the community, however, there was not enough preparation, not for lack of trying for the event and the meeting.  The first impression made on the person who came for the meeting was not a good one and they backed out, but we have managed to secure other talent and I will be meeting with them this week, so all is not lost.  However what it did teach me is what life has been teaching me and that is that while you can be a free spirit within your artistic framework and your work to an extent, there still has to be protocol, coordination, excellent preparation in other respects.  Let me address that.

When you are dealing with others, if for example you say you are going to be meeting and for whatever reason that meeting then is not going to take place, you communicate that to that person.  If you do tell someone you are going to have a meeting with them you hold yourself to that, you keep your word, you don’t then suddenly change your mind and just not show up or not have the meeting with them after you said you would.  Common courtesy, common protocol, common sense and manners.  When you are going to meet with someone, be sure you know their background if it’s a professional meeting, that you have looked over what they have send ahead of time, make the time.  Have that info with you or take highlight notes with you and be able to access the full files if necessary..  Be very well prepared, as first impressions will make or break you, your team and your organization.  If you are organizing an event, for friggin goodness sakes, do not put your team or colleagues in a position of having to rush through planning, plan all events at least 8-12 weeks in advance, including promotion and ticket sales, if not 12-16 weeks. Lots of good planning, coordination and communication, you and your team, no exceptions or excuses.  Be sure you communicate and if you say you are going to meet for a meeting an introduction etc.. and you can’t or there is a change, you let people know, you have that courtesy.  Common courtesy protocol.  This is also true for any relationship.  If you give your word, keep it, barring a medical or other emergency, keep it.  This is why being a busy bee butterfly is problematic, quite problematic and being someone who can’t say no who feels they always have to say yes, can’t turn anyone down can be problematic.  Who and what to say yes to has to be carefully determined, schedules carefully worked out, one can’t say yes to everything and everyone or one will end up breaking one’s word to everyone or a number of people.  This is one reason I have withdrawn from most of my meet up groups and even Israel support groups because I know I want to dedicate my time to the church, Hadassah and the Petrosino lodge, so what is the point of trying to commit myself to a whole bunch of other things if my heart is with these groups, these people?  I will end up having to break my word, back out of things when their schedule conflicts with events at the church, Hadassah and Petrosino, so what is the point?  The artist and minister who always rebelled against protocol, wanted to be a purely free spirit know realizes there is not such thing and that protocol, coordinating, planning are essential to life, though we can within the framework of our vocation be free spirits in some way and that is a good thing.





New Year, New Start, Where to Start?

soaring eagle

As August 4th approaches, my birthday, my 52nd birthday, I ask myself what do I want, what gift do I want the Lord to bring me?

I guess I could complicate it, get overly analytical about it all, go through a whole childhood issues analysis, get all academic and intellectual about it all.  At the end of the day it really is not that complicated at all.  In a nutshell I wish to never depend or rely on the government for anything, not for sustenance, or for anything other than homeland security and mass transportation  I wish to be totally self reliant, no matter what my health situation is, no matter what my situation in life is period.  I wish to do what I love which is the arts, and life coaching, to earn my daily bread through that in some way, and see past seeds I have sown bear fruit. I also want to preserve the parish I am working on helping to preserve and help grow.  I wish to do solo gigs and earn my daily bread, to do seminars, earn my daily bread.  I also wish to keep volunteering for the parish, it pleases my heart, spirit and soul.  I wish to have a place to call totally my own and a group of artists to work with and record my material with, to pray with daily, which I have formed, my own group that prays, jams, performs and records together.  That is what I wish for my 52nd birthday.  What about the icing and cherry on the cake as they say?  That would be a really great and dependable, reliable like minded artistic, as well as like minded worldview kind of guy who shares my heritage, faith, and conservative worldview, values to share it all with, to artistically create, jam etc… with, even perform with, real partnership.  Someone whom I can start this Gossamer Wings Arts Circle with, immediately. 

If anyone wants to know what my prayer is for my birthday, which is coming up in a few days, this is is, in a nutshell.

Angels, May You Feel Them Near


I came across this and wanted to share it with you.  Angels are here to help us, to offer assistance, to be messengers, battle for God on our behalf, sometimes they are of the angelic nature, but sometimes angels are right here on earth in the flesh and I hope when God puts one before us we can recognize him or her and be grateful.  I hope we can discern true light angels from those that pretend to be of the light, but are actually deceiving, leading us down a path of perdition.

Now To Make a Living With It

fruit tree

Big picture, did my first “gig” just me and the piano man, was awesome, loved it, have the gifts to do solo gigs and shows, love music ministry, all good, love my faith, all good, but there is debt to pay off, and time’s a wastin, so now comes the tough part. What’s that?

Well, going from planting to the  harvesting.  The trees now have fruit and the fruit is ready to be harvested, but question is how do I harvest the fruit for my daily bread in a way that I earn my daily bread not throw away good harvest?  I know I have the ability, gifts to be an inprov artist, singer, and I am a talented poet, songwriter, so It is a matter of figuring out the best way to set up my own gigs, where to se them up, how often to have the shows and then promote.  This is going to be an interesting journey, and finding clarity for this journey is important so this particular prayer is an important one in my journey and in all our journeys of life.

Audience of One or One Thousand

Most PRecious Blood

Today I had my debut you could say, as I have not sung in public in a long time, and not sung any of my original material or done song improv either in a long while, so it was something and I wasn’t sure how I would feel, how nervous etc…

When I got up on that podium, didn’t matter that it was only me and the pianist because I knew God, all of heaven was listening, and my own heart was listening.  That’s one heck of an audience.  I wasn’t really nervous, for the first time in any performance, I wasn’t nervous, or anxious, I was totally at peace.  I was at peace because I was doing what I had prayed for my whole life, performing.  Granted due to it all being last minute kind of there was no time to do any massive promotion, so we didn’t have anyone there but it’s a seed and the pianist, a professional artist really liked my vocals and my material, so that was a nice stamp of approval artistically.  There will be more concerts, better prep etc… and those will be more successful I am sure.  It was just so beautiful to be able to do what I love to do, sing, perform, share.  I really am meditating to have a space all my won to be able to do that each day, and now that i have a pianist who can accompany me, I an start maybe planning shows for 2018.  Time to start living the life I always had in my heart and I think now God feels I have the right people that I can move forward with in this path.  It is important when you are making your journey who makes the journey with you and if you don’t have people who share your faith, your values etc…, who are in sync with you, not going to be right.  I guess God really had to have me wait for the right place, group of people etc…and guess now is the time.  Whatever I do and whether I sing to one or ten or a thousand, the main persons I am singing for and to are up in the heavens and if I do my best as their vessel, then I will do my best for whomever is hearing me on earth.  That is what I realize today and what i need to realize always.  Today was important in that realization, very important.  




Where the Focus Is, Thus…

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As I work on preparing for my one woman mini concert at church tomorrow and work on other stuff for the church, and listen to music for the spirit and some  great Irish and Italian music, I realize I have not looked at my horoscope or anything like that so far today.  What is so so significant about this? Focus, that’s what.

My focus was on things I love, things I love doing, things related to the church, to the artistic, my heart was very much at peace, as I was working with someone that there is really good energy with, great compliment and synergy, I felt really good about the work, where it was all going, the direction of it.  I felt we were finding our groove and in doing so things were really on a great path.  That sense of finding a groove, where I was supposed to be, gave me peace.  It was a great feeling, is a great feeling.  When the heart is focused on one’s true path, and on the Lord, you don’t even have any interest in anything like astrology or any of that stuff, you are are so in the groove of the things of the Lord, and your vocation, path, your groove, it’s a beautiful thing.  What’s next?  I will keep building on what I have already started, will keep planting and nurturing the seeds.  I do hope to expand my social life a bit more, do some more networking, but with a group, so I hope to create a group of artists, Catholic artists that we can pray and create together, even socialize together, a real close knit community of Catholic Irish and Italian artists to pray, create and evangelize together through the arts.  After all my parish is Italian, but an auxiliary of a basilica that is Irish in heritage, so it’s a great bridge of union, both people a people of strong faith, strong belief in family, and a strong tradition in the arts.  With my focus on my music and as the faith, the Lord giving me more to do, hopefully gigs to perform at, in Manhattan as I am praying, artistically, or as a speaker on faith, I will be a busy bee and earning my daily bread doing what I love.

Life has beautiful possibilities if I keep my focus and I hope that along this journey I will be brought into union with a great man of faith who will be my best friend and life companion and I his.  It would be a great gift to receive from the Lord this year, as I enter a new year, since technically we enter a new year on our birthday and mine is coming up August 4th.  It would be nice if this year maybe before Christmas that would be grand gift of the year.  May that prayer be answered.

Perfect, or Perfect for You?

Baptism of Fire

When we think of a career, friendship and even a life partner, we can often create this list of requirements and often it can be based on what others deem as perfect or what we have come to perceive as perfect. Good luck with that.  

Are you supposed to settle for a crappy, even toxic, unhappy, void, empty as a dark hole career etc..? No, but perfect, well how do you define perfect? Who defines perfect in regards to your life? I realize that now even for my own life.  It’s not about perfect, not at all.  It’s about perfect for me, perfect, happy, healthy, peacefully sublime, sweet, and a few other things, perfect for me.  In my spiritual path, my Italian-Catholic heritage and a Classic Liberal Conservative Worldview are perfect for me.  As for my career, vocation, that is tied into my faith and that anchor which is my faith, so being coordinator of music for the church and volunteering for the church feels like a perfect fit.  Do I also hope to find an outlet to supplement my SSDI, of course I do and I hope it is within the realm of the artistic, that past seeds sown render fruit and that I am inspired to plant now that will bring fruit, and still be manageable in regards to the fibromyalgia. To honor my path, my fit, it needs to be music and ministry, that’s my fit, my perfect fit and community.   I have found my home, my groove, life is good.  What about in terms of someone to share my life with?  It would be nice to have that, no doubt. The person I want to share my life with is someone who will be doing what I am doing, being part of the church, and have an artistic streak and we will be a great team, compliment and synergy, and it will be truly sweet, that is the word I envision for my life partner and I, our union, sweet, very sweet, kind, yet we also challenge each other to be better people in the faith, to grow with God, with the faith.  It will be someone who is not perfect because I sure as hell am far from perfect, but he will be perfect for me.  It will be a healthy relationship for both of us, that is the most important thing.

Perfect, perfect for me.

Gospel of Seeds Touched Home


There is something in life called followthrough and a lot of time we lack that. The reasons can be different for different people.

Sometimes the lack of followthrough comes down to being frankly dumb enough to saying yes to everything and so you take on more landscaping and gardening work than you can handle metaphorically speaking.  For others it is by nature lack of stamina, and their personality, they are types that really are not good at juggling more than one thing in a very focused way at a time and if they try, it all goes south and wonky.  For some, it’s because of fear, so things are begun enthusiastically, but then when it’s crunch time fear of failing has them run and nothing ever gets accomplished, they go through life in a maze.  For others, it’s that they never grew up, they are so busy being the eternal teenager wanting to have fun all the time, and they have a lot of talk going on, but they never have the glue to actually get moving and get things done.  If they do, it’s that teen rebel thing of only on my time, only my way, the hell with any feedback, won’t listen, won’t pay attention.  Things could be lousy right in front of them, their ideas, their plans not working out, or stuff needing their attention, but they don’t mind it.  They are going to have fun in life, enjoy life and that is all that matters and doing their projects, and projects done their way even if they are not working, teen eternal in a grown up’s body.  What does this have to do with the Sermon from this weekend’s Gospel?

Jesus talks about the mustard seed, about good soil, and all that.  As I have “grown up” and finally come to terms with the baggage from my dad leaving as a kid and my rocky road with mom, I realize how important this parable is to me, to my life.  As Music Coordinator at Shrine of The Most Precious Blood, as a Roman Catholic, as a person in general, what my garden of life looks like, what my work looks like will depend on how well I water and nourish the garden? I am planting some very good seeds, but now, will I water those seeds, will I do so in a way that sustains the garden long term?  Will I be grown up enough, focused enough etc… enough to make sure that I am not doing a million and one things, and so that I don’t drop any balls?  Will be a very focused landscaper of the garden?  Will be grown up enough? Too many people are “yadda yadda yadda” with very little follow through action and I never want to be that, never.  I am not advocating recklessness, but when you are in and with the Holy Spirit, you will receive knowledge of what to do and how to do it and will be able to implement things in a very efficient time line. If you are a restless, aimless butterfly that only wants to have fun fun fun, has no aim, wants to do it all, be in the spotlight, all that, has no focus, good luck to ya, you’ll need it and lots of it, a few Hail Mary passes along the way, maybe more than a few.  Every path is like a garden, every vocational path, every project we take on, every relationship that matters, including that with the Holy Trinity and the seeds planted can only yield a beautiful garden when we tend to it very well, with great focus, nurturing, right nurturing, right nourishment etc…That means follow through, not talk and no action, means thought, plan, very timely action.  It also means you have to know how to make tough decision, know when to say this idea has not worked, time to chuck it in the bin and embrace a different one, all kids of stuff, but that takes lots of being a grown up and follow through, not always easy.  I hope that life has brought me to place where I am exactly there.  I am not sure about everyone around me being exactly there, having follow through, which makes me have to make a lot of decisions on my own, since I refuse to do things last minute and have the church fall flat on its’ face.  All I can do is be as grown up as I can be, do my best and pray.


Young People, All Is Not Lost


When I think all is lost with the younger generation, I come a cross something like this and my hope is restored for them and even for the Church perhaps, including the Catholic Church.  This young lady understands the dangers of relativism to our society.  Hoorah!


Please listen and let us all learn, let us fight to reverse this ugly trend in schools in all facets of society that has done so much damage and continues to do so, and seeks to eradicate all truth of our foundations as a nation.  If you look at all four stanzas of our national anthem you will understand them, what they are.

Why I Came Home.

Holy Ghost

The Roman Catholic Magisterium is crucial to Catholic cohesion, and identity, so is a cohesive doctrine, and worldview.  Why does this matter, who cares?

I realize I care, very much.  I realized this as I saw this Pope push aside conservative, in a sense show a level of disdain for pure conservatives like Burke, Muller, and oddly enough in reading a meditative prayer from a book about auras and chakras, one of the prayers talks about accepting the challenge of being a vessel of change, to eradicate the Luciferian spirals of Sodom and Gomorra, destructive use of energies of the male and female energies, a few other things.  It did along with my scratching my head about this Pope, seeing the beauty, young filling at the recent Latin Masses we have had at church, made me realize that the Catholic church if it stays on the right path, has much to teach, much other in terms of life and spiritual truth.  It is a holistic faith, it understand that the Bible is to be understood always in context, sometimes even multiple contexts at the same time.  It understands logic and emotion, science and faith, all things balanced and combined, not one or the other.  It also has a very clear, when those who shepherd the flock do, it has a clear set of boundaries, and those boundaries are important to the church as whole and to community, at a micro and macro level.  Without those clear boundaries, works past, present, and all the church has to teach civilization would not be here, not be civilization with hospitals, schools etc…  Has the church gone a bit wonky with Social Justice? Yes it has, and it has too much Alysnky influence in it, as does the Lutheran church and other denominations Christian and non-Christian.  However, at the end of the day, if I want a truly comprehensive guide to how to relate to all things, including science, then the Catholic Church is were I want to be for that.  The people are not perfect, hell I am not perfect, we are all sinners to some degree throughout the day, the week etc..Yet, I can go into any Catholic church quietly pray, light a candle, chat with my saints, the Trinity and confess any vanities, ill temperament etc.., lift a weight off my shoulders. I have role models that tell me you can turn yourself and your life around, you can be one person and still make a difference in this world.  It brings together beauty, emotion, reason, so much more together into one.

This is why I came home and because I realize Italian means Catholic, it is part of the Italian identity.