What’s Next For This Twin Flame?

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What’s next for this Twin Flame? It’s hard knowing that your Twin Flame is in agony, deep in his heart, spirit and soul with not only stuff that is going in his or her life in general, but also knowing that you are still in the attract-repel state, or they may be. While you are in the self-discovery, moving forward do healing, to wholeness, to be ready for total union.  You being perhaps an intuitive and empathic can sense it all on a deep metaphysical and spiritual level and while you understand what it going on, and why they are unhappy, even in their current union, they do not.  They can’t understand why they keep thinking of you, needing and wanting you, but you do.  However, because you may be in that stage of separation to make the journey of self-assessment etc… and they may not, as they may not be communication between you, it’s difficult because you come to understand that the journey to discovery, wholeness, awareness of “this is what needs to be let go of, left behind, revamed in my life, the “demons” I have to confront etc..” is something they may never do.  They may keep being in unhappy limbo or worse for the rest of their lives, never accept the truth of being a Twin Flame, of that connection and what it all means, how glorious it can be, but again for that they have to go through a most amazing journey and be open to spiritual intuitive revelation, be willing to let go of what they currently have that is not bringing them total bliss, joy etc… That’s not easy to do because a comfy old shoe is often something we don’t want to give up, even if it is making us unhappy, ill even and the other person as well.  What do you do?  You follow your path, and be open to living an amazing journey of self-discovery all your own, and if a soul mate comes along you embrace that wishing your twin flame the same amazing journey you are making of self-discovery.  If they should have a grand epiphany and make the journey, and reunite with you before you come together with a soul mate, then great, blessed be.  You pray for them to make the journey, have the insights etc.. necessary to grow in every way, not seek acceptance where it won’t ever come and is not in alignment with their true self, part of their unhappiness, though they don’t realize it and you make your journey.  That is what I intend to do.

In regards to my spiritual path and my arts, I have already contacted a Reform Jewish Shul near my home, will be working to enhance my intuitive gifts and refine them further, delve more into Metaphysical and Kabbalah Philosophy, and Biblical study from that perspective and Jewish studies.  I will write songs and material from a spiritual perspective and realize why up till now there wasn’t progress in this area.  Again, as a mirror, I did what my Twin Flame is doing, trying to fit into something I never fit into, trying to figure out how to be embraced by that faith of my parents, then Christianity in general, though I was so drawn to Judaism, as well as Metaphysical Philosophy and their understanding of the Bible, of the Yeshua, the Begotten, and in my heart of hearts, felt that Elohim, through Yeshua, simply meant to create a Reform Judaism, that was not so legalistic, but more Metaphysical, From the Heart, The Spirit.  Until I really embraced this fully without fear this truth, and also for my artistic path, things couldn’t really move along.  Then there was also the practical.  We live in Mitchell-Lama coops and had I gotten another space or anything like that, which had I come into a good amount of royalties sooner, I would have, I would have lost my rights to the coop, which is worth a nice chunk.  In infinite wisdom, my plan to be a thriving independent recording artist with coffers overflowing with royalties, was put on hold, but only temporarily.  Now we have voted to go private and in 90 days it should all be finalized.  Then whatever royalties come in and should I choose to have a secondary place to have peace and quiet to record, and later on I can sell the coop invest all or most of the funds and live off the interest, so I will have options. Until I had a certain level of first maturity on a spiritual and other levels and certain things are in place, well, Elohim, in his infinite wisdom, kept certain things on hold, maybe even this Twin Flame union from full union. Meantime I will be writing, recording, and growing my spirituality and as a person, even through this metaphysical connection.

Whatever comes my way, I am so thankful to have met and come together on so many levels with my Twin Flame, even if there were some major bumps and storms along the way.  I will keep make my journey to wholeness discovery of self etc… and pray they can do the same soon, for their sake because the body will totally break down as long as this doesn’t happen, and the Twin Flame union is not brought to resolution fully, including this journey I am now making, on both sides, by both flames.

Shalom and Amen