4 Prayer Keys

Prayer, meditation matter, can make a difference.  Often we don’t realize there are keys to powerful prayer.  Understand that if we are praying for something unholy, unclean etc.., like any good parent God has to say no, or may say yes if we are insistent to show us the error of your ways.  If we have prayers that are not offensive to God, then great.  Prayer is a process, and it starts with an attitude of gratitude. 

Why attitude of gratitude?  Well the Israelites wondered for a bit through the desert, why?  Two things, impatience and lack of gratitude.  When we approach the Throne of the Holies, of God with petition, might be a good idea to start with what we are grateful and if we can walk, talk, hear etc.., have a roof over our heads etc.., we have plenty to be grateful for.  Then it might be a good idea to present God with scripture that tells us God is a God of blessing, healing.  What did Jesus do when tempted by Satan?  He quoted scripture. Memorizing the whole bible might not be something everyone can do, so memorize key phrases from the Psalms and the NT.  One that I recite when I get anxious about finances and funding this ministry, I recite “The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want” to affirm God’s promise.  Does that mean I get everything I ask for right away, no.  Some things timing is not right and when it is, I will receive.  If we pray, meditate but our subconscious is whispering, Satan is whispering words of doubt etc..then God has not the authority to bless us.  If down deep we don’t believe God can do what He promises, then He won’t.  I realize now that there is this subconscious voice telling me that I shouldn’t bother asking God, praying, but I stop myself, realizing that it is Satan, and I literally tell myself STOP, and recite something biblical.  If we go to the doctor, does all the testing, then gives us meds for the issue, but we decide, nah, nothing he gives me will help and you don’t take the meds, well duh, not a good thing.  Can’t then blame the doctor because we didn’t believe the meds would work, didn’t take them or stopped after just three doses, so blaming the doctor for not getting well would be dumb.  We have to believe in God’s promises and His timing, which can be a short time or even a few years when He puts something in our hearts.  How do we know it’s from God?  Simple, it won’t contradict God’s moral code, cause harm etc…When closing, always close in the name of the one who shed His blood at Calvary, Jesus, Yeshua, Lord fo Lords, King of Kings. 


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