Candle Prayers

This year my health really knocked me out and I did not get an advent wreath and we only put up the nativity scene, not even the tree, kept it simple as myself and my 93 year old mum have had a rough time health wise. However, if I had gotten the wreath it would […]

Helping Others to Accept Christ

Believe it or not, Christ Consciousness, Christ embrace is not easy for everyone. Often times when we think we want to help, we are disliked by other people. You may wish to help your friends, family or closest partner to awaken to beautiful settings in life. You may want your mother or possibly that elder […]

Glowing, Let’s Make the Holidays Glow the Holidays Glow Need to keep the kids busy and spend time with them so they won’t make you nuts, this is it, creative for all!  I love bringing you guys these ideas, hope you enjoy them.