Morning Affirmation

How we begin our day, the thoughts we begin the with for our lives and our own self matter.  Thoughts are alive and have the power to make break the day, so how we begin and end the day, thought wise is important.  This affirmation I liked when I came across it and wanted to […]

How Incredible Is That?

I don’t know about you, but if God had just come down from the sky and started passing out demerits and all that, the rebel in me would have started going ballistic, I know me.  Same if Christ, the Word become flesh or the Holy Spirit would have. My reaction would have been, how can […]

Changes Coming to The Blog

I am going to be removing the membership and I am going to be instead adding donation option.  I will also be sharing my music directly with you, my spoken word performances, which I hope will guide, inspire and so much more.  I should have the donation button and option set up in the next […]