Get Bitter or Get Better

Last week I had to get my shots for arthritis, today vitamin infusion shots, Wednesday more arthritis shots, for the next two Mondays more vitamin infusion shots, then there are the multiple meds in the morning, and in the evening, the constant fatigue etc… So, do I get bitter or do I get better, a better way of managing my life, navigating my life?  I could allow myself to get totally depressed boo hoo, oh poor me boo hoo play me a violin yeah yeah yeah, oh please really? Don’t think so.  Alternatively, I could enrich my spiritual life, create perhaps a greater spiritual and social network, engage more in the creative, start doing seminars, hosting seminars on topics I feel strongly about.  The fibromyalgia is there, no disputing that, but just because that circumstance exists, doesn’t mean I have to be a victim.  It is up to me whether I stay on surface and float, swim or whether I sink to the bottom.  God can only help me, but I have to be willing to be helped, to be  willing to reach out to him and fight the good fight, to want to float and swim, in the depth of my heart, spirit my soul somewhere.  If I am then He will give me the strength to do so and at some point much more.