Christ Consciousness through You

Being religious is sometimes different than being spiritual. Some of you might disagree, but trust me; it is a different road sometimes. What we are meant to do is to balance each. Being too spiritual might make us self-centered. It isolates us from real world. Religion on the other hand makes us a proper human […]

Christ Consciousness, Going Further

Over the years as we speak of new age, everything has evolved. Humans have developed new disciplines in terms of technology as well as spirituality. This led to forming many new terms of old experiences for better understanding by people. Christ Consciousness is one of these which I will explain in this article. I was […]

Culturally Here, Theologically There

There is the divide, one not easily reconciled, if at all. ¬†Culturally, being Italian the Roman Catholic faith is a central part of the identity, but I have never, even as a kid been comfortable with it. ¬† I remember even as a kid being resistant to confession, the whole notion of Papal authority and […]

Toast To My Fellow Bloggers

Kudos, I would like to raise a toast. I would like to raise a toast, to acknowledge my fellow bloggers who take time to ponder life, to open their heart, spirt and soul to the rest of the world, to share with the rest of us what is in their heart, spirit and soul. ¬†Granted […]